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  1. Hi Bunee1, Sheila and other guinea pig owners - do you keep your GPs out all winter or do you bring them into a summerhouse or garage as Claret did? We live in Broadstairs right on the eastern tip of Kent so it's quite mild. I think I would be able to make room for them in the shed if I took the run off but they would be confined to quarters for the duration. Otherwise I could put some paving or something down and put them on that. Any thoughts would be welcome. Do any of you bring them in the house?
  2. These are my first guinea pigs. Well, I got them for my daughter really I had a rabbit when I was about eight but he died of mange not long after we got him. RIP Rocky I decided on guinea pigs for Annalie because I had heard that they were so docile and that they rarely, if ever, bite or scratch. I thought about keeping a rabbit and a guinea pig together but I too have heard that the guinea pig can get hurt by a rabbit.
  3. I'm sure it is. I have managed to tempt them out with parsley from the garden but otherwise they're in it whenever I go and check on them. I wonder if they argue about who sleeps near the door.
  4. It's just a plastic egg-shaped thing. Here's some details (near bottom of page): http://www.petutopia.co.uk/homes_and_hideaways_3481.php It's probably a bit of a squeeze for both of them but I think they like it like that
  5. I was a little concerned about the piggies out in the cold overnight so I bought them an Igloo, stuffed it with hay and put it in the eglu yesterday. I haven't seen them since. The breakfast I put out this morining has gone so I guess they're okay. Maybe they'll come out in the spring.
  6. I found Autumn with her back end hanging out of the hay rack this afternoon. For a moment I thought the worst. She was okay but I'm not sure she could have got out on her own. I put the hay rack on the floor of the eglu and she soon climbed out. I'm thinking about not using the hay rack in case she really gets into trouble in it. Has anyone else had adventurous guinea pigs in their hay rack? Do you think guinea pigs learn from their mistakes?
  7. I'm delighted with the eglu. It's so easy to clean out. I did think the stainless steel bowl was a little deep for the guinea pigs so I haven't been using it. Autumn was curled up in the hollow for the bowl when I came to get them out this afternoon. I had to remove the hay rack to get her out! The only other issue I've had is with slugs. Chickens would find them a treat but I'm not sure guinea pigs are so keen. They probably bother me more than they do them.
  8. We've got our Guinlu and guinea pigs now! Billy and Autumn came from April Lodge guinea pig rescue centre in Sandwich: http://club.omlet.co.uk/gallery/view_album.php?set_albumName=Billy-and-Autumn Annalie is thrilled with them of course and we seem to have a constant stream of friends booked in over the next few days to come and see them. Autumn has had a bit of a rough life to date so I hope we can make her happy. She seems to be getting more settled since their arrival on Thursday but it's early days.
  9. Just thought I'd let you in on the secret... I've ordered a and I'm really excited Annalie (6) doesn't know anything about my scheme so keep it under your hats
  10. Thanks for the tip, Martin. I've had a look at the archive and it looks like good stuff. Particularly as it keeps smells down!
  11. I've just had a look at Eyes and Primrose in the gallery. They're gorgeous! Good to hear that they don't make you too sneezy etc.
  12. Thanks for your advice, Hannah and Sheila. I've considered keeping guinea pigs for some time but since I saw the eglu advertised and read all about them on the website, I'm really keen now! They seem very straightforward to clean and, as you say, no wood to get damp and smelly. I will confess that I'm allergic to cats, dogs and horses so there's a good chance I'm allergic to guinea pigs too. To check this out, I went to a guinea pig show at the weekend and am really happy that I wasn't affected at all. The ease of cleaning the accommodation is key for me to limit any problems. I'm sure any allergy won't stop me cuddling them (it didn't stop me riding!)
  13. I'd like to ask the guinea pig and guinlu owners for some advice. I've never kept guinea pigs before and I hope you can help. Do you shut your guinea pigs in at night and let them out every day all year round? How often do you move the eglu and run to allow the grass to recover? What kind of bedding do you use? Is the eglu worth the price compared with standard hutches? If so, why? What items apart from the hay rack, water bottle and stainless steel treat bowl supplied by omlet do you provide your guinea pigs? I would really appreciate answers to any of these questions or any other advice you can give me.

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