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  1. Jacqui Smith - former Home Secretary 😲 Caroline Quentin, as HRVY. - a you tuber apparently. Clara Amfo. No . Me neither. Jason Bell Ranvir Singh Jamie Laing Bill Bailey JJ Chalmers Max George Maisie Smith I know who 4 of them are. That’s something I suppose.
  2. Hello Janty - how lovely to hear from you. We shared a room at Omletina’s - must be 10 years ago. Hope you are keeping well after your transplant. x
  3. First celeb named - Nicola Adams.
  4. I agree - rescue hens can be rather aggressive at first as they often have had to fight for food. I have had mixed sized clocks many a time, and have found that Perkins can hold their own. Silkies not so much. They tend to be timid and not very strong physically. re the feathered feet - they can be a pain as they get filthy in muddy conditions, with poo and clouds of mud adhering to to them, which can be quite challenging to remove.
  5. The original question was asked over 10 years ago, and the problem no longer exists. 😃
  6. If you are worming them with pellets that contain Flubenvet, they should not be eating anything else for the duration of the course.
  7. I would start doing some research now into what to do with any cockerels that hatch, and how to identify them. I only once manage to hatch an all girl set of hens.
  8. Anneka Rice, Dev Griffin, Jamie Laing, Alex Scott, Michelle Visage, Will Bayley are also in. The only name I recognise is Anneka Rice.
  9. It's the only programme of its kind that I watch. I don't mind admitting that I love it. However, I would rather gouge my own eyeballs out with a teaspoon than watch Love Island, X Factor, Britain's Got Talent, I'm a Celebrity,Get Me Out Of Here, or anything of that ilk.
  10. The line up so far: Karim Zeroual - haven't a clue. David James Chris Ramsey Saffron Barker - no, me neither Catherine Tyldesley Mike Bushell Emma, Lady Weymouth - Strictly's first aristo.
  11. Good for her! What a story. Those conducting the original investigation need a good slap too.
  12. We can't edit posts any longer, so can't add a note to the title. People will just have to take their chances. Definitely the right decision. Poor Anton must get totally fed up being paired with elderly cart horses. - although Ann Widdecombe gave him the best publicity of his life!
  13. Susannah Constantine may as well catch the bus home.
  14. We are doing our best to keep the disruption to a minimum. I have amused myself this morning with the zapper. Trouble is, these people are always one step ahead. They are flogging a dead horse, posting in that script. Please, never click a link or engage in dialogue with them.
  15. Katya Jones - she partnered Jo Mcwoshiface, last year's winner.

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