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    I havent been on here for a long time sorry ........oh no ( I went out to my hens and one poor lady looks like she is dying ..eyes closed on the ground twitching and struggling to breath moved her to a cool corner of the run and poured water on her but I think she will die Then I went to collect the eggs and to my horror 2 hens sitting in the nest one fine one rock solid dead To top it all of one of the other girls is walking around hiccuping and sounding awful ( I haven't left them out in the heat they have been in their covered run which is cool and sheltered with water and food and they also have an omlet cube house in there to go to (.... I have had hens for years and occasionally one dies but nothing like this. next door neighbour got 2 hens about a month ago and one died 2 days ago Is it just the heat?? Phoned the hatchery and they said nasty virus called pox going around and if they have blisters at mouth that's it and all need culling.... or coccidiosis ?? they sound very respiratory I acnt really do anything until tomorrow as dont drive have 4 children and hubby off work tomorrow (
  2. Help I have rats in my WIR. Thought we had one or two but no lots ( They are coming in from a ditch at the back (not on our property). There are lots of babies ( They are now not just coming out at night but actually walking across our garden in the day ( I have 4 children and this is very serious... cant put down poison as chickens would eat ( I have a cube but no run for it... really dont want to hvae to buy a run but thought maybe moving them would irradicate the problem:(((
  3. catherinedon

    black bugs in house

    I have to confess I dont know how to put a pic on here but wish i did. I am doing a full WIr , cube and eglu clean out ready for new bedding. When i took eglu apart it had lots of moving black bugs. looked like ants but longer and with pincer type legs both sides... Any ideas ?
  4. catherinedon

    had to buy eggs:(

    my 10 girls are on winter strike. we have gone from roughly 6 a day to one every other day
  5. catherinedon


    Glad to report thhat the girls are finally free of Lice
  6. catherinedon


    have used a whole tub of barrier louse powder cleared all of the eggs and used lots of diotom and given them break and a tonic. on inspection today lice as bad as ever loads of them running around on the girls and lots of eggs again Im really fed up. I have all new bedding waiting to be put in WIR but wont do until they are clear HEEELLP what do I do now. Right on closer inspection of 11 girls . THe girls who were clear still are 2 have eggs and lice again so cut lots of feathers again as this worked to reduce last time and a couple with tiny lice but no obvious eggs. I sprayed the lice with a repellant that I have and they instantly stopped moving. Dead or stunned? Hopefully dead by drowning if nothing else Then diotom rubbed into girls with lice. Am going to check every single day for a week as I reckon the problem is I treat then dont get time to check again fora week by which time more eggs have hatched. I have just had a lovely shower but still cant stop itching and it feels like something is crawling on me
  7. catherinedon


    Ok here goes Im going to clean the whole run out and put all new bedding down disinfect etc soon as time to change bedding but also the girls have lice. There are so many products i'm confused. I use barrier v1 weekly to clean the cube and eglu and ocassionally sprinkle Diatom on bedding and floors (but have to confess have not done recently) people on here are recomending stalosan and im now confused by all teh products. can someone please give me a quick rundown. I am going to treat again with lice powder today and during the week and hopefully do all of the bedding etc next week. would really like to get rid of all the lice for good and keep the girls area nice thanks
  8. Just curious what people use. This is what I use but am due to change the whole lot soon and was considering a change. Any recommendations?
  9. catherinedon


    Hi everyone thanks for the information. I have a manual on chicken keeping at it advised the only way to get rid of the eggs at the base of the feather was to remove feathers. The girls surprisingly didn't seem to mind this. As for poo picking no I don't do this. The hatchery where I get mine don't do this as the poo drops to the bottom of the wood chip flooring. I like the idea of sprinkling the disinfectant on the flooring thanks. yes the eglu and cube are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected weekly. I shall plough on and will try a tonic thanks again
  10. catherinedon


