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  1. Bless you. Sometimes it's like banging your head against a brick wall. My husband does such a good job. I am Ill in bed doctors orders. He had to tell my husband to let me get to bed and go and get my medicine. He says his feeding them, lets them out in the morning and puts them to bed. What about the treats, what about poo picking and Karching? He can't even feed me. A bowl of soup for the day. So hungry I ordered a take away. Kept me going two days. Of course he had his. Men, they can't all be the same. A incentive to get well. So big hugs.
  2. My heart goes oput to you. Happy chicks offer a help line. hope this helps as I am still learning.
  3. Help my two Burford Browns have been living happily with three lemon sable poots and a Brahma bantam for three months. Than yesterday I found they had all been badly pecked, My Brahma had all her rear feathers taken off her. The only ones that had to pecking to them was the Burford Browns. I have sprayed the poor girls with anti pecking spray.The burfords in a spare coop. Would the sound of fireworks have set them off. They would free range together, will they attack my other birds again?
  4. My sablepoots are a lot quiter than my Serama's. Pekins well my boy has a crow .
  5. Night night my little red sablepoot. One minute you was playing running around with a mealyworm. I went in the lounge for half an hour, returning to find red on the floor never to wake again. Never forgetting those special moments.
  6. Help I love them all. Only one, would be a Sablepoot they talk to you and love to sit on my shoulder. But how long before I would miss the others. My chickens are the best relaxing therapy for me.
  7. Forgot to say I got my cover from http://www.qvsshop.co.uk/glass-clear-tarpaulins-51-c.asp. I am have now received my second cover.
  8. bring the feeders and drinkers in at night. Fresh warm tap water and food in the morning for when the girls get up. 15.00pm Layers meal with veg, mash or porridge to warm them up before going to bed. Tried the snugglesafe ( Had two) one leaked after two weeks with clear fluid that turned white . I burnt my hand when getting it out of the microwave. Oh what could it of done to my chickens. I no longer use them, even though the other one appears fine. I invested in a clear tapeline that covers the whole of the run of my extension, leaving the front of the run open for ventilation on one of my cubes. This helps keep my family of chickens warmer and the run drier. I wish you all a happy Christmas
  9. Night night, My little Bev My love will continue, till we meet again. such a lovely Sabblepoot. Maureen
  10. Well done. I said three chickens and thats it, with one woodern coop. Then I read about Omlet, Why oh! Why. Now I have will be selling, , and today I picked up another . Yes they have chickens and chicks in all. I will shout to you no more, will you shout back to me. Thank you Omlet, my chickens are my babies, friends and help me relax.
  11. So sorry to read about your fox attack and the loss of your girls. My seven week old chick died last night in her sleep. I have cried all night. But reading this, I cried even more for you. Bless you.
  12. wow! I managed to buy a secondhand cube from the Omlet club. I was going to buy new, with the price going up meant secondhand was best for me. I can't thank the previous family enough for my cube . lusty and angel Lemon cuckoo Pekin Beauty and pride Australorp Bantams Randy, lucky,Rom,star, phoenix Colunbian Pekins (broder's) 3 week old x3 Serama's , 3 week old x3 Sablepoots
  13. Hi did you get your sablepoot. I have hatched three sablepoots, now one week old. They are so friendly and the colouring on their wrings is out of this world. I looking forward to learning about them. Love Light and Peace Namaste Best wishes Maureen
  14. My friend phoned to say that one of her chickens had gone missing, she was very upset. She said she was in the conservatory watching the four of them playing in her garden. She went to get her shoes on before locking them in their coop. One had gone missing within a minute, there was no signs of feathers or any cats etc. We searched the garden. the birds are only approx four months old Bantams. She is worried as can't understand what could have happend. One of the bantams was crying, apart from that nothing. No one can get intop her garden as it's enclosed. Help any ideas?

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