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  1. i quite like it as a pressie for a kid...maybe in a couple of years i might get one. i like the "ikea" look of it. Sigh, another thing for the wish list haha!!
  2. my 2yo son, on seeing a breastfeeding pamphlet at the hospital, shouted "Look mummy, the baby is eating her bebo's!"
  3. Our house is next to a big park and people are always in there late at night. Had a man shouting the odds (drunk) at gone 10pm (im very pregnant with 2 little uns so NEED my sleep haha!) also the amount of dog walkers shouting at their dogs in the middle of the night?!
  4. mine used to always lay in the box now they lay EVERYWHERE but! greenhouse, compost bin, floor...easter egg hunt everyday for my kids haha!
  5. I was going to say Bengal. What beautiful cats! Poor chooks though...maybe put some oranges round your garden to deter him from coming in?
  6. hate jumpy ones, there is one about micheal jacksons ghost that had me screaming!! might save if fo if i go overdue!
  7. Think Ive been over zelous in teaching the cat to get them...She's eaten my spider-plant babies!!
  8. My first cat was a ginger; Timothy Catch-a-mouse! (I was only 3!! ) Would love another but it would be hard sneaking in any more puddys!!
  9. Thats what i got cats for! Ive been known to run out and ask the binmen to come in and remove Them!
  10. agree with the trailer...thats a few trips to the kettle i can make now as they seemed to have shown everything!! But quite excited to find out what its all about as we loved the other torchwoods! x
  11. sazmet

    Men !!!!!

    oh good! thought it was the preggy hormoans that meant I kept suggesting he get a job somewhere else ...(do they need carers on the moon dear? Ive heard its great and have packed your bag!!) lol! must just be a general married thing!! haha! x
  12. Hello! I went with the bigger girls (6 months pregnant and running round a garden trying to catch hens in this heat is not fun!! haha!!) although the babies were so cute!! (not sexed so didnt want any boys sneaking in!!) Intros are, well....rough! Orginal girls keep chasing the newbies so have put more water and food out and am keeping an eye on it. Should i leave them all go to bed together? (will have to look what breeds they are but ones a fab shade of black and green (shadow), one in two shades of brown (frappaccino) and a black/green bantam called mopsey!)
  13. OHHH! dont tempt me! lol! OH might regret letting me go by myself! (they also have baby goats...hmmm! could I hide one in the garden?! lol!)
  14. A year after getting my girls (and constantly telling OH about what new birds i wanted) Im getting some new ones tomorrow from a lady from school! Turns out they started with 4 and now have 34!! So she said I could go and get choose 3 more for our family...now do I go with some older ones or the 10 week old chicks she has? (at 10 weeks are they still fluffy?) Just been running round the garden doing some extra chicken proofing (my 3 have so got the better of me in escaping terms! haha!) Ohhh! cant wait!! (OH better get a better paid job as I feel the NEED for a cube coming on!! haha!!)
  15. Im sure my neighbour will agree hers was only weeds! lol! she wont be as happy with visiters once her veggie patch is up and running!!

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