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  1. I love a nice iced Bakewell tart too, might try one of those
  2. Okay well I don't think I will be baking that again. The pastry is cooked but is very pale, probably because I put baking parchment in the tray as I wasn't confident that it would just come out without it. The sponge top is really quite insipid and doesn't have enough almond flavour. I guess ½tsp just isn't enough. This is the 2nd time I've not been that impressed with one of the recipes in the book I have. Last week I make the Lemon Drizzle traybake and although it was nice it didn't have enough lemon in it for me. I prefer the recipe by Tara Ramsey as it has a lot more zing to it
  3. Thanks for your advice. I have just done my second lot of pastry and put it in the fridge to chill. The first lot I thought seemed a bit dry and it was only when I weighed it that I realised I had put too much flour in as I had taken the amount of flour from the recipe on the other page, stupid me! I am hoping it can only get better
  4. I have her Baking Bible and this is her recipe in that Bakewell Slices Be generous with the raspberry jam, it makes all the difference. As the shortcrust pastry contains a lot of fat and no sugar, there is no need to line the tin with baking parchment Pastry: 175g plain flour, 75g butter, 2/3tbsp cold water Sponge Mixture: 100g softened butter, 100g caster sugar, 175g self raising flour 1 level tsp baking powder, 2 large eggs, 2 tbsp milk, ½tsp almond extract To Finish: about 4tbsp raspberry jam, flaked almonds ro sprinkling To make the pastry, measure the flour into a bowl and rub in the butter with your fingertips until the mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs. Add the water gradually, mixing to form a soft dough. Roll our the dough on to a lightly floured work surface and use to line a 12"x9" traybake or roasting tin. Pre heat the oven to 180c/Fan 160c/Gas 4 Measure all the sponge ingredients into a bowl and beat until well blended. Spread the pastry with raspberry jam and then top with the sponge mixture. Sprinkle with the flaked almonds. Bake in the pre heated oven for about 25mins or until the cake has shrunk from the sides of the tin and springs back when pressed in the centre with your fingertips. Leave to cool in the tin and then cut into slices. Confusing
  5. Having recently bought a couple of Mary Berry books I was going to try her Bakewell Slice recipe today but I am undecided as to whether her recipe is correct She suggests making up the pastry with no parchment or liner underneath, doesn't suggest resting the pastry, doesn't suggest blind baking it, just says to line the tin with the pastry, put jam on it, then top with a sponge mix and bake. I haven't made pastry in years but I do watch The Great British Bake Off and can remember all the times they were making pastry and the problems of "soggy bottoms'. So do I just follow the recipe, change it or give up
  6. My OH is 61 and has never tried Nutella, mind you I am 58 and I haven't tried it either
  7. I love Lakeland and have used them for as long as I can remember! It was great when they opened a store in our town as I do prefer to see things in the flesh. Have to say they are marvellous about returns and I've taken a lot of things back for various reasons and never had a problem. Would be lovely if all shops were like them. I've been given 2 of the £5 off vouchers recently, only spent about £10 each time when I got the vouchers and I think they are both for use if you spend over £30 next year
  8. We are a week behind on the series for some reason so not up to speed on who is left in it. I'm not sure who I want to win, I do agree Ruby is very petulant but then again Kimberly is a bit smug
  9. I keep reading it's easy to over knead dough in a mixer, anyone have a fool proof recipe they use
  10. I made my first loaf of bread this morning. I bought one of those bread mixes from Tesco as I haven't baked bread since about 1975 and don't have a clue! I mixed it up with the dough hooks and once it was all in a ball I took it out, rested it and then kneaded it by hand. I didn't realise you are supposed to prove it and put it back in the machine to knead it so I did all that by hand It seems to be okay, my mum has been here eating it and said it tastes lovely so for a first go I think it went okay
  11. I watched it last night and found it quite upsetting how so many dogs get separation anxiety when left. We do leave our dog on her own a little bit, but no more than maybe an hour a couple of times a week when we go shopping. She loves her crate so we put her in there with some toys and she seems fine, although according to that programme an awful lot of people assumed their dogs were fine when they weren't
  12. If I had bought a Kitchenaid it would have been the lime green one as that colour is stunning and would look lovely in my lemon & green kitchen. However it's an awful lot of money, I think in JL they are £429 compared to the £279 for the K-mix. I haven't read anything so far to justify the extra expensive of the Kitchenaid other than it's lovely looks and the accessories that I probably wouldn't bother with anyway. Shame some things are just so expensive.
  13. I drive myself mad trying to decide so find it easier to make a decision and go and buy it before I change my mind again!
