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  1. my gorgeous ex batts that we picked up on sat Daisy on the left and Primrose on the right the 2 baldest and smallest Violet, (front) Poppy (back) Marigold (right) Clover miss bossy boots top dog
  2. can anyone tell me how old they usually are havent a clue about the age of ours and also what is the lifespan of chickens thanks judy
  3. We picked up our 6 ex batts yesterday afternoon from Haslingdon i must admit being first time chook owners we were like cats on hot bricks checking on them worried if theys find there food and water ect. they huddled into a corner of the run at first, then the smallest and baldest little one kind of took charge she was 1st into the house and fisrt to tell the dogs off and first to venture out of the house for another nosy around followed by the others bless her . Well this morning i got up at 7am and opened up the the house then i went back to bed for an hour, they still havent ventured out this am but i have been left a gift of 2 PERFECT EGGS i am sooooooo excited didnt expect any laying for a while but im so pleased. judy
  4. our lovely ladies that we picked today are a mixed bunch we took 6 some have more feathers than others one is a real baldy and the smallest but she is by far the most outgoing already she was 1st to enter the house for a looky and told one of my dogs off for being to nosy lol they are all now snuggled in for there first night with us judy
  5. thats where im picking mine up from today, my times are between 3pm 3.30pm im so excited we are 1st timers aswell:D judy
  6. Hello my name is judy we are getting our first ever ex battery chickens on the 19th of june and we are so excited my hubby has converted a shed at the bottom of our garden and built a big run around it they will also have regular use of the garden as a whole we are trying to learn as much as poss and this site is brillant . judy

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