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  1. We had the same issue - no prob cat going out the cat flap but it was obviously very scary coming back through it We tied a piece of string round it to the door handle so it was open for a few days and our rescue cats soon got the idea - especially when a few prawns were on offer just inside. Although they would NEVER have even gone outside in less than 20 degrees warmth!
  2. I hate to think of the complete mess mine would be in - covered in vaseline topped off with a layer of aubiose
  3. I was a bit worried about my lot during the gales here but turned on the ir camera inside the cube once they'd gone to bed. I can confirm neither cube or chickens budged an inch!
  4. I used to wait until they were in the temporary bed and then post them into the cube- took two nights of that for them to figure it. I was a bit worried about them waking up and not realising they were 2 feet off the ground though
  5. CTB and I went there earlier in the year for one of their evening dinner do's on the pullman - was fabulous - great food and the staff were so professional and smart looking, they made everyone feel really special. We are definitely going again next summer! Glad you had a lovely afternoon.
  6. All sounds vey exciting - not mad at all I have had my bantam orpies since August, they are now approaching 6 months old and are completely scatty but adorable! Be aware that they are able to fly pretty well due to the fact they weigh next to nothing so make sure you have nice high fences when they get to FR. My littlest bantie is a silver laced but she has a huge personality and is not scared of anything - she torments the cat and has an obsession with chasing after the garden broom when I'm out using it I'm sure you will find them great fun to have around and the chocolates are a gorgeous colour - one of my new LF orpies is a chocolate. Have a great day tomorrow.
  7. I'm getting loads here too at the moment - chicken dandruff!
  8. Wow! all that gear - you have quite a collection Hope you had a great time.
  9. For me, the alarm Lumie is just to wake me up gently ( I haven't ever even heard the alarm because I'm always awake long before it wants to beep at me) so when I'm awake - job done. For SAD therapy you need one of the proper lightboxes which are about 10 thousand lux and you need to use it more or less every day for an hour or so but obviously that will vary from person to person.
  10. How exciting! I'll be watching too.
  11. I have had a light box for about three years now and do find it helps. I keep it on my desk at work and switch on for a couple of hours each morning (I start work at 7am). I dont notice the dull mornings so much and I feel a bit more energetic if that makes sense! I also have the alarm clock that gently wakes you by increasing light for half an hour before the sounder alarm goes off if you still need it to I got mine from Lumie - they have a 30 day trial period.
  12. I called my cat "Spit" due to the copious amounts of the stuff he drools!
  13. Mine have always slept through it all - more than I can say for me

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