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  1. After my recent bout with this and all the lovely smelly vomit that came with emptying out the crop, I ensure that the girls get a tiny bit of unfiltered apple cider vinegar in their water dish and little treats of probiotic yogurt. Its been almost 2 weeks and my little Eddie seems to be perked back up. Althogh, I just introduced new chickens to the flock and they have a round of the sniffles right now. Nothing I am too concerned with.
  2. Too funny. They are little sneaky chickens. I dont know about you guys across the pond, but I do raised beds over here in the US. I found popup netting that goes around the beds that encloses them at a gardening supply company (www.gardeners.com if you want to take a peek at them.. just search for pop-up nets.. to see if you can find something similar where you guys are). Works like a champ.
  3. I have heard of people keeping them seperate and letting them free range together. I am very curious how this works for you. I just introduced 2 new hens to my 2 existing ones just this Monday. I just put them into the (freshly scrubbed down) coop at night so they wake up together. They pecked for 4 days but now there is a begruding acceptance and only a peck or two here and there. As long as the girls are about the same size, I wouldn't be too concerned. The older ones will come out on top of the pecking order and normal life will be restored.
  4. I leave my edlu door open during nice weather and during hot weather to give them a litte more ventilation. I just keep the run door closed. I have never had any issues with it and I've had my girls for over 2 years. It is nice when I wake up and see chickens already pecking in the run.
  5. Bramble, you are more than welcome to hijack the post. You asked something that I didn't think about asking as well. To me, it sounds like just "go ahead and order the extended run" Also sounds like it is movable, but 2 people are better than one to move it. (I have no problem with that). Thanks for all the help you guys offered for my decision.
  6. I currently have a classic eglu and am looking at addingg a cube. I am debating if I should just go ahead and buy the extended run or not. Has anyone bought a cube and regretted not getting the extended run right off the bat? How hard is it to move with the run extension (can a 5 foot tall woman do it herself or will I need help?) Thanks, Meghan
  7. I am quite curious about what the wrap up to this drama is as well.
  8. I havent had to introduce chickens yet (my plan is to wait until next year), but I have read quite a few books over the last few years to learn more about my girls. Two of my comprehensive books both suggest introducing them at night while they are roosting since the birds tend to be much more mellow and docile. You can put them in together at night then seperate them in the morning if things get a bit hairy and usually after repeating this for a few nights they finally accept each other.
  9. Thank you to everyone who helped me out. My Eddie is doing well. She hadn't passed the shell as of 11 PM when I checked on her, but when i woke her up this morning when she had passed it. It looked a bit knotty so no wonder she had issues. Poor little thing must have been up most of the night. I had to bribe her out of the kennel and back outside. I think she was happy inside the nice warm house and still a bit tired from the ordeal.
  10. Mine were the same way. They only wanted raisins and mealworms. They will eat strawberries and blueberries now. I read in Urban Farm (American Hobby Magazine) that they liked low fat cottatge cheese. Much to my suprise, mine loved it. They also go nuts for boxed maccaroni and cheese which i tend to limit because of the sodium in some of the mixes.
  11. Thanks for all the help on this guys. She is resting comfortably in a dark spare bedroom tonight. Worst case, I'm sure my vet will see her along with the pup tomorrow afternoon. I totally paniced since I am so attached to her. She hops up into people's laps and is very social.
  12. I just seperated her from the others and she is hanging out in and extra dog kennel. She doesnt seem to be too upset when i clean the area. I think it may be an egg... kind of a softie one since it is all curled up on itself. I havent seen this before. I took a picture of it it. It is a bit graphic if anyone has any ideas id be happy to post it. Thank goodness her doggie sister has a vet appointment tomorrow afternoon.
  13. I have a hen with some sort of papery duct looking tube hanging out of her vent. Her vent area is not red and inflamed, but pooh is dripping off of it. The "duct" is kind of papery and about a half centimeter in diamater. I just dont know what to do... even tried the emergency vets to get her in but aparantly the one avain specialist is out of the country
  14. My 3 girls usually are very good at bedtime. I let them free range every night after work until the sun goes down. Normally, they go right back to their run and put themselves to bed in their coop. However, the past few nights, they have not wanted to go to bed. I have tried bribing them with rasins and worms but I still have to end up catching them and putting them back into their run and then they finally go back into the coop. Their straw is changed every 2 days and their eglu gets scrubbed every other weekend. I do not think mites are the problem since we tend to keep their area very clean. It has been very hot for this area lately (99F during the day) but I did not have this problem last summer and it did get as hot as it is now. Does anyone have any ideas?

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