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  1. They are so, so lush I have 14 in an incubator on day 8 now. Did they hatch day 21? Were they easy to candle? The 14 eggs are from a bantam Orpington breeder and he gave me a mix of colours so the children will have fun watching them grownup and guessing which colour they will turn out to be.
  2. That does look good. I'm sure your ladies will be very happy I have a purple cube and a few years later and I still looks good, still a lovely bright purple. I'm currently on day 8 of incubating 13 bantam Orpington's and everyone I talk to tells me to use a rabbit ladder fixed to the cube ladder for the bantams.
  3. found a brilliant seller on Ebay. For £280 I got a 12ftx6ft WIR made with 2"by2" timber Delivered. The panels are very well made. The screws have even been placed in each pre drilled hole. Oh and I had 3 doors so that I could set up te run so it could be divided when I have young growers and another to access the eggs. When the run is one again I'll use one of the doors to access food and water without entering the run, this being useful for my neighbour who looks after them when we're on holiday and a daughter who has a reaction to bird feathers http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AVIARY-PANELS-LOOK-/200913673333?pt=UK_Pet_Supplies_Birds&hash=item2ec7635c75 I phoned him up and told him I wanted to make a run and he took down sizes and had it made and delivered within 8 days. On the delivery van there were another 3 runs for Bristol delivery. Hope this helps
  4. emerald

    Introducing bantam Orpintons to hybrids

    Let us know how you get on, I have 13 orp bantam eggs in an incubator right now due to hatch in two weeks if everything goes well. All different colours so very excited. I love Orpington bantams.
  5. http://club.omlet.co.uk/forum/posting.php?mode=quote&f=4&p=1248739# Brilliant thanks That was really useful and makes me realise that the slab part is much more straightforward then I thought
  6. Hi, I've got one of those eBay incubators, the polystyrene ones. My friend had great results with hers but shes on holiday so can't ask her so The detailed instructions say keep the sponge damp with water (but not cold water) but doesn't say what the humidity should be just says rewet sponge each time I turn the eggs any advice
  7. Thanks that's good to know Did you do anything to the ground before putting the slabs down. I've got some sand to put down.
  8. We have loads of paving slabs so was thinking the wire mesh with double layer of paving slabs on top - would that keep rats at bay?
  9. Thanks well two local breeders have got some eggs hatch due 1st May and the other mid may. Not sure of colours the first is going to send photo's of parents this evening. Cost £4 for day olds Can I ask your advice? If you could have loan of an incubator would you hatch your own and select colours or still buy as day olds, of colours available at the time.
  10. Hi, Does anyone know of breeders in the south West who have some Maybe it's too early in the season but I can't find any. Have started to think i'll have to hatch some eggs, I'm not against hatching eggs but if I could find some live youngsters maybe 8 - 10 weeks I'd be so pleased.
  11. Not such a silly idea then Brilliant thanks for that, you right of course who knows when I'll get newbies
  12. Does this sound like a stupid idea So I've decided where to buy the aviary panels from but I'm thinking instead of getting them to make an access point for the cube egg port and one so I my neighbour can change food/water without going in the run I may as well just buy two extra door panels. I have loads of mesh left over from OH's DIY run so I could block of the bits I don't need. The doors are £19 each whereas a normal panel is £14.00 plus about £12 - £15 for each egg port or food access h
  13. Thanks so much for posting the pictures, very strange as not 5 minutes ago I found your slide show showing how you built it and then I came on the forum. I've left loads of emails with various companies asking about their aviary panels but very frustrating that people don't reply. Fingers crossed I get a response in next few days. Lewis can't help as I'm too far away.
  14. Thanks, I've measured up and the run could go in two different locations but would prefer to see them nearer the house
  15. Thanks for the info My ladies always seem to be on the branches, tree stump etc and hardly ever on the floor at the same time. So I may go for the 9 by 6 instead and could then afford a few extras and it can be placed nearer the house. I'd be able to easily see them from the kitchen window at the moment I can't. Can I ask how your run is fixed to the floor or is it heavy and solid?