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  1. I don't believe it - Mr Fox has just been back again for a third look.
  2. I'm not sure what has happened regarding foxes - not seen on since i have lived here and that has been 18 months now. Last saturday i saw a scraggy fox in the garden and was like "Oh no" they are around. But was also glad i had my new run for protection which turned out not so protective. The one i saw this morning was big, bright, bold. Full of colour and like a fox you would see from a National Geographic channel. Not scraggy at all - well fed etc. It's odd, like they have all of a sudden arrived, yet im sure they have been around for a while just not seen them. I guess you live and learn huh.
  3. I don't know, ive just been looking. It was a fox, no doubt about that i saw him this morning come back for more. It looks like he has tried to dig his way in and then got trapped. It looks like he has panic and just thrashed about to try and get out - however he has thrashed about that much and managed to dislodge some wire come up through a slab and 'into' rather than back out of the pen. Then he has had his fun. That is all i can make from it - rather depressing being up there looking at blood patches and feathers at the moment so need to clean it all up soon.
  4. Yeah i am completely mythed about this. Im going to go back up garden in a minute and stand in the pen and try and work out just how it happened. I wouldn't wish this on anyone - it's not a nice sight at all.
  5. Well this is why im so shocked the floor is slabbed, i then covered all the slabs with soil/dirt/branches etc yet it got in, AND under the wire. Was it slabbed inside the run too,or just outside? And were they cemeneted down? Just asking as its good to know just how secure we all need to be - I am really sorry this has happened to you No problem. Yep, slabbed inside, around the outside also. Wired underfloor - yet its managed to get in and out while also dragging a Isa Brown out with it. It must of given up on the other two cause they was left dead inside. This was one determined fox.
  6. Well this is why im so shocked the floor is slabbed, i then covered all the slabs with soil/dirt/branches etc yet it got in, AND under the wire. Ive been standing in the run just looking at how it got in and im still speechless. Must of been one hungry fox or had young ones to feed. Is it the season for the to be raising there young? Never even seen a fox until this morning when he came back for seconds only to find he had killed them all.
  7. Hi, Woke up this morning to feed my chickens and was greeted by an odd cold silence. Mr. Fox got into the brand new 12x9x6 run and killed my girls. I can't believe it - he had dug under the the ground, under slabs, squeezed through floor meshing and just brutally murdered them. We only had three - daughter is gutted and so am i. Love my chickens, had a great home, well looked after and they was also very loving. Shocked is another word at what a mess a fox can make. He had taken one away and just slaughtered the other two. We heard nothing, so as you can imagine was shocked. Thing that annoys me, this is the most secure they have ever been. They often walked around the garden minding there own business and had a small coop to sleep in at night, yet the fox treated the new run like a straw house. Never even seen a fox UNTIL this morning when he decided to come back and look for more. I feel like i have let them down, tried to do the best for them yet it just wasn't good enough. Kinda unsure what to do know as i had slabs, mesh and everything, yet it got in, and back out. Gutted
  8. Brill thanks, not so up on the tech stuff. I tried it first time and all you could see was a corner of the pic due to their size ha ha! Thanks for you help anyway, much appreciated!!
  9. Ok, my second attempt to add pics!! First pic is close up - second pic is a distance shot so you can see where it is located in garden. The chicks are only in pen when we are out etc. They do have a lot of time wondering about and enjoying life!!! http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v225/mark_doody/chick1f.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v225/mark_doody/chick2f.jpg
  10. Ohhh hanging baskets - never thought of that, great idea!! Ive found my lead so will post my WIR in a bit!
  11. Well i took some photos but cant find the lead to connect to the PC. Ill have a look in the morning as ive had one to many Jack's to be looking for it!! Happy Easter!!
  12. Oh blimey - really?!?!?! Ok, ill take a photo later and post it up on here! Do i use photobucket or something to upload as last time i did a photo on here it was HUGE!! Let me get some coffee down me and ill see what i can do!!
  13. My WIR is done - however im just waiting for six more corrugated panels to arrive!! The WIR is excellent - very good quilty timber and wire. However i could of done with a couple of instructions as im about an inch out on the roof, but it still is great. However im terrible at DIY so im just proud i have managed to build it. Ive put a tree post in the middle of the run to give it more strength as when the snow comes i can see the weight causing a problem. My run is 12 x 9 x 6.6 so a nice size. I only have three Isa Browns in there at the moment, they think its all theirs ha ha. However there will be new arrivals in coming weeks so be interesting to see what happens with a few more girls!! Ill post a pic when its finished - looking good so far though. Chris was very helpful and continuing to be helpful at Bay Animal Housing too!
  14. Cool! Im just about to put the roof on which is a tricky job when alone. Starting to drive me nuts!! ha ha.
  15. As soon as i have built mine i will post pics up! Im just about to put the roof on today so ill see how i go for time. Im not the best at DIY but im getting there!

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