    My girls keep getting lice. This time I have to admit not checking them properly for a while as am busy going through the statementing process for 2 of my 4 children. When I finally had time to look properly as the weather is getting nicer I was horrified. THe majority of the girls have really bad lice. obvious lice moving around and huge huge clusters of grey white eggs at base of feathers. I sat in the garden for far too long pulling out the feathers with the eggs attached and I think I got rid of most I then sprayed with a lice treatment. One thing that worries me is the bedding. Im wondering if this is a problem. I have an eglu and a cube in a home made roofed run. As recomended by my hatchery the floor is covered with a wood chip that they sell and in the nesting boxes I put an inside wood chip which I change weekly. The hatchery have said to only change the ground wood chip every 6 months or even less. It seems such a long time to me but is a big job as there are approx 6 large bags at a time in there. This winter we covered the outside(mesh) wals of teh run with clear tarpaulin and have now taken it off. It really smells bad in there now and I will change very soon. Am I now looking after these girls well enough I have also noticed that although they have plenty room and are allowed in the garden approx 2 times a week their self caring is very poor. I have had to clip all of their nails and they never dirt bath like they used to when I first got them. THey often look boared One of my girls is a silky and has the most awful feet. I presume it's scaley foot but she has had it for ages and none of the others have it. should I put a bag of pebbles/stones in their run so their nails wear down? At a loss but feeling bad as they just dont seem right although they are well fed and have lovely shiny feathers and lay well. They are fed on garvo and a weekly cabbage
  11. catherinedon

    scaley leg??

    thanks so much Tillys legs look much worse than that picture really crusty. will buy some treatment today. I feel really bad ow as everyone keeps sawing that their nails shouldnt need cutting:( Her nails look terrible one is currled around. They have a lovely big run with a wood shaving floor reccomended by the hatchery. Under nesth is concreate and in parts earth. they have a constant supply of food in their grubs so maybe i need to make her search for food more ? They get out i the garden probably 5 times a week for over an hour each time. what am i doing wrong. Tilly has never made any attempt to sleep in either the cube or the eglu and can be found curled up in a corner behind the eglu every night. THe run is completly covered. I have now started lifting her in to the eglu every night. Have been bust=y putting down all new winter bedding so havent had a proper look at her feet. Im pretty sure when i picked her up thet they smell
  12. catherinedon

    scaley leg??

    just looked at my beautiful white silkie tonight and her legs look terrible. I feel really bad now as I dont generally inspect their legs. I have been keeping chickens for a year and have learned so much but this seems to be my next challange. Legs look dry with raised scales. Is this scaley leg mite? Should I be able to se mites. The other 10 girls seem ok but the silkie sleeps seperate to them (her choice) each night in the run and not the cube/ eglu. I have put her in the eglu tonight and closed the door while the others sleep in the cube. Do you think its scaley leg how do I traet will she be ok She seems very well and in fact is quite bossy. Her nails also look too long. Should I be cutting the girls nails?? If I should then I now feel really bad that I havent done this. On a seperate issue I have a girl who has gone from limping to completly non weight bearing on one foot. She does not appear to have scaley leg. She is very well other than hopping aroung but has done so for months?? Any idea what happened her thanks
  13. catherinedon

    need vice re lice please urgently

    what about nettex mite treatment which also says it traets lice and is £7 so more reasonable but is it good
  14. catherinedon

    need vice re lice please urgently

    just remembered its diatom powder ive been using. right I have read lots on her now but dont really want to have to spend a fortune. have looked on hyperdrug website. Do I buy xeno 450 @22.93 or Epinex pour on 250mls @32.95 to treat and will also buy poultry shield to was infected hens and purple spray and will then have spent way to much. didnt realise keeping chickens would cost so much. have only had them since last aug and as well as the normal expenses I have also had a vets bill and antibiotics
  15. catherinedon

    need vice re lice please urgently

    My wyndotte winegum sneezed from the moment I got her and in Nov she developed a bubbly eye so had mycro. She was cured after 2 courses of antibiotics but has continued to happily sneeze. dd the 9 year old ultimate chicken whisperer decided that she would get to the bottom of why she continues to sneeze so came in the house and said that winegum had loads of little things crawling on her. I had a look around her vent and to my horror I think she has lice she has quite a bald red patch above her vent. I sprayed her with a lice and mite repellant spray that I regularly use as preventative. (cant rememer name white bottle greemn writing. and on the advice of the hatchery I have also put red mite powder on the chickens. I have sprayed her twice now and have only see one louse but loads of what I think are eggs (cotton wool like at end of feathers) I know that there are articles I can read but I really want to know what has worked for you. I have 7 other hens and 1 of the others also has a smaller ammount but is now broody. Didnt spot any on the others but have all been sprayed. I clean out and disinfect the cube weekly and I genuinly clean it really well but feel really guilty now Also I need to change all the bedding on the floor. The hatchery said every 6 months would be enough. I put it down in Aug but topped it up after the winter snow. So do I clear the lice then change the bedding or change bedding first. what should I use to thoroughly disinfect the ground when I do change flooring and how can I get rid of the horrible lice thanks