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  1. I am truly rubbish with technology. My username is Goldstar0120
  2. I love this game. Very addictive. I would love more people to play with. I think my user name Is Goldstar. If that doesn't work PM me with yours and I will do it. Thanks. Xx
  3. I am in an area with the hosepipe ban, I phoned the water company yesterday to double check that I could use a hosepipe to clean out and was told no. Back to the bucket and scrubbing brush for me.
  4. Frogs. I had a visit from one last night, scared the heebeegeebees out of me. I went and hid upstairs while my hubby moved it.
  5. The title really speaks for itself. The place I get all my chicken things don't sell it. I don't need any at the moment, but it's a good idea to have some, just in case. Am I right in thinking that you use it as an antiseptic on cuts? Thank you

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