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  1. Waitrose sell Legbar eggs, incase your girls don't oblige. I bought some to make cake baking more fun for my 4 yr old. Good luck !!
  2. You must have had very considerate couriers. I have stated 'collection only' on 2 car seats and a pushchair, but relented when buyers contacted me and asked if I would be happy if they arranged a courier.As has already been mentioned you then have the hassle of packing the items up. I have had to wait in all day, and I mean all day, given the time bracket 7 am - 7 pm I now clearly state I will not accept courier collection, as it is not worth your time waiting in. Good luck with it though.
  3. Again, thank to everyone for their good wishes. My friend is now doing laps of the hospital ward and apparently worrying about her hair & make up, so things are looking good. Sadietoo, I am so sorry to read about the sudden loss of your first husband, I really can't imagine what you went through, and so young too. Docsquid, goodness almost 54!!! That is inspiring in itself, you must be over 100 in 'normal' years I'm 36 and at last hospital visit the spirometer aged my lungs at 66yrs... Great Any tips for surviving CF greatly appreciated, as long as it doesn't involve giving up red wine
  4. Her cousin has been to visit her at Papworth today. She is already out of Critical Care, sitting up, talking and even risking an NHS cheese sandwich Tomorrow, the physios are going to help her take her first steps. I am so very proud to have such a strong and determined young woman as my friend. I truly hope the courageous family of the donor will take some comfort in this fantastic progress.
  5. Thanks for the support and it's so comforting to hear people are on the organ donation register, as many of you have stated I have also signed up (but doubt I will have much that would be of benefit) as have lots of my family & friends. I take the attitude if you are willing to accept an organ you should be willing to donate My friend is doing well She woke up briefly late last night complaining of back pain so was dosed up on morphine. here's hoping she is chasing down those buses very soon
  6. She suffers from CF, as do I, hence the double lung transplant. She is my inspiration, so brave, working so hard to stay healthy, to the point surgeons were so close to ruling her out because her lungs were too damaged ?! BUT she would have no chance if there weren't selfless people out there. I would hate to be in that position, losing a loved one so suddenly and having someone come to me to discuss transplant, hence my post. (blinking back tears) x
  7. A friend of mine has just come out of surgery after receiving a lung transplant this afternoon. She has been waiting for over two years, and has had 3 false alarms. The surgeons have said today went well and they are hopeful she will be out of critical care by Tuesday Lots of her friends are posting on Facebook, wishing her a speedy recovery but also thanking and bearing in mind somewhere out there is a group of people (family & friends) that are currently going through hell, and yet they have passed on the generous gift of new life to others. I truly hope these people get to hear and realise that their gifts of life are greatly appreciated, not just by the person receiving the organ(s) but by their family and friends. So in an attempt to say thank you to a group of people I will never directly be able to thank, I thought I would post on here and say a massive thanks to anyone who has been in that horrific position of losing a loved one but agreeing to organ donation, or to those people who have signed up to the organ donor list.
  8. Unfortunately with all of the hundreds of degrees being handed out by the ever growing number of universities, the majority of employers will look closely at A level results in conjunction with Degree results. Your YS will make it very easy for employers to reject him without even interviewing. It may even be seen as a sign of poor academic commitment, lack of focus & maturity during his A level years, and slightly embarrassing to have to sit in a job interview and explain he couldn't be bothered as he had secured the uni place regardless He perhaps also needs to think whilst he is committed to his subject of choice at University, what would happen if he decides later on to change career direction?? His choice of A-levels would provide a good basis for lots of subjects but only if good grades are achieved. With the job market as it is and lots of unfortunate people with First class honours struggling to find a job YS probably needs to get reading asap. Good luck with the motivation.
  9. That is gorgeous, perfect for Spring
  10. I normally post to be positive but .... we had a similar problem with our new house, although we had a height of 150cm. There are small wardrobes around but all I looked at exceed your 130cm. I think as others have suggested pay for a joiner to build bespoke storage for you. In the end we gave up and put full size wardrobes in a spare bedroom Good luck.
  11. Hi, Fingers crossed, the weather will be improving soon so a pram suit won't be necessary from june/july time (blame me if we have a horrific summer ) I would be inclined to go with the 1 month suit. I found M&S sizing to be quite generous and like you said you want it to fit and be useful now. Congratulations
  12. At least it's not just mine then It seems a shame that omlet have forgotten chickens aren't stupid and with just a couple more rows of smaller square netting and taller poles we would have secure chucks !! I suspect I will be following Smudge and 'building' a more secure enclosure
  13. Throwing bits of banana into the cube run, quickly ensures all 4 of mine return home Left to their own devises though all are back before dark. Good luck, I am sure your girls will have a great time.
  14. Our chickens have cunningly learnt if they jump high enough they can squeeze through the larger rectangle holes in the old style omlet netting. It doesn't help that the netting tends to sag inwards so making those larger holes more accessible. I was going to invest in the newer netting (with the gate!!) until I noticed the same design 'flaw' I am wondering however, since the newer netting has the double spike posts, does this make it harder to escape??? Any experiences would be appreciated. Out of interest it is only the ginger rangers that have worked this out
  15. The furniture polish trick was recommended when I bought curtains from John lewis, and as everyone has said, work's a treat

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