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  1. Pages is the Apple equivalent of Word, it's excellent, very intuitive and easy to work with. Search on the Apps for Pages or iWorks (iWorks is the suite name, it will bring up Pages, Numbers (Excel equiv) and Keynote (Powerpoint equiv). All excellent IMHO, I only converted to Apple this year after a lifetime of PC, and am loving it, will never leave Apple now!



    Tina x

  2. Sigh.


    How can I convince my long suffering husband that the completely annihilated garden would be better off with a couple of lovely ducks??!! :lol:


    Beautiful pics, I really, really would like some, but I think hubby would put his foot down :(


    Just out of interest, and not because I'm considering it, no siree, but just how noisy/messy/smelly are they, in comparison to their chickeny counterparts? :D


    Tina x

  3. Bio oil seems to be amazing for so many things! I was told by a friend to use it on my sunburn a couple of years ago...next morning NO sign of any sunburn! Haven't tried it for scar reduction but have seen far less livid stretch marks in women who use that compared to others.


    Tina x

  4. Well they took a little *ahem* encouragement to go to bed last night, but this morning came out pretty much of their own accord. They are already behaving so much more instinctively, it really is a joy to watch them begin to change before your very eyes :)


    So, a few pics!


    Our set up so that they can all see each other during the initial intro period:



    Our 'baby' Smarties the Poland trying to let them know she's boss:



    The new girl letting Smarties know she's not falling for it. If I could translate chicken, I think new girl just said 'come and have a go if you think you're hard enough'! :lol:



    Smarties loses her bottle and scarpers!:


    Thanks for the name suggestions, we are still working on them!


    Tina x

  5. Hi everyone,

    If anybody can make use of it, I have about half a bag of chick crumb with ACS. I am just moving my chicks onto Garvo at 6-7 weeks, so there is probably about 6 weeks supply left for 3-4 chicks plus broody, obviously more chicks if no broody!


    I'm in Crayford DA1, if anybody wants it...would hate to see it wasted.


    Tina x

  6. Hi everyone :D

    Thanks for all your responses. I just wanted to let you all know that I think I did the right thing...little helped along chick (name pending!) is thriving, thought I'd show you a few pics and a video from this afternoon:


    Couple of minutes after assisted birth, put under mummy:



    At about 12 hrs old, you can see how small she is comparing with her sibling in the next photo, taken at about the same time after birth!


    Big bro/sis at 12 hrs old:



    This afternoon: "it's Friday night, what film shall we watch?!"



    And finally a short video clip:



    Tina :D

  7. Thanks for all your replies :D The egg s/he hatched from was so tiny...probably about 2/3 the size of the other Poland eggs :shock:

    Little helped along chick is still with us this morning and is fluffing up nicely, but is teeny tiny, I know s/he isn't premature as was in the egg 2 days longer than her siblings, but if I didn't know better I'd say she wasn't due for another week at least :lol:

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