  14. My current handheld one is the Philips one too. Most of the time I am just using 2 eggs for making cupcakes but I use the creaming method rather than the all in one method, so have to add the egg a bit at a time and honestly it does make my arm ache holding that thing for so long, plus my mixing bowl tends to travel across the worktop, which is not good
  15. I just ordered that one from JL for the same price and can pick it up later today I still prefer the look of the Kitchenaid but it's a lot more money and I can't justify it
  16. Oh yes Ruby and the glass bowl We are a week behind watching the series this year and just watched that episode last night. How on earth she managed to break that I don't know. I actually prefer the stainless steel bowls as I would imagine the glass one to be quite heavy. I think I will be boring and go for a black and silver mixer as our kitchen is lemon and green so all our small appliances are silver and black and I don't like the shade of green that Kenwood have. Now the apple green that Kitchenaid have is stunning and would look lovely in my kitchen
  17. Having looked at some of the reviews I am beginning to think that the Kitchenaid is very pretty and as you say has some lovely colours, but a lot of reviews seem to be quite negative about it. So I think I will look more into getting the Kenwood, although there seem to be quite a lot of different prices for the K-mix, not sure why. Have to say it would be good to try making bread as I hate all the supermarket stuff.
  18. I've been baking quite a lot of cupcakes recently and find it helps with my depression and anxiety as it's quite a good distraction. My mixer is quite an old plastic hand held Philips one and I keep seeing those lovely pretty Kitchenaid ones on The Great British Bake Off so started looking in the shops at them and also the Kenwood ones. I never realised before how expensive a mixer could be and I'm still in shock on seeing they are over £400 Just wondered if anyone has bought either of these brands and what they think of them. I'm still sitting on the fence a bit as even if I buy the right brand I do worry that I might buy one and it turns out to be a very expensive item just sitting in the kitchen
  19. I'm Mercedes55 on the forum and the same name on the quiz. My real name is Lyn and I live in SW Herts with my partner, 2 hens (had 12 at one time!) shih tzu called Daisy and a gcc parrot called Peaches. I have a grown up son who is married and a 6yr old granddaughter. Hobbies, well I am very into raw feeding my dog (is that a hobby?) and spend ages sourcing foods, reading up about all the different foods and then sorting out her food into pots into the freezer so that I can give her a nice varied diet. You can tell I am kind of obsessed with that and my OH says the dog eats better than us, which I think is probably correct. I used to love doing cross stitch and have tons of pictures that I've had framed over the years. However my tastes in home decor have changed so I don't do them now. I used to do a lot of knitting when my granddaughter was a baby as little things are all I can knit! I don't go out to work as I suffer with agoraphobia and general anxiety so have plenty of time on my hands. I'm not really too good at quizzes but I do enjoy doing them
  20. Hazel I felt exactly the same after I read all the posts on the forum I joined. I've never encountered such sheer hatred and nastiness towards a family member before and I was gobsmacked at how some of those young mums went out of their way to stop their MIL's having a good relationship with their grandchildren for the most trivial of reasons
  21. You are totally right, a lot of people on here will one day be a MIL themselves and it's not the easiest role to get right as you don't want to interfere but you don't want to appear as someone who doesn't care either, striking the balance is extremely hard. I remember when my DIL was expecting our first grandchild I joined the Bounty forum as I knew things had changed a lot since my son was born and I wanted to be able to offer help if I was asked for it, but wanted it to be up to date. I was astonished at the amount of animosity on there towards MIL's and didn't even bother posting on the forum as the sheer hatred of such a high percentage of these mothers was quite scary
  22. I thought the programme was brilliant and it was quite inspiring. I don't need to lose weight but I know we buy food that is unhealthy so a juicer is a good idea as although it's easy to eat fruit, most vegetables are horrible raw, apart from carrots. Also don't think I could eat the amount that you need to eat without spending all day chewing it all
  23. My daughter in law was 14 when she started dating my son, who at the time was 18 Apparently her parents were mortified that not only was she dating someone so much older, but that he also had a car and a part time job and they knew very little about his background, as although he was still at school, it wasn't the same school that she went to. One day her mother was confiding in a work colleague about her concerns and this colleague turned out to be a friend of mine, so her mind was put at rest in hearing that my son was a nice boy. Mind you having said all of that I can still clearly recall one day when my daughter in law came over and asked me to colour her hair for her. I was in the middle of washing her hair over the basin when she started talking about her first sexual encounter with my son and it seems she was only just 15 at the time. I was so shocked I nearly dropped the shower hose onto her head They have now been together for 17yrs so it all turned out fine
  24. I'm a mother in law and I get along very well with my daughter in law, in fact we often sit on the phone discussing the things my son should be doing at home but doesn't We live in the same town and see them every week but never feel left out if for any reason they are busy and can't come over and we are always happy to babysit for our granddaughter or have her over staying with us. Have to say though that when it's coming up to a birthday on our side of the family I do initially let my son know as in my mind they are on his side of the family and he should be making an effort to sort out gifts and cards too, although I am sure most of the time it's my daughter in law that ends up buying the stuff.
  25. First time we have watched it too. I also spent way too long hiding behind a cushion

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