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  1. Great news Lewis, well done .Will show my son your blog.
  2. Can't wait for strictly, the standard of dancing seems to get better and better each year and the show always has a good mix of personalities.
  3. We have just inherited a Partridge Orpington and have managed to introduce her to our 3 hybrids. She is an absolute beauty and extremely docile. Have always wanted Orpingtons and not sure we'd ever get anything but Orps now.
  4. Re behaviour - the school should have a behaviour policy on its website. If you get asked this again model your answer on the school's policy. Basically every member of staff needs to be singing from the same song sheet and follow the policy. You may well be asked a question on confidentiality and also child protection. Re SEN take a look at the school's SEN policy and the tes website. You should find plenty of info on there. Be prepared, the interview may involve working with a group of children (one of whom may be SEN) for 10 mins or so. The school will want to see how you interact with the children and what ideas you have for helping the SEN child etc.
  5. Many thanks for the recommendations - will look into them.
  6. Hello all Can anyone recommend resort type places in England/Wales like Centerparcs only cheaper? We have 3 kids aged 15,13 and 10 so would want a good pool and lots of activities - sports and go-ape type. Also preferably somewhere you can take a dog. We are in Hampshire but would travel to an extent. Thanks.
  7. Roll on next Saturday, another Strictly fan here. Looking forward to seeing the new line-up.
  8. Glad it's all sorted CM and a brilliant result - very well done to your son. Congratulations to Seagazer's daughter too.
  9. Thanks again both. Unfortunately we are not in a rural location so farm work will be hard to find I think. Lewis - if anyone on your course has any farming contacts in this area (North Hampshire or slightly further afield) that would be great if you could let me know. Thanks for the top tip and link re your blog. Our son has made notes to date but your blog looks a great way to record it all. Again wishing you lots of luck.
  10. Thanks everyone for your comments. We are ploughing on with trying to get more work experience. Long shot I know, but if anyone knows of any diary farms/ livestock farms that take 15/soon to be 16 year olds for work experience in North Hampshire or thereabouts e.g Newbury/ Reading area - Berks/ Guildford area - Surrey please can they pm me details. Many thanks. Lewis - I hope things work out for you. Not sure if this helps but re A Levels we were told recently that although Unis generally ask for AAA/AAB students with C grades could cope with the material for Vet Science.
  11. Thanks again to you both for your input. We'd heard it is harder to get into than medicine. He does extra-curricular activities after school and he'll up the work experience this year. Chucky Mama - when does the application process start these days ?
  12. We bought the runaround thingy too - just the hosepipe and doors for the hutch and the run. OH from memory thinks it was about £70. Expensive but like the previous poster says brilliant. Extremely sturdy, well made and the buns love it.
  13. I wouldn't be happy either. Surely the examining board must have known something was amiss - why didn't they contact the school before now? Annoys me as the poor kids put in a lot of effort .
  14. Will do thanks - is your daughter going into the upper sixth year or whatever it's called these days? Wishing her the best of luck ( I have to confess it was always my dream to be a Vet but I was no good at science!)
  15. Well done all - great results. ES took Statistics this year (Yr 10) and got an A. He's a bit disappointed having got an A* in the actual exam and a B in the course work. We've told him he's probably the only one to have his grade dragged down by course work but he'll live and learn! Hope your son gets his French sorted soon Chucky Mama.

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