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  1. Thanks guys, I couldn't wait so I did give a helping hand about 20 mins ago...no visible veins on membrane once I had removed shell, and I didn't remove the membrane, I moistened the membrane with warm water and after about 30 seconds the chick broke free I put her straight back in with Sprinkle and will check to see how she's doing in a little while. I knew if I left it and the chick died I would feel terrible for not assisting. I also knew that if I broke a vessel and caused a death I would feel awful too, but reasoned that if the chick survived the birth then nature would still get to decide...if the chick is too weak to make it, then she probably won't make it through the night, but if all that was holding things up was a crushed shell, and she pulls through, then I think I will have made the right choice in helping out. A first for me today...I have facilitated the births of lots of baby humans, but the first (and last I hope!), time I have assisted in the birth of a baby chick!!!
  2. Hi all, I know I shouldn't give chicks a helping hand out of the egg, but somehow this egg got a bit dented yesterday, and I don't know if it's affected the way the chick would have naturally made its exit. Where the dent was there is now a hole, which has only got marginally bigger since this morning...at least 12 hrs since the dent became a hole. The chick is cheeping away like mad inside and the beak is poking out. I feel that I should help it a bit in case the dent in the egg has impeded its exit, but I would really like the opinions of more experienced hatchers. Today is day 24 for this egg! Below is a pic taken about 15 minutes ago:
  3. If either of you would bear me in mind for future collections I would be really grateful...I'm in Crayford
  4. Thank you, I think so...so here's a couple of newer photos... I am totally in love with the chicks...fingers crossed at least one turns out to be a girl!!!!!
  5. Could be mycoplasma ... I'd pop her along to the vet, she may need abx
  6. One of the hybrid eggs pipped yesterday morning, but no progress beyond that. This morning Sprinkle moved it out of the nest. It already felt cold with no evidence of life, so I opened it up to find a sleeping boy, and he had exactly the same...bag of intestines protruding through the lower abdomen. I'm glad that he didn't make it through the hatching process and fell into his permanent sleep still snuggled under Sprinkle, for our sake as much as his
  7. Wooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooooooo ... Came downstairs this morning to find Sprinkle is a mummy hen to two more chicks, both Polands (the hybrids are a no go now as day 25 for them ) In the foreground is yesterday's hatch, Lilly, in the middle is Smarties and at the back is (possibly, undecided as yet!) Puffball And a very short video : http://i64.photobucket.com/albums/h190/smtinak/95c50103.mp4
  8. No more...now I am nervous about having a lonely chick. Three others pipped but nothing since so not looking good
  9. We have a chick!!!!!!! Meet our cute little Poland, Lilly (who will be renamed Errol if she turns out to be a he!) Emerging from the egg: Lilly/Errol: Happy birthday ikkle chickie
  10. Two days after the hybrid eggs went under sprinkle I also gave her some Poland eggs as none of the others had gone broody (awkward things, usually if you so much as blink they go broody, this time a week of dummy eggs and not a chance!), after initial candling she was left with 8: 5 Poland and 3 hybrid. Today is day 23 for hybrid and day 21 for Poland...and this afternoon we heard cheeping from the eggs hoping tomorrow we get a chick or two!!!
  11. Spongebob (I really don't know why I made that connection, but that's what popped into my head... )
  12. Hi Ian and welcome to the forum...be warned - chickens are addictive! You may do better to post here Intro thread as you'll probably get more of a response

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