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  1. Hi all, just got my newsletter from Flyte So Fancy, and there was a link to a free downloadable Chicken Health Chart. I thought some of you might find it useful
  2. I posted my reply before I saw Daphne's response, did a little search myself, and found the leaflet CLICK HERE FOR LEAFLET The only problem is, I can't see a publication date on the leaflet, so it may be that the information emailed to Jenny is correct, and supersedes the leaflet, or it may be that the email is absolute codswallop Hmmmmmm. Now I agree Jenny......................................clear as mud
  3. I think it's pretty clear TBH - the email clearly states that there is no legislation on feeding leftovers, and the link, if you select Poultry Welfare (on or off farm), no mention is made regarding leftovers. Therefore, if there's no legislation, then it's okay to feed, assuming that in so doing you are not compromising the five freedoms, by e.g. providing leftovers that have been contaminated by being in contact with something which may prove harmful. I found it useful - thanks for posting, I will be printing off and putting in the chicken file!
  4. Excellent! I remember I got my Cube without hubby knowing (an amazing Freecycle find!!), and when I brought it home, he told me I was out of order for taking something we would never use, I should have let somebody take it who would use it, as there was NO WAY we were getting chickens. The next day when he was at work, I scrubbed and jet washed the whole thing, and put it together before he got home from work...he wasn't impressed, but eventually agreed to us having 2 chickens. So I got 6!! Now he has agreed we need a walk in run, and he secretly loves them just as much as I do So anyway, the point of my story is simply that it is certainly doable for one woman to assemble the cube single handedly...so why wait? Get out there and BUILD THAT CUBE!!!!!
  5. Absolutely! At the moment, I have just made various sponge based mixtures, victoria, chocolate, carrot etc., none of which I think would survive the postal system intact . However, I am going to try fruitcake pops! I have just started soaking the fruit in Jamaican rum, so will make the cake in a few weeks. Not sure how the decoration will go, as it will be too fiddly to marzipan them, so they may not be as pretty as the sponges...but you are more than welcome to be part of the tasting panel
  6. I usually put the lid on and pop them on a windowsill, and remove the lid once they're 1-2cm tall
  7. They are amaaaaaaaaaazing if my next experiment with them turns out well, I shall send you a sample!
  8. Nanny Ogg loves chickens, tortoises, purple, cardmaking, just about to try my hand at quilting, reading (Terry Pratchett and Chris Brookmyre mainly, plus chickeny, foody, and crafty books and mags). Love cooking, particularly Indian, Jamaican and Italian cuisine, enjoy baking too, cake pops are a recent discovery (well, last summer), so make those when I have time. Planning my WIR is a fave pastime, it's been in the planning stage for well over a year now! Maybe one fine day it will actually get built! Love comedies and documentaries, can't bear scary tv or films. Love my allotment, the feeling of eating a meal knowing that 90% of what's on your plate is home grown is fantastic What I will absolutely love though, is whatever my crafty swapper makes for me
  9. Ooh, how lovely! I must admit, I was beginning to wonder if any of them would ever lay again after a five month holiday!!! I do always say a thank you to my girls
  10. The drought is over......today we had an EGG!!!!!!! Courtesy of one of the Pekins, not sure if it was Ginny or Sprinkle, but hopefully the others will soon follow suit
  11. I'm sure you've already read this, but just in case...a brief overview of what to expect http://www.patient.co.uk/health/ERCP.htm Fingers crossed you get an early date for procedure... Tina ((((hugs))))

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