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  1. Hi I've just found out I'm 4 weeks pregnant and will be worming my chooks soon as they are coming for four months now since they were last done. I know there is no egg withdrawel with flubenvet but I'm sure I read somewhere that if you're pregnant then it's best to avoid the eggs but I'm not sure how long for if any length of time? Has anyone been in this situation before please? Any advice very much appreciated! Sam24
  2. Hi Can anyone help please...We are very new to keeping chickens and have ha 4 ex bats about 2 months now.They have water and food stations raised on bricks to keep the soil out and stop them from kicking stuff in but are still managing to kick the water station completely off and so the water goes all over the soil in the run. This is sometimes ok but when I'm at work this isn't so good as they can go without any water for a few hours. Has anyone found a food/water station that gets round this problem? Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks sam24
  3. Many thanks everyone,lots of great advice, and sorry for late reply. Sam
  4. Hi Just read the info on histamonosis. We picked up 4 ex bats 2 weeks ago and have noticed yellow foam poo most days but not really sure which hen it is. Apart from this they all seem fine and have settled well and are eating, drinking laying etc. I spoke to a vet last week who told me to worm them with flubenvet which I have been doing since Saturday. Not much change yet but prob still early days. It has been causing me much stress as I'm now worried about our little 20 month old boy with what the info said about the worms staying in the earth as much as 4 years. If the poo has gone on the grass will the eggs be in there now? I have been very strict about wiping it up, washing it down an covering it with soil as soon as I find it. Can it infect humans? We have been letting them free range a bit but not while our little one is out there as well. All I seem to do is clear up foamy, yellow poo and it's getting me down to the point where some days I regret taking them on poor things. Can anyone give me some advice please? If they had histamonosis would they be ill with it? What us the advice with my little one? Very worried that he might become infected too. Many thanks Sam
  5. Hi I am new as well and new to chickens. We got 4 ex bats 22nd May and we are loving it. They have a run and also free range when we are in the garden. Our 20 month old little boy thinks it hilariously funny to chase them with his pretend lawnmower and kick them up the bum. Have had to put a stop to that obviously! The poor things seem to take it in their stride though. We are on a huge learning curve and I have been finding out what to do about one hen-Poppy who has had yellow runny poo since we got her. I have found out it could be the upheaval of the re home and actually she was quite subdued when she first arrived so maybe it's that. Am also going to worm them just in case. Also been told to use live yoghurt in the food to help with their tummies. I'm looking forward to using the forum and meeting other people.

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