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  1. Wimpole Hall in Cambridgeshire

    Looks lovely.
  2. Ancestry DNA

    Yes, the cousins had already had their DNA done, and came up as matches.
  3. Calling all crafters

    Don't understand what you mean Cat tails.
  4. Ancestry DNA

    Another mini update. Further discussion with the second cousins has thrown up the fact that my birth father was killed in a car crash in the 70's and that he was married and had half a dozen children. I have been sent a picture of his father, and it is like looking at a picture of my youngest son with a dodgy haircut. The resemblance is mind blowing. The cousins are pondering what to do about letting the half siblings know about me. Understandable, as it is all a bit of a bombshell and they don't know them very well. TBH I would just like to see a picture of them, and him, and perhaps know their names.
  5. 10 year anniversary!

    Another Happy Henniversary from me. x
  6. Stuck on my new crochet. Finished !!!

  7. Calling all crafters

    Bit late, but if you are interested, Craftsy classes are free all weekend.
  8. Trish

    Very sorry to hear the news. I remember her well.
  9. Chicken Food Storage

    Galvanised metal bins here.
  10. The Weather Thread #9

    Same here. So lovely that we went for a walk from the office at lunchtime. It was invigorating!
  11. Blasted rat !!! Video added

    Just as an amusing aside, this was on a crochet site that I am a member of of Facebook. You couldn't make it up. You really couldn't! I thought of the Omleteers when I read it. There are literally hundreds of replies gushing about this.
  12. Children standing in Shopping Trolleys

    Gets on my wick. I saw a child fall out of a trolley it was standing in. There was blood everywhere.
  13. Mark 1 walk in run extension

    Could anyone selling please pm the potential buyer.
  14. Could anyone interested please pm the seller.
  15. News Headlines

    I have the radio on all day in the kitchen (radio 4) and pick it up that way. I loved the story of the black pudding saving the life of the butcher.