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  1. Hi everyone, I can't thank you enough for your very helpful replies and taking the time to 'chat' to me. Well, it's my birthday in September and hubby asked yesterday what I want. He's not too happy about it but I said I want to start saving money to pay for my chickens. I am thinking that hopefully in mid-winter I'll be able to pick up an Eglu on ebay (as hopefully others won't be wanting to get their chickens in the middle of cold winter) and I can get the eglu then and the girls in April so that I can cut my teeth through spring/summer. Sound reasoning?? To confirm my thinking and what I plan - please can you tell me where I have got it right/wrong... - want Eglu Go and will have the run on concrete slabs at back of garden with hard wood chip. Rain cover to help keep it dry. I understand this will look after itself well and just need to be changed every month or so? - will let out in the morning for the day (very safe enclosed garden) and put back in at night. I work from home on Mondays and most afternoons so they will have time out at weekends and during the week - although may have to limit where they go as hubby won't be happy if they ruin our small lawn grass. - will clean at least once a week inside eglu - just tip into bin, brush and spray off and put fresh sawdust - yes? - only planning 2 girls so they don't wreck the garden When I imagine my girls, it's the chatting to them that I dream of most and their little personalities. My bestie has chickens and my back neighbour has them so I "live" with them and hear them everyday but don't get any of the benefits!!! Hence wanting my own! I also think it would be good for my son (now 5) to have something to take care of. Your posts really made me want them even more.... oh dear! But I don't want to go into it blind (and embarrass myself infront of hubby if they turn out to be more than I imagined!) hence why I want to make sure I imagine and understand it correctly. Thanks again!!!!!!!
  2. Hi all, I have posted a few times in the past and my desire for chickens has been ongoing for 6 years now!! (still have no chickens!) 6 years ago it was Monday morning, I was about to click ORDER on my brand new omlet order but then stepped away from the machine to take a pregnancy test - positive! Hence I cancelled my order. One gorgeous child later and I still want my chickens. I have baby sat my best friend's 25 chickens and shovelled sh8t in the pouring rain, had to deal with aggressive cockerels (not my fave!) and red mite and still came out wanting my own chickens. I am constantly on Gumtree, Preloved, Ebay trying to find an Leaf Green Eglu Go but either they never come up or I have to re-mortgage to afford it. So I decided to give in and get a wooden coop but then read about red mite again and really don't fancy the despair that comes with wood. So now, I have still left buying eggs at a premium from the farm shop, wistfully wishing I was getting them from my little ladies and still stalking Ebay daily. Hmph. I do worry that when the time comes that I do get my girls (hopefully before I lose the will to live), I will find it more difficult to care for them than I had imagined. Please can you tell me, is it that hard? What's it like getting up in the cold of winter?? Thanks for listening! S x
  3. Hi everyone, Thanks for that. I am going to stick with the Go in that case. The idea of having to take the lid off entirely to clean in the middle of winter doesn't appeal! Whereas with the Go I can just slide out the two trays, deal with those and then on a big clean day take it all apart. Now to find a Go!!! (Hen's teeth might be easier!!) Thanks for your help.
  4. Thank you! that's brilliant! Any idea how this would work for a Classic?
  5. Thanks so much!! Your replies are hugely helpful. @Chrissie - do you mind explaining to me how you clean your Classic please? I need to be able to imagine doing it to see the difference between choosing a GO or Classic and I just can't see how it's best done. Do you lift off the lid, remove the bars and tray and just spray it all off? Is there a drainage hole in the base for water to drain out? As opposed to the Go, just pulling both trays out, spraying off and replacing? Thanks for the info about build quality - very interesting as I'd never considered it. Egg port big deal to you guys or could you live without it? Thanks!
