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  1. Identifcation of insect bites

    Spam post dealt with.
  2. Meghen Markle! Seen on a Facebook group and made me laugh out loud.
  3. Poultry vet in or near Sheffield?

    That's right!
  4. Online wiils

    My son is a solicitor who specialises in wills and probate, estate planning etc. I asked him what he thought, and the polite version of his reply is that he would strongly advise you to see a solicitor.
  5. Anyone had their teeth straightened as an adult?

    Update. The braces came off on Tuesday and I went back today to get my clear retainers. I have to wear them day and night for 3 months, and then at night only from then on. I am delighted with the result. Well worth the money.
  6. Our dear friend Docsquid

    Some very sad news this morning. Sarah passed away last night. She had been in hospital for some time. Her battle with cystic fibrosis was heroic. Sending love and condolences to her husband Stephen. X
  7. Kefir - Continued!

    You can definitely freeze the grains, but it takes a few days to get them back up to speed.
  8. Retainers after Braces?

    My brace is due to come off on April 10th all being well. I have been advised that I will have to wear it day and night for 6 months, and then after review, just at night. Forever. To be honest, after investing a great deal of money in this little venture, I am not going to risk things going wonky again.
  9. Wimpole Hall in Cambridgeshire

    Looks lovely.
  10. Ancestry DNA

    Yes, the cousins had already had their DNA done, and came up as matches.
  11. Calling all crafters

    Don't understand what you mean Cat tails.
  12. Ancestry DNA

    Another mini update. Further discussion with the second cousins has thrown up the fact that my birth father was killed in a car crash in the 70's and that he was married and had half a dozen children. I have been sent a picture of his father, and it is like looking at a picture of my youngest son with a dodgy haircut. The resemblance is mind blowing. The cousins are pondering what to do about letting the half siblings know about me. Understandable, as it is all a bit of a bombshell and they don't know them very well. TBH I would just like to see a picture of them, and him, and perhaps know their names.
  13. 10 year anniversary!

    Another Happy Henniversary from me. x
  14. Stuck on my new crochet. Finished !!!

  15. Calling all crafters

    Bit late, but if you are interested, Craftsy classes are free all weekend.