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  1. Mine is still working thankfully. I still love it.
  2. She is lovely and it sounds as if she is fitting in well. You will be looking forward to getting out for long walks with her
  3. I have only just got it and so have been trying out all the stitches. It has a computerised screen so I am trying hard to read the instruction manual rather than just rushing in and guessing It even cuts the thread for you which is so lovely. I am making up blocks for a quilt using different techniques at the moment so am looking forward to using it for that. My purchase seems to have worked out ok but it was a bit of a worry as you have to trust the seller.
  4. I was on a while ago burbling about machines. Well the update is that I have purchased a second hand one from eBay! I held my breath a bit as I was so worried there maybe a problem with it but it is fine It is a Janone Memorycraft and has all the features I wanted. I am really happy with it.
  5. When I ordered mine they thought it would be a bit late for the delivery to be the next day but I was surprised to get a text from the courier to say they would be delivering. Then I got a text to say it hadn't made the van, but it arrived anyway I had informed them that if I wasn't in to leave with my neighbour so timing didn't matter.
  6. Wow, thanks for this I was able to get a 5kg bag which is fine for my two girls. I have always had to buy the 10kg one locally and throw a lot out.
  7. Choosing would be easy without the price ticket getting in the way
  8. It will take me ages to choose. I spend so long researching and asking opinion about buying anything Unless I find something fab on gumtree I will most likely wait until I get a chance at the Edinburgh show to try some out before I buy.
  9. That sounds really great service. I have just read some reviews and some were not that good for the Singer. I am sooo confused I will need to try them out to be sure.
  10. I use the walking foot and a foot for free motion work. I didn't know you could get an adapter for some work. What does this help you do? Thanks for all your helpful advise. It is nice to hear that Janome is not the be all and end all. As I mentioned in the group I go to I reckon about 90% have this make. My Singer doesn't jump or cause any problems. I just feel I would love the needle up/down, stitch lock and thread cutter. Plus the alphabet! A bigger throat would be good as I have struggled to shove quilts through but I think that pushes up the cost too much. I am really going towards the new Singer I think and should be able to try it out at the show (so looking forward to another bus trip ). I know that the aftersales service for Singer is not great as you have to post your machine away . I am watching gumtree but there hasn't been much and I bid on one on eBay but was worried incase it wasn't all it seemed to be. So much to think about!
  11. Hello Not posted on the forum for ages until yesterday . Just seem to have been busy.

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