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  1. I've never thought of using clingfilm to line the tins, might give that a go. I think the lower temp sounds a good idea too as I know madeira cake is inclined to bake with a dome on the top. Well I have tried doing one this morning, didn't have any lemons so used some rose water & vanilla extract instead and tried to colour the cake pink. I know you need to use those gel colours to get a proper colour but I only had the basic ones that I normally use to colour icing and I hoped the red one would make the cake pink, but it's just given it a pink tinge. Oh well the cake itself doesn't seem too bad. The lines on the top are because the cake tin had metal reinforcements across the bottom which is a shame as it means neither the top nor bottom is totally flat
  2. My OH volunteered me for this, all I can say is men
  3. I think I'm stupid rather than brave as I've really not got much of an idea of what I am doing! Thanks for that link Bramble as I worked out from that how to roughly gauge how much mix I need. I used a large plastic bag to 'line' one of the tins and filled it with water, weighed the water and roughly calculated that I'm going to need a 4 egg mix for each cake, I think
  4. My neighbour has asked me if I will bake an 80th Birthday cake for her mother's Birthday. Although I bake cakes quite a lot I've never used those number tins and had hoped when my neighbour rented them out that they would give some instructions regarding how much cake mix to put in them, but they didn't. I've looked online and haven't found anything other than a suggestion of filling tins with water to work out the total volume, something I can't do with these as they have no bottoms to them. I am doing a Mary Berry madeira mix as that's what my neighbour wants and I know a madeira cake gives a nice dense sponge for something like this. At the moment I am thinking a 3 egg mix for each tin or would that be too much or even too little? I'm also not sure if I can bake both cakes at the same time as I always bake cakes without the fan function on as I find the fan setting doesn't bake my cakes as evenly as so I always turn it off. Not sure if I can make enough mix for both tins and bake one and then the other or if I should make up 2 separate lots of mixture
  5. Managed to get a refund by opening a complaint with eBay, they have obviously changed a lot in recent years as last time I had a problem it was much more difficult to resolve. Have now ordered a set from Amazon, so hopefully that should arrive soon. Yes Beccauk you can watch Series 1, 2 & 3 on Netflix or buy the DVD sets from Amazon too. As Netflix is only £5.99 a month and the box sets are around £25 each I am thinking it's cheaper to watch on Neflix as you get the first month free
  6. Having missed Series 2 of The Bridge I managed to track down a boxed set of Series 1 & 2 a few weeks ago and have been looking forward to watching it. OH and I have just finished catching up with the first series of The Killing so last night was the first evening we had to sit down and get into watching this. I had already put the Series 1 discs on to make sure they were okay, so had given no further thought to if they were okay or not. However it seems that some of the Series 2 discs have no subtitles . It took us long enough to get used to watching these Nordic Noir series with subtitles, but imagine trying to watch them without I am also pretty sure they are fakes as the cover on the back of the case has already started to peel off. What amazes me is that this seller has a really high and quite positive feedback rating. I've opened a case with eBay to try and get my money back. I'm more annoyed that it messed up my planned evenings viewing
  7. I would agree with Merlina in that it's best to find out exactly what the status of his course is. I had a similar problem with my son when he was at uni. He was supposed to go back after the Christmas break but kept putting it off and making excuses and then just confessed that he wasn't going back. Turned out eventually that the actual problem was that he had got an HND and then gone to uni to do a 1yr top up degree course but the other students on his course were at a different level to him and he felt out of his depth. With hindsight I am sure this could have been sorted out, but my son let it go on for so long that he just ended up doing temp work for an agency instead. The good news though is that despite not getting his degree he now has a very good job as an Accounts Manager for a large company, which shows to me that having a degree is not always essential to getting a good job
  8. I do feel for you, quite honestly I think it's awful when people do this but it seems surprisingly common. I have a similar situation with my sister, who for the last 3yrs or so has hardly spoken to me and I really have no idea why. A friend of mine has a similar situation to you. Her mother just stopped talking to her over a year ago, she has no idea why and her attitude is that she hasn't done anything wrong so she doesn't care if she never hears from her mother again! I'm the kind of person who does care a lot when this kind of thing happens and it's really awful when you wish you knew what you had done wrong but can't work out what
