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  1. There's a place near Stevenage where they have loads of chickens there who all free range and I know they have at least 1 cockeral because he regularly attacks my daughter when she collects the eggs!! Address sent by PM
  2. I have treated a chook with bumblefoot. Firstly I took her to the vet and was prescribed Baytril which she had to have 2 courses of. This didn't fully clear up the bumblefoot and my vet suggested a homeopathic alternative called hepar sulphar which for my chicken was successful. She also had her feet soaked twice a day in pevidine (also from the vets) and when the scabs were ready to come off she had a pevidine soaked bandage on her foot for a few days. If her foot does flare up again I just repeat the process. Most vets have some basic knowledge and as in the case of my vet emailed someone who was more knowledgeable.
  3. I've got one and she's a lovely natured girl but her eggs are just a normal beige colour!
  4. Is Stevenage too far for you to travel? If not have you tried Church Farm in Ardeley they are always looking for people to help out. My daughter is an intern there and loves it. http://www.churchfarmardeley.co.uk/
  5. On the farm where my daughter works they have been using sheep fleece, you can also buy sheep fleece pellets,as a slug and snail repellent and it has been a real success. The sheep are being sheared this week so I've asked her to get me some and I'm going to give it a try. http://churchfarmardeley.churchfarmardeley.co.uk/farm-food-a-more/fruit-a-vegetables/209-a-word-from-our-grower-25th-may.html
  6. Just lost one of my chooks to peritonitis. She started to waddle like a penguin and her tummy was hot and quite hard.Check her tummy , could she be egg bound or due to lay a softie? Hope she's better soon x
  7. Hope everything works out well for you and your chook. My lovely ginger lady had peritonitis and had been on antibiotics since friday unfortunately she lost her battle today
  8. Would definitely get her to a vet. My girl had bumblefoot but her feet looked nothing like that.
  9. One of my girls had bumblefoot last year and my vet also said that it could be down to her being too hefty. Unfortunately for her antibiotics didn't work so we tried the holistic route as well as bathing her feet twice a day in a diluted pevidine solution. For us it worked she had a drop of hepar sulphur twice a day and thankfully after a couple of weeks he feet were better. It may not work for you but might be worth a try.
  10. How about Pavers they have got a couple of different styles on their website
  11. No not a wind up I think it's just his Stokie accent that makes it sound that way!
  12. They've been going on about it all week!
  13. Don't worry ours came like that as well. Put the spring onto the pin and then the pin goes through the hole in the pliers and push the lever across to secure them in place.Hope that makes sense!
  14. I had a Go when I had my first chickens and I thought it was great, easy to collect the eggs and simple to keep clean.I upgraded to a cube as morehens struck and I still have my Go in the garage just in case I have more chooks . Can't say how it compares to a classic though as I haven't seen one of those.

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