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  1. Hmm, that's interesting - thanks Parsley - I must say, sticky bottoms are not top of my wish list
  2. Unless there is a valid concern with dad feeding (e.g. not persevering, baby not initially interested so dad doesn't persevere), then I can't see the issue. Is the depression well managed with the medication? Maybe she has concerns as to his mental health in that she doesn't want to compound any issues he has with coping with a, possibly fractious, baby overnight. If he is coping well with the night feeds, and is managing to get baby to take an appropriate volume of milk, and if mum is happy with this arrangement, then I think that the HV needs to state explicitly her rationale for recommending this routine be altered. And at the end of the day, her recommendation is just that - a recommendation. She can't TELL your daughter what to do, but can only ADVISE her. Hope all works out okay. I assume baby has been checked for tongue tie, as this is a common and easily rectified feeding complication. Tina
  3. Some people do give away very expensive items on Freecycle though...I speak from experience, as I got my lovely from a lovely Freecycler (I didn't post a request for it, I replied to an offer)
  4. During a search for something completely different, I stumbled across what seems like a practical and long term flooring solution...have a look and see what you think: HOOK FARM MUD MANAGEMENT You could attach something around the bottom of the cube run to contain the flooring, e.g. tough waterproof material or linkabord. Hope that helps
  5. Bob Marley - Redemtion Song...powerful, thought provoking lyrics written from the heart Maxi Priest - Close To You
  6. Yes, that's my dilemma really - do I give them the medicated or the Garvo If only they did the Garvo with ACS
  7. I am planning ahead (OCD? Me? Never ) for any chicks resulting from Sprinkle's efforts, and as I plan to move all the girls onto Garvo, having read such good things about it, I am now in a dilemma - do I feed regular chick crumb with ACS, or do I put them straight onto Garvo Chick mini pellets? I hate choices
  8. Possible prolapse? With the effort of passing such large eggs, it's a possibility...what is the appearance of whatever is hanging from her vent?
  9. Thanks Redwing and Nicola O (I may give the butcher a try). More excitement...the Poland eggs arrived this morning
  10. The eggs moved in with their mummy this evening Sprinkle took all 6 of them like a pro
  11. Welcome! The link doesn't work for me, just shows as text, but worked when I put it in my browser...so will try to see if I can repost it below... Yay, it worked!,they are gorgeous!
  12. Love this! And this one... Not for the faint hearted...this one freaked me out a bit And finally, my personal fave Hope you like
  13. That's cos Nanny Ogg's an NHS employee too Glad you feel your query has been answered Andrea, and that your feelings have been confirmed!...this forum is great isn't it
  14. Just had fitted wardrobes put into my girls room by Sharps. Unbelievably good quality, service and a comprehensive 10 year guarantee too. Fully made to measure which was perfect as our house has some oddness going on with the wall and ceilings! Because it's floor to ceiling the space you get from a small footprint is AMAZING, they're not the cheapest but from start to finish the whole process was flawless, including a very pleasant designer who applied NO pressure at all, to the point that he told us he would go and sit in his car for a bit so that we could talk about it freely, without feeling pressured by his presence! Wholeheartedly recommend them, in fact we've started saving for our room next year (if you can wait, the would recommend waiting for the January sales...we ordered Jan 31st, asked for delivery end March so bulk of money paid the on deliver, and asked for fitting 3 days after delivery...all of which they were happy to accommodate). Hope that helps
  15. Thanks for your replies The first lot of eggs arrived yesterday (I also accidentally ordered some Poland eggs which should arrive after Easter). They have been resting since yesterday afternoon, and will move in with Sprinke tomorrow morning
  16. I would be inclined to write a letter expressing your disappointment that your, and your GP's, concerns were not adequately addressed, leading to emergency admission and surgery. Although the outcome may not have been any different, there are a couple of points to consider: 1. Ambulance use - if you had been scanned initially, you may have been scheduled for elective surgery. This would have avoided the necessity for the emergency services. This would have had an impact on costs, as ambulance call outs are costly. 2. If you had been scheduled for elective surgery, this would have been carried out in 'office hours' i.e. when there are maximum staff and consultants on site, in the event of complications arising. It may be that your emergency surgery was in office hours anyway, but if not, this could have been avoided. 3. Elective surgery is generally less traumatic than emergency surgery, particularly emotionally, not only for you but for family/friends who were probably extremely worried when you were whisked off firstly by an ambulance, and secondly into theatre! If you had been scanned when referred by your GP, this unnecessary anxiety would have been avoided. 4. If you needed a general anaesthetic (put to sleep), elective surgery would have ensured you were nil by mouth for a suitable period prior to surgery. Emergency surgery may not be able to be postponed until a sufficient time of fasting has elapsed, therefore you may have been exposed to risks associated with GA and full stomach. This would have been avoided if scanned initially. Finally I have to say - I am glad you are recovering and do not feel that these events have impacted on your health. My primary reason for recommending that you write a letter regarding the decisions made in your care, is to highlight to the hospital that the decision not to scan you was inappropriate, and could have put you at unnecessary risk - and to hopefully get them to review your case with a view to ensuring that the same mistake isn't made in somebody else's care. Hope that makes sense?
  17. Woo Hooooooooo! It's pressie time... Drumroll please.................... I received THREE crafty surprises - a bracelet, an egg cosy, and a funky brooch! Piccies below...thank you crafty swapper

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