  9. How awful for you and poor little Freda too. I hate how people are irresponsible with their dogs. We had a very similar thing happened a few years ago when we had our chocolate labrador. She was being pavement walked, was on a lead, then a staffie ran out of someone's garden and just bit her. My OH had to grapple with the dog on the ground to make the dog release it's grip as it wouldn't let her go. We thought our dog was okay, but she did get an infection and we had to take her to the vets, think it cost us about £60. We called the police on the day she was attacked as like other people say, the next time it could be a child they attack. The police went round to the house but they denied any knowledge of the incident, we think the dog was probably owned by someone visiting them, so we got nowhere We now have a much smaller dog and just this last month 2 dogs have had a go at her and if their owners hadn't pulled them back they would have taken a chunk out of her. What annoys me the most is that some people just seem to buy a dog and don't bother to train it to be sociable towards other dogs yet it's so important
  10. I hadn't realised quite how many episodes there were Yesterday I found a DVD of Series 1 and Series 2 of The Bridge on eBay and bought that too as it was cheaper to buy both Series than just the 2nd one on Amazon. Looking forward to watching that too as I think it will be ages before it's shown on TV again
  11. We watched the pilot episode of The Killing last night, we are obviously a bit slow with catching up with this. However really enjoyed it and looking forward to watching all the other episodes
  12. I've heard of Borgen but never watched it. Wonder if it's on catch up or Netflix. The one thing I find hard with the subtitles is that I can't just close my eyes for a few secs when I am tired as you really have to focus all the time
  13. We watched Mammon last night. It did seem to be a faster paced drama than The Bridge, haven't seen any of the other 'Nordic Noir' series. However we did enjoy it and look forward to watching the rest of the series, looks like there are only 3 episodes, least that is all I could find on my TIVO when I did a series link. Is it me or does everyone else find that the picture is a very different colour to what we are used to? It's bordering on black and white with just a hint of colour
  14. They look brilliant, what a good idea. I do love new gadgets
  15. I like the look of the simple human bins, then I clicked on the link for the mirrors and fell in love with the illuminated ones, good job they are out of stock as they are expensive
  16. We turn all our indoor lights off at night but we do have 3 lights on the front of the house that are dusk till dawn ones so they are on every night, all night, but they aren't bright enough to bother any neighbours. We also have a PIR light on the garage, both sides of the house and one on the back too
  17. We put our shih tzu on a raw diet last June and she loves it. Prior to that she was eating what we thought was a good diet as the vet had recommended it, but it seems most vets don't know a lot about nutrition and what they do know is taught to them by the big kibble manufacturers, so their opinions are biased. In the warmer months when Daisy can eat outside we feed her raw meaty bones like chicken breasts or thighs, lamb chops, chunks of heart or tripe and some offal. However as I don't like her dragging food around the house and she doesn't seem to get the idea of keeping her food in one place, we now feed her a BARF diet which is still raw but it's all minced up. The one we are using right now is called Nutriment and for our shih tzu it costs us about 50p a day which I think is quite cheap.
  18. We have nearly reached the end of Series 1 on Netflix and I checked on iPlayer for Series 2 and it's gone
  19. Over the last few days I have made a few sourdough loaves. My first attempt ended up in the bin as I couldn't get it into the oven Last two attempts have been easier as I bought a baking stone and a peel which has helped a lot. Tastes really nice, quite impressed. Does take rather a long time from start to finish though
  20. We have only just started watching Series 1 of The Bridge so a bit lost as to what is going on in Series 2. Can't believe we didn't watch it earlier as it's so good
  21. From what little I have read I was under the impression that even if you don't use it that you should take it out of the fridge after a couple of weeks and do whatever it is you do with it and then put it back
  22. I have just ordered a jar of sourdough starter as I've been making a couple loaves of bread a week for a few months now and thought it was time to try this. I am a bit clueless but am hoping it comes with instructions
  23. That looks delicious, must give that a try

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