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  1. Just found this today...already have 10 games going If anybody wants to play me, I'm NannyOgg76
  2. Oh my Goodness, is it ridiculous that I feel so proud So pleased you liked the names...I feel like their godmother now, I shall have to be involved in all the important decisions in their lives you know. When's the christening? P.s. Feather the darker and Duster the lighter one, yes? Or I shall worry that the real Duster may have an identity crisis
  3. They're lovely . This one reminds me of a feather duster so my name suggestion is Duster .
  4. Hi Adelochick, our resident bully is Sparkle, our Araucana Sprinkle was the broody, attacked because she wouldn't leave the nest box The attacker has never been broody, she's just a born bully
  5. Why don't you just buy a cheap plastic dustbin and put them in there...they'll start to break down and then once you've built/bought your composter, you can tip it straight in - and get it off to a flying start
  6. I was faced with this horrible sight last week, our lovely pekin Sprinkle who seems to spend her life broody, was attacked by an as yet unidentified (but there is most certainly 'the usual suspect!) assailant...I isolated Sprinkle for the day as we were both at work, and she's now back on her own again...but for a much nicer reason - she's sitting on some eggs Here's a piccie of her when we found her after the attack: And a little video of her returning to her nest after an enforced snack break today :
  7. Try putting a light in the eglu (you could use a torch or a wind up lantern or similar), that way when it's too dark for them, they'll head towards the light and put themselves to bed. They'll soon get into a routine. Don't expect them all to want to roost at the same time either, my Orp and Araucana both regularly mooch around the garden when it's pretty dark...just to let me know who's boss
  8. I put Aubiose in the nest area too - here's a link aubiose Hope that helps
  9. I wouldn't use straw - as it's hollow, it offers a hideyhole for creepits I line my poo trays with newspaper, and then a layer of aubiose - makes cleaning soooo simple. During the warm weather I poo pick and empty the poo trays daily, but in the cooler weather (i.e. when there isn't an issue with flies), I don't need to do it so frequently - weekly is usually enough, although I check every couple of days to make sure it's not getting soiled enough to warrant a clean out. I also poo pick in the cube nest box daily, as one of the girls likes to roost overnight on the 'door' to the nest box, with her bum on the nest box side
  10. I know - I was gobsmacked...I didn't hear anything for a couple of weeks, so assumed it had been snapped up within seconds, but then the lady replied, having been on holiday, and told me it was mine if I wanted it I still can't believe my luck, there must have been so many responses! Although having read some of the responses to my own offers (e.g. "I'll have it, but you'll have to deliver it" ), I wonder if some of the replies were rude/obviously planning to sell it on - I told the lady in my email that I had been hankering after chooks for ages, but just couldn't afford the initial outlay for the housing, so perhaps I was the only person who showed a genuine interest in keeping chickens or demonstrated some basic manners... Either way, I'm lucky and i know it - perfect condition, complete with instructions, and with the superglug still taped up, brand new I love my cube

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