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  1. Thank you, I will update after wor,ing, unless anything else happens
  2. Thanks for replying Dogmother...I took delivery from Marriages yesterday of pre prepped layers pellets with Flubentvet, planning on starting the worming tomorrow...but nothing visible in the poop! I did consider peritonitis as this is what our Ebony succumbed to, but Hermy doesn't feel oedematous or particularly swollen, just a bit bloated. Difficult to describe, but the way that somebody with a wheat intolerance may get an 'inflated' abdomen after eating bread...feels more 'gassy' than fluidly I guess.
  3. I gave Hermy a thorough check and nothing untoward...I didn't find any crawlies, but gave her a spray and a liberal dusting too. Since the piccies I posted, she has been very much herself, lots of energy and generally looking well, and her comb is nice and red...but still no eggs from her this year. Yesterday, I noticed that she had started to hunch again when standing, but perks up as soon as I open the door, and could match Usain Bolt for speed when she hears the mealworm tub being opened Comb still nice and red, eating and drinking normally, laying down quite a bit, but it was a nice day yesterday and Hermy has always been one for a sunbathe The only thing I noticed when I picked her up yesterday is that she is feeling a little 'bloated' in the rear underside area. This combined with the lack of eggs from her has made me wonder if there is something wrong Crop feels fine too, nice and full towards the end of the day, soft and non tender, and then emptier in the morning. Aside from being a bit hunched at times yesterday, she's still behaving as normal. Here's a video of her today, along with a couple of pics... Video: Photo's: What do you all think? Tina
  4. I have ordered some hatching eggs for my broody Pekin Sprinkle They are sex linked so I can tell straight away how many boys and girls...only problem is trying to find a willing home for any boys. Although I have discussed with hubby and DD's the option of separating the boys and raising them for the table...no names, not pets, just well looked after and then a quick painless end before anyone has reason to complain to the council. The kids were more open to that idea than hubby Has anybody here dispatched chooks for the table? It wouldn't be my first choice, but if I am unable to find a home for any boys, not sure what my other options would be Aside from this problem, I am super excited about hatching some chicks
  5. Haven't been on the forum for ages...life has been a little too hectic! I have both rec'd and posted Do we do a big reveal once everybody has opened their crafty gift? I'd love to know who's handiwork I've been lucky enough to receive
  6. So that works out at about 33p/hour...hardly making a profit were they??! For the experience gained, I think that was an absolute steal...the income from it probably barely covered the cost of running it...maybe why they stopped the course? If your child wanted to be an accountant, for example, and was offered some sort of overview course at a cost of 33p/hr, would that have been viewed differently? I am just surprised that so many people seem to think that if something's connected to a caring profession, then it should be free! The NHS isn't a bottomless pit of funds...hence the dire financial position many Trusts find themselves in at present.
  7. Sorry Ygerna, but I have to tell you this is not the case. If the hospital wanted to send the message that bottles are needed, they would continue to provide free formula. The fact that they no longer do so is testament to the fact that they are committed to breastfeeding. The message is, if you are going to give your baby formula, then you have to provide it yourself, as the NHS is no longer going to fund it!!! Anne, it's a shame your area doesn't have a dedicated young parent midwifery team...I work in such a team myself, providing care for 21 and under, we provide antenatal education for our client base, and we also provide an on call service, so that one of us is available 24/7 to provide care in labour. I think that this kind of service is essential for young mums, to ensure that they can be provided with all the info they need, and can be pointed in the direction of support groups, etc. However, having said that, I think this kind of service should be available full stop, regardless of age or postcode
  8. Kevin (c'mon, who remembers which ad that was?)
  9. Hopefully every unit will have an infant feeding advisor! If your daughters unit is no longer supplying formula, then hopefully this means they are working towards, or have already achieved, Baby Friendly accreditation...which means they should be committed to helping women breastfeed. So even if there isn't an advisor, there should be enough midwives and support staff to enable women to be adequately supported in their feeding choices. Leaving the hospital early is often what women want, as they feel that they will rest better in their own environment. Certainly in my unit, a woman who is breastfeeding will not be discharged until baby is feeding well...unless the woman self discharges against advice...because we don't want women and babies to be readmitted a few days down the line for a baby who isn't feeding, along with the accompanying weight loss and, sometimes, jaundice. There are VERY few women/babies who are unable to breastfeed, so I do hope your daughter gets the help and support she needs in order to feed her baby how she chooses. I think it is well worth her looking into breastfeeding peer supporters before she has the baby...women who have successfully breastfeed and want to help others do the same. You should find details of local peer supporters by Googling. Also, I strongly recommend looking at local Children and Family Centres...not only do they sometimes have peer supporter grops, but they often run mum and baby groups, which would be great if your daughter is keen to meet other mums in the area. Hope that's of some help
  10. Unfortunately our code of conduct prohibits us from recommending brands of formula milk, as this could be construed as advertising. Many maternity units have stopped providing formula milk to comply with Baby Friendly and gain accreditation as such. It is rarely vital that a baby feeds immediately, and therefore if your daughter is planning on breastfeeding, it isn't necessary for her to take formula with her...if baby doesn't take to the breast, and after being helped by the infant feeding advisor, there should be ample time for her partner/family members to pop to the shop and pick up a carton of ready to drink formula and a bottle. It shouldn't be necessary to take in sterilisers as the unit should provide these. Also, please be reassured that if the baby won't breastfeed, and an early feed is CLINICALLY indicated (I.e. a medical necessity, as opposed to simply wanting the baby to have a feed), then SCBU should have either DEBM (donor, heat treated, expressed breast milk), or formula, to provide for those babies who NEED to feed but can't, or won't, attach at the breast. Tina
  11. Boris Johnson came to open our new Gym last week, have seen a couple of TV celebs who've had their baby at my unit, my dad used to know Steve Davis really well (he bought me a toy elephant when I was ikkle!). When I was at college I knew Dom Power (The Bill and now I think he's in Emmerdale), although not well, just to say hi to. Saw Martin Clunes and Neil Morrisey in a pub in the West End once, and that's about it really.
  12. Thank you both - I am quite pleased with it
  13. The recent and further proposed closures of A&E sites and the impact on the communities they served?
  14. My first ever attempt at making something with fabric...a lavender pillow for my best friend's birthday...it's taken me about 6 times longer than it should have, as I don't have a sewing maching, and so have stitched the whole thing by hand! So as you can see, it's less than perfect, but hopefully she'll take the view that it's the thought that counts! I've really enjoyed making it, and am even considering getting a sewing machine (I think the novelty of hand stitching EVERYTHING would wear thin quite quickly!). Tina
  15. It was absolutely unprofessional and inappropriate for the teacher to have asked such a question in front of others - the right to confidentiality and privacy doesn't come into effect when we hit some magical age, it's as much of a right for children as adults. Putting your personal situation aside, I dread to think of the fallout if a child revealed something horrific, either real or perceived, in front of an entire class. The consequences could be catastrophic. For this reason alone, this situation should absolutely be addressed as I am sure that this action would have placed this teacher firmly outwith the bounds of her professional code of conduct. I hope I don't sound overly dramatic, but I am imagining the same question asked of a child who may be witness to, or victim of, abuse...the question must of course be asked if a person in a position of responsibility has concerns, BUT that question must be asked sensitively, appropriately, and above all, by somebody who has had the necessary training to react accordingly to an answer which is anything other than reassuring. I don't envy you, as you have the added complication of knowing this person on a social level, but I really do hope you resolve this. Tina

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