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  1. We were quite lucky when doing our walk-in-run that my Dad had a load of unused flagstones that he was keen to get rid of so we put these round the edge of our run, took a fair bit of digging to get them all at the same height but we are very pleased with the result. I think a lot of people use a wire skirt though, we have in the past and used tent pegs to secure it.
  2. So well deserved When the first of our ex-batts, Veronica, developed peritonitis, as well as seeing the vet I did ring BHWT to see if they had any other advice they could offer and it was Jane that I spoke to. Sadly we did have Veronica put to sleep but it really touched me that Jane spent quite some time talking to me and was obviously so dedicated to the welfare of all of the girls.
  3. We have this from Flyte so Fancy: http://www.flytesofancy.co.uk/chickenhouses/Garden-Fence-Pond-Electric-Fence-Kit.html Sounds like it might be just what you need. Flyte so Fancy are really helpful, if you need any advice on it.
  4. There is a Christmas shop in Stratford-upon-Avon too, it has been there for quite a few years now - I imagine they do quite well throughout the year from all the overseas tourists who come to Stratford. A friend's step mum always buys Christmas decorations when she is abroad as they are always that little bit different to what we have here.
  5. I can sympathise, the young lad next door sometimes sends a ball over but he never comes round to ask for it back, just waits patiently till we spot it. He always thanks us for throwing it back over so we don't mind However, the boys that used to live a few doors down were constantly kicking their balls into our other neighbour's beautiful garden and climbing over the fence damaging his plants to get them back What you need is a nice sharp bbq skewer to pierce the ball where your dogs canine teeth would hold the ball then keep sending deflated balls back - they will give up when all of their balls get trashed
  6. I do a few through Valued Opinions. I have made a little bit from them, I don't always respond to the requests if I am busy and several I am not eligible for. I would say I have been doing it for around a year and have made almost £40 in that time so you certainly do not earn a lot but I have had £30 of Sainsburys vouchers that made our weekly shop a bit cheaper! If you are the sort of person that tends to laptop in front of soaps and films etc then go for it but be aware that half way through you might be told that you are not eligible or that the survey has now had enough responses and is closed
  7. You have my sympathies, it is so frustrating isn't it. I have got to the stage where we only tend to go out for meals when meeting up with other friends as frankly so many places offer such uninspiring vegetarian options, have odd ideas of what is vegetarian ( as already mentioned - parmesan) and places that have included meat in my 'vegetarian options'. It is cheaper to eat at home, we have more creative ideas and at least I am not going to find meat in there. I have been served stuffed jacket potato skins in my local Mexican - 2 options - with bacon or without. Clearly ordered without but turned up with bacon which luckily I noticed before I ate it. My lentil dhal at an Indian, the last mouthful I took had something very chewy which when I spat it back out was a small piece of chicken - no idea how much I ate .......... (and no manager, the 15% discount loyalty card you gave us will never be used because I am never setting foot in there again). Unless you are very lucky to know a decent place (we do know a couple), eating out sucks when you are a vegetarian
  8. Congratulations on the new ex batts If you are thinking of electric fencing then this might be an option for the top of your enclosure: http://www.flytesofancy.co.uk/chickenhouses/Garden-Fence-Pond-Electric-Fence-Kit.html We have it - we have never had a fox attack but we had a couple of cats coming in that haven't since the fence went up so hopefully it will keep the fox out too. It is quite discrete.
  9. Very sorry Tash, that is a really upsetting thing to happen. As others have said, it suggests that the person(s) responsible have been to you and know your set up and have met you, which makes it even more callus. Hope you have some joy with the police.
  10. I'm so very sorry, your poor girls
  11. One of our hens picked up a tick just at the base of her comb. We have a tick removing tool so we got it off with that and I took great pleasure in squishing the evil little thing afterwards We have only noticed the one though.
  12. Very sorry for your losses Like Minnie&Moose I would second electric fencing. We have never had a fox attack either before or after we got the electric fencing. Prior to the electric fencing we had some new cats start coming into the garden frequently and I kept hearing stories from people that had kept hens for year with no problems and then a fox attack. I knew that if a cat could get in then theoretically so could a fox so we got the electric fencing. I have heard the cats trying to get in on at least three occasions and get zapped so I know it certainly works for them!
  13. You have my sympathies! We have also had a number of flights cancelled - we also have tickets through Virgin. I understand totally that flights can't go ahead in bad weather but I do wonder if there could be a more user friendly way? We are quite lucky that my husband has changed jobs recently to a more local one as he previously had to book half a days holiday for every flight as he would not be able to get there in time otherwise. Months ago we booked a flight around his birthday (end of March). For a couple of weeks they were forecasting snow at the time of the flight so we knew that we would not be going but you have to ring up at the last minute just to check anyway. I don't see why they didn't just cancel the flights earlier and give us some more dates to chose from. Hope you get your flight soon

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