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  1. Just thought id make a little post to say i have decided to step down from the moderating team. As quite a lot of you are aware my little girl has a number of health problems which unfortunately have been getting worse, hence she is requiring more care and attention so my time on the forum is limited. Just wanted to say being a moderator can be a thankless task at times but despite this i have enjoyed the job for the last few years and have worked with some lovely people. It seems like lots of things are coming to an end in my life at the moment as my last chickens also died this month - end of an era! There is a plan to get more - as always You will still see me around and the Omlet forum will always have a place in my heart as i have made some friends for life here - not something you forget easily!
  2. As far as i'm aware hypnosis works on 'suggestion' and you don't have to be in a certain state of mind for it to work. I went a few weeks before my due date and loved it, i am a water baby at heart and spent most of my labour visualising i was on the beach with waves lapping the shore. Personally i found labour uncomfortable not painful and only used a small amount of gas & air. Hypnotherapy helped me to visualise and relax into my labour so im positive it can help with lots of other things too
  3. I went to hypnotherapy when i was pregnant for deep relaxation and visualisation for the birth of Isabelle. I thought it was wonderful and really did help me during my labour. I hope you find your experience as good as mine
  4. Wow! Thats fab! Never had a double yolker let alone a tripple - congratulations!! More corn for that chookie
  5. Thats just typical isnt it?! Glorious sunshine for weeks, the plants grow beautifully and then terrible weather that ruins it all
  6. Cirticidel can be bought from a Pets At Home store - I get mine from there but im sure the Omlet shop sell it too. Limestone flour can be bought from most horsey type places or try 'Country Wide' Anyone who cares for their girls is not a nusiance
  7. Im sorry that she is unwell - such a worry arent they! TBH I would leave her for now and see how she is in the morning. If you are unsure how much she is eating and drinking you could always seperate her for the day and give her a different supply of food & water. Also give her food high in water content such as cucumber. Keep us posted to her progress and even though its hard try not to worry.
  8. Im sorry to read you have 2 poorly girls Runny nose first - have you tried adding any citracidel or general to their water or food as this might help get rid of the sniffles and perk them up a little. Softie eggs - sounds like your girl could do with a little more calcium if she has laid 2 softies in a week and still looks off colour now. Do you always have grit available? You can also add some limestone flour to their food as this is an additional source of calcium too. For the time being keep a special eye on her and check she is eating and drinking ok - crop full at night and empty in the morning. Keep us posted as to how they are getting on
  9. When we were in NYC OH had a hot chocolate with his breakfast and they came by and topped it up with coffee!
  10. Zorbing! Rolling down a hill in a big bubble Maybe not for everyone!!! I'll get my thinking cap on!
  11. Im sure i read somewhere you add lemon juice to the rolling boil and it helps it to set
  12. Afterall thats that boobs are there for!! I fed Isabelle until she was one but I had an alternative problem - the midwife wanted me to bottle feed as in her opinion she wasnt putting on enough weight for her liking and tried to push me into bottle feeding her which I did not want to do. Some times you just cant win can you?!
  13. She looks beautiful! You must be very proud indeed
  14. Cathy you pretty much have it in a nut shell there!!

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