  6. Hi all, My chicken desire has escalated massively in the last 2 weeks (even though I have wanted chickens for 5 years now) because I am baby sitting my bestie's lot and there is one lovely little Bantam (Shelly) who has been separated from the rest because she was being mercilessly picked on. I would like to rehome Shelly and would like to get one Gingernut Ranger and one Miss Pepperpot from Omlet - can these 3 co-exist happily together? Many thanks!
  7. Hi all, Sorry to flog the usual Go/Classic question but I am now at the final stages of going ahead with my chicken set up (after 5 years of preplanning!) I would really would appreciate your honest opinions/comments/guidance on which to get. Most importantly, which is easier to clean? I much prefer the shape of the Go but really like the idea of the egg collection hatch on the Classic. It seems to me that the Go is much easier to clean with both of the bases coming out easily but can you please give me your user experience guidance please? Many thanks!
  8. oh dear, that's stressed me out! I went to town with diatom this weekend and did 5 hutches, no mask! that would explain my tight chest and cough then!
  9. Hi all, Thank you! this has made the world of sense to me!!! Richie has always been very much in the background but after reading your comment I realised that I was affectionately patting "His" ladies so he must have taken to it not very well at all! He did come up at me on Saturday and I was instructed by the poultry farm they were bought from, to hold him on the back. I didn't get that close (heart in my throat!!) but just layed a hand on his back and that seems to have been enough to get the point across. Now Very careful not to flirt with his ladies... even if they insist on trying to chat to me! Thanks so much everyone, really very much appreciated!!
  10. Hi all, I would really appreciate it if you could please give me guidance and tell me what to do. I am baby sitting my friend's chickens whilst she's off sunning herself in Portugal. "Big Ritchie" is a Rhode Island Red and he's MASSIVE. He's always been fine but he's just started squaring up to me (not sure why???) and it's getting to be scary as this morning he was really angling at a fight and started to come at me, I got scared and pushed him away with a twig I grabbed at. Please can you explain to me what I need to do to stop this? Do I need to dominate him and assert myself in the pecking order? Should I go in with a stick to protect myself - though for some reason I just think this is going to escalate his aggression and don't really want to live my life like that! I'd much rather he has a healthy respect for me and lets me go about my business in peace! Do I need to pick him up and hold him by the wings so he knows I am in charge? If so, HOW ON EARTH do I do that?? (I ask this because once my friend did this and mentioned that now he knew she was in charge.) I am prepared to do it if necessary because I don't fancy him making my life a scary hell but also nervous of how to do it and do it RIGHT without getting either of us hurt! Many thanks for your help! Sue
  11. That's really great, thank you so much. I tend to overthink everything so is there anything (info/tips/how to/what to do/not do) that's not in the Omlet instructions or not taught on delivery that I should know about? Thanks again.
  12. Thanks everyone for your help. I think 2 is a good place to start then!
  13. Hi there everyone, Sorry for just turning up like this but I would very much like to get some chickens. I have wanted them since we moved to our new house last year and now we have a space at the end of the garden that is ideal for them (it was going to be a flower bed but actually, an eglu go and run would fit in there perfectly! So I intend to lay chipbark down. I just wanted to know how many chickens it's ok to get? 2 or 3? They will be in the run during the day and at night but I am happy to let them have a run around in the garden after work and at the weekends. Would 3 be too tight a squeeze? I know the website says you could keep 4 in there but I'd rather let the little critters have space to spread out. Many thanks Susan.
  14. Goodness me! Thanks everyone - I hadn't expected to receive so many helpful posts so quickly! Thanks so much! Susan.
  15. 1 - I was going to buy a plastic bin for food storage - but is metal better and why? 2 - to confirm - to keep rats at bay, I will put food in a covered bin and take the little food holders in at night - correct? what about the s"Ooops, word censored!"s? we are going to put the chickens on chip bark/wood chip so if I feed them some treats (our s"Ooops, word censored!"s) how do I keep it all clean? 3 - on that note - what treats can I feed them? 4 - this may sound simple but I was getting confused between the different types of feed, layers mash etc. please help? Thanks so much! Susan.

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