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  1. I can recommend an Araucana. They lay lovely blue eggs (sometimes greenish). They are quite small chickens, lay medium sized eggs, and have a lovely personality (at least I think mine does, but I'm probably biased!).
  2. Thanks for your post, Motherhen. I've been keeping my girls in during the week while I am at work, and have been feeling horrendously guilty. I have been trying to provide them with entertainment (like a strung up cabbage) but still when I see their little faces through the bars......! However your post has really put my mind at rest! Thanks!
  3. Congratulations! I am still excited by my eggs! I call the egg box "my happy place".
  4. Oh no........ours have shown such interest in the flap, but I was convincing myself they'd never get in. It's the one place my poor baggy Boo is safe from inquisitive hens. Oh I do hope mine aren't as clever as yours!
  5. Olivia, maybe that's one reason why one of your chooks isn't laying? I read somewhere that they don't lay if they get fat? Of course, it doesn't explain why one is laying...... Maybe it would be worth changing her feed?
  6. I didn't think they could lay more than one egg, but three would definitely be extreme! Was one of your hens lying down in a darkened room with a towel over her head?! It sounds to me like they all had a chat, and decided to deliver the goods in one day! It's so exciting, getting your first eggs, isn't it! Enjoy them! How will you eat them?
  7. For me, it's really important to know that what I am eating (being an ex-veggie!) has had a good quality of life, so I don't get particularly hung up on organic, but I do like to source locally. One thing that does worry me though, is what about all the poor people in places like Argentina, Kenya, Zimbabwe etc, who grow all this food for export? If we don't eat it, are they going to get poorer and starve? Baby sweetcorn and out of season asparagus are not going to form the best part of their diets, they need money too. Really there are so many pitfalls in what to eat and not to eat, I think we would all be better off self-sufficient.
  8. Gosh - I was expecting to find loads of discussion about last night's River Cottage. I guess we're all on the same side......not much to discuss! However, I really found it excellent. And my other half who is not much given to passionate outbursts was up in arms about the intensive farming. It's one of those things he's known about, but never actually seen the evidence. I was in tears! The best thing for me was that they were so insensitive at the beginning, spreading the dead bird wings to make it flap, and then realised by the end of the programme, and were paying the bird respect by burying its head. They came a long way. What did everyone else think?
  9. The advice I was given was not to let them have meat, in case they twig that there is a large selection of undercooked chicken living with them! I don't know if there is really any danger of them turning cannibal, but I'm not risking it!
  10. I keep chirping on about my little Araucana, who lays medium sized blue eggs, and is a really sweet little character too! However, what ever large breed you get, I am sure you will end up totally in love, as we all have!
  11. Lucky people whose girls eat slugs!! Mine only have one favourite thing..............SWEETCORN!!
  12. Best things: Watching them walk, their fluffy bums, the way Tuppence jumps into the air to reach a berry. EGGS! Worst things: Poo.
  13. I also had a tear in my eye. But these girls have landed with their bums in the butter...........well done you for taking them in. Please post some more photo's of their progress.
  14. Someone else from Wiltshire! YAY! Welcome to chicken keeping. You'll love it!

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