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  1. Glad she is okay. I would agree it's always a worry when our pets are having surgery. Our puppy will be spayed after her first season and I am dreading it already. That's a good price you paid, we have been quoted £250 for our shih tzu
  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your sister, what awful news. It must be so hard being so far away too, sending you lots of hugs .
  3. Today OH took our Lavender Araucana to the vets as she had been under the weather for the last few days. I'm at a loss as the vet could find nothing wrong with her other than she had lost half her body weight since the vet last saw her. She felt she was too weak to save and felt it was kindest to have her PTS. I know as a pure breed she most likely hadn't been vaccinated and wondered if she had got some illness from being a pure breed, but quite honestly I don't know enough about hens to know if that would make any difference. She was only about 2½yrs old, which is not old for a pure breed. I really feel I have let her down by not realising sooner that she was sick
  4. Oh I am so sorry to hear about Ripple, what a beautiful cat she was. Sending you lots of hugs.
  5. I must have been doing it wrong as all I've had so far is the initial £5 Tesco voucher, which I didn't realise had a time limit on it, so when I went to use it they wouldn't accept it.
  6. I've spent nearly a week looking for a replacement belt and haven't found anything yet, but you are right it is probably the best solution. I've been wearing the coat everyday while JL have been sorting the belt out and I don't think it looks anywhere near as nice without the belt. The belt it came with was only one of those web belts with a gaudy gold coloured buckle which I didn't particularly like anyway. You would think it would be easy to find a replacement, but I've looked everywhere I can think of online so now I guess I need to try and look in some of the shops that don't have online sites. Not sure how long JL are happy to let me do this though
  7. Here it is, not everyone's cup of tea probably and I only bought it for walking the dogs, but oh my it's so warm, like walking around with your duvet on you
  8. I have just emailed Mango and am waiting to see what they come back with. I didn't occur to me it could just be a bad batch.
  9. Well I've had absolutely no success at all with this stupid coat. JL have been very good and did contact Mango, but were told they had recalled these coats as so many of them had the same problem with the buckle on the belt. Funny thing is that you can still buy the coat on the Mango website and I even found out that House of Fraser stocks them too, just not in my size. Anyway no point in trying to source it elsewhere if there is obviously a fault with them. It's such a shame as I just love the rest of the coat. I've now ordered something similar to it, although not as nice, from Zara, so will see how I get on with that one.
  10. I wouldn't feed any food that's main ingredient is cereal unless I had no alternative Also I don't trust anything a vet tells me about food, what they know about nutrition could be written on the back of a stamp
  11. I'd love to be able to sit here and have a glass of wine, but sadly due to meds I take I'm not allowed alcohol and haven't had a drink for about 30yrs Took the coat back to JL and spoke with a really helpful assistant there who took the belt and offered to swap it for any other belt from the other Mango coats they had there, but none of them were even remotely similar. She is now going to contact Mango direct and see if she can get them to send one to the store. If not I've seen they sell them in House of Fraser, but sadly don't have my size but I did contemplate getting one from there and swapping the belts over, but that's a bit naughty really I did try to pop into Zara while I was in town as I know they are also Spanish like Mango and apparently sell very similar things, but even though it was 10mins before closing time they wouldn't let me in I will now go and have a look on the FatFace website and hope that they sell coats for midgets
  12. There was me thinking 'Simple' as in Simple soap I will get some tonight
  13. Last week I bought a really lovely warm feather and down filled parka type coat from JL which is made by Mango. I'd been looking for a warm coat with a hood for ages for dog walking and just going out generally in the cold as I've been wearing my good wool coat and then had to wear a hat and scarf all the time. Anyway at lunchtime I decided to go outside and clear up the leaves in the garden. Put my coat on, went to do up the metal buckle on the belt and it fell on the kitchen floor and it all fell apart. I phoned JL but they no longer stock the coat, even though I only bought it last week. They offered to give me some money off it, but I don't think they understood that it's one of those fiddly metal clasp type buckles that you can't replace so I'm going to have to take it back. Mango themselves have their own website and they still sell the coat on there and I'm tempted to order again but obviously now second guessing my decision as to whether it's a product worth spending £109.00 on. I always find buying clothes to fit me a nightmare and this was the first coat I had found that had a hood that didn't come right over my eyes
