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  1. Plastic is sooo easy to clean! Eglu Classics look cool too. Whatever you decide to buy you will be hooked in no time at all. The larger hybrids and pure breeds will be just as cute as the pekins once you get to know their fluffy little personalities and you will think your poached eggs are the tastiest in the world. Just take a long hard look at your garden - are you prepared to let them have access to all of it? My little monkeys got out yesterday because the wind dislodged the gate pin. They helped themselves to the newly planted chard, beetroot and watercress . Plants in pots always seem to attract them as well. Although they are good scarifiers, they can get a bit carried away when they find a "spot of great interest"...... And they will choose their own dustbathing spot. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your new girls.
  2. Mine are getting a slice if cabbage in a hanging feeder each day as they are not getting on grass at the moment. They make happy noises about that. In the afternoon they get a handful of mixed corn in their football which they love playing with. The sunflower seeds live in my pocket as a reward for obedience. Otherwise it's layers pellets. If we have porridge for breakfast they get the s"Ooops, word censored!"ings mixed with a little Bokashi.
  3. Just read this after OH rang to say he'd heard it on the news! It means the greenhouse for my 3. At least they can dig and bathe in the border soil. I think I'll combine incarceration with an early worming week as they'd be on restricted roaming anyway. As I'll be retiring at Christmas I'll have time to think about wild bird-proofing the outdoor run as the blighters are robbing me blind. I don't use my treadle feeder as it makes more mess attracting rodents than the grub I can take in at night. Chores chores ....
  4. Reggie pts today. Brave little girl survived the initial trauma, put on weight and was so healthy she started to form eggs. Unfortunately, her insides did not heal in a way that would let an egg out. She was muched loved for the short period of time we knew her. RIP
  5. Well, we are over a week on and Madam is still with us. She is much stronger and eating well, putting on weight and acting normally. That's the good news, however she is still accumulating secretions around her derierre that do not look good. No right activity either - a good thing, I think. My problem is, will she ever be safe?
  6. Agree it's 50:50 chance I think. She seems to be straining to poo and this makes her rear pop out. If she were eating more she'd have more poo to push against instead of the rabbit droppings she's making. If you are passing Flecknoe I would welcome a second opinion. Thanks Dogmother, I have PM you.
  7. Thanks for that,Dogmother, it's been pretty intense this week taking her into work and keeping her going. And I worry she is straining and still pushing part of her bum out.
  8. Thank you for prompt responses. She has been preening this evening after her wash and blow dry. Fiesty madam even jumped up onto the kitchen table. Am devising plans for segregated living arrangements in WIR. Will buy discordant tomorrow
  9. A newbie, Reggie, had a prolapse on Sunday and had it pecked by her so called friends. I followed advice I found here and stuffed her bits back inside with a bit of heamorrhoid cream and isolated her. To my surprise she made it through the night and next day until I could get her to the vet for antibiotics. At first I had to force her even drink but she was well enough today for me to tackle the problem of very dirty knickers! The greasy cream and accumulated poo was really hard to get off her feathers and she still has a crust of it on the skin of her vent. I have left it for now as she had had enough but would welcome any suggestions as to how to get this off.
  10. Thanks all. Feel a bit more positive chilling in the garden on such a lovely day.
  11. They roost in Eglu, have a 20m2 run with compost heaps and get access to grass twice a day. The best layers pellets plus greens.
  12. Sterile peritonitis - again! Have I just been unlucky that all 3 - different hybrids - have died this way or am I doing something wrong?
  13. I followed someone on this forums advice and used cod liver oil to stick the Flubenvet to the pellets. I have since used it on pellets at moulting time and the girlies think this is super tasty.
  14. Agree you are going to need specific chicken watching kit! Especially old clothes at this time of year. I'm enjoying a last couple of minutes in my toasty nest before going to sit in the run. Integration of two cream Legbars going well but Ruby is being to little Fleur. I let the girls tell me their names - Cyd has a beard! Enjoy this weekend! I don't believe you'll stop at three if you have a cube - however small or trashed you garden.

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