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  1. It's with a very heavy heart I write this, my daughter died on 25th July she would have been 32 today. This left four little boys without a mum. The youngest age two has now been able to return to his father and we were in court today and have been granted special Gaurdianship order for the other three. Retirement is now a faded memory, I don't think I will ever be truly happy again. The children have changed schools which means no more long school runs, they have settled in well. We do have issues from time to time which is to be expected. We are also exhausted most of the time and have had n
  2. Thank you all for your advice and support. We have had an initial assesment to become fosterers and have at last got some financial support. We will get the maintenence element which is a huge financial relief. However the case will be going to court within the next two weeks to see what is in the children's best interest. At the pre court meeting we were highly praised, grandparents are usually not even invited. If we are able to continue to foster we will need to save hard for a people carrier my little BM sports is way too small. I only got it last year (2 years old) thinking it would last
  3. Hi Everyone I have not been on here for sometime now my life has turned upside down I hope you don't mind me sharing this with you. My DD has been suffering from mental illness now for two years. We DH and myself held things together, I tried to get help from Oct 2014 even making a formal complaint December 2014 however she still didn't get any help. We went on our first holiday for five years and on the day we returned at the beginning of Sept things had deteriated badly and our DS was holding the fort. Tried again to get help, so we struggled on having two, three and sometimes all for and
  4. How odd! It's all gone odd for me that's why I've not been on of late!
  5. I have 2 and I like the accessibility of the and it's easy to clean. The rear door can be a little difficult to open if the ground is uneven but I'm sure if it was on an frame it would be easier to open. My two ducks use it with the roosting bars removed. So it's easier to convert than the the conversion kits are expensive. I have to Perkins in a rabbit another in the WIR and the that the remaining 11 girls share. I like them all for different reasons however I do think the appear stronger than the IMO!
  6. I think I've got it now! Is it just me or have others found it difficult?
  7. What's happened to the old layout? I don't find it easy to move around!
  8. We've been in our house four years this August and lack of money has stopped us doing our living room as there is building work to be done. It's not been decorated since the 80's has yucky grey green carpet and dark walls.
  9. What lovely and interesting images
  10. I have bate boxes and humane rat cages that I bate with peanut butter, the rats neither go in the bate boxes or the humane rat cage. My local farmer told me to put it down the rat holes ensuring animals and wild life can't get to it. I've also put slabs over the ruts they make and put poison under. So far I've found two dead rats and where they usually tunnel under the ducks paddling pool this has stopped so I'm getting there. I've also noticed that the food is lasting longer during the day. Now I need to stop the wild birds blatantly steeling the layers Only kidding I don't mind feed

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