  14. Thanks for that tip, when you say 'simple' sprays what exactly are they? She just did it again, this time in the TV room and once again when OH had popped home from work. Weird to say the least
  15. When Lara rings the bell it can be for digging too We've now fenced off the lawn so that Daisy can only go on the patio to do her business. Fortunately as she is still young she has adapted quickly. We have a gate onto the lawn so that our labrador can still go on the grass as she is old now and we don't want to unsettle her routine. Also she is one of those dogs that just goes out to do what she needs to do and comes straight back in, unlike Daisy who would spend all day out there given the chance
  16. I was so sure I had bought the right spray but I just checked and although it is an odour remover it's more of a general air one and not a surface one. In fact it says NOT to spray directly onto fabric and there I am liberally spraying it all over the carpets everytime Daisy pees on them Need to go to P@H tonight and get a proper spray that will neutralise any odours on the carpet. Have to say, for a shih tzu she is quite good and like the OP Daisy doesn't bark to go out, unlike our labrador who always gives a loud woof that you can hear all over the house. Daisy just sits by the french doors and whimpers, but she doesn't just do that to go out and pee, she also does that to go out and dig up the garden
  17. I was thinking the same. I do make sure I soak it up with some kitchen towel and then spray some of that stuff from P@H on it. Today I was just thinking how well she was doing as it's been the best part of a week without her having an accident indoors. Then earlier tonight I was in the living room sorting out some Christmas presents and OH left the door open and she peed in the dining room Maybe the spray I am buying isn't working or she's choosing to find a room where no one will see what she is doing
  18. The odd thing is we have carpet in the living room, same carpet runs right throughout the dining room, living room and TV room. I can leave Daisy in the living room for hours and she does nothing, open the door to the other rooms and she pees in there
  19. It took them over a week to reply to my email
  20. I heard about them on another forum and as they are based In Chesham which is not far from me I emailed them hoping to find a local supplier. Unfortunately our nearest supplier is about half an hour away and although Canagan said they offered a money back guarantee I decided to try a trial bag of Origen instead. However our shih tzu seemed to have trouble eating the puppy sized Origen so we are just feeding her Nature Diet now. I hate all those cereals they put in pet food and find it a nightmare trying to get the right food
  21. Some breeds are slower to pick up the message with toilet training. We have a 7mth old shih tzu puppy and they say they are a hard breed to toilet train. One thing I did realise was that the more freedom you give them the more they seem to have accidents. As long as I confine Daisy to the living room, conservatory and kitchen she seems to be fine. The second I leave her in the dining room or TV room she pees on the carpet
  22. We have chickens and also a 13yr old labrador and a 7mth old shih tzu. Our labrador has always been very wary of the hens and never goes near them. Our shih tzu however is too interested in them for my liking. We used to let the hens out into the garden when we only had our labrador, obviously always when someone was there to supervise, but with our shih tzu I wouldn't even contemplate letting her get up close to them
  23. I do hope that your dad does come and visit you as it must be doubly hard to have already lost your mum and then for your dad to not be there for you too. The only one positive thing I can think of about men who find a new partner so soon after losing their wives is that it's kind of testament to how happy they were being part of a couple that makes them look quickly for a new partner.
  24. We have 1 hybrid and 3 pure breeds. Our hybrid has laid an egg pretty much every day since we got her in August last year. Our 3 pure breeds seem to all take very long breaks. None of them have laid for the last month or so and prior to that they were all moulting at various times so weren't laying then either. The only other hybrids we have had were rescue hens and one of them lasted just over 2yrs, which we thought was quite good

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