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  1. I use Aubiose and find it excellent, the absorbency really makes poo picking a much easier job! I also put a layer of this in the dropping trays, I find that it makes cleaning out that little bit easier too
  2. Hi June, and welcome to the Forum My buff Orp, Esme, fits through with no problem, as you can see, she's not the smallest of girls! Hope that helps I love my Cube, so do my girls (and the chooks seem to like it too )
  3. Every time I go to take a photo of her hunched up, she trots over to see me! I'm. Looking on this as A Good Thing. Here's a piccie of her as she came to see me And one of her mucky vent feathers I'm planning on bathing her and trimming the net feathers to see if that resolves te problem, any other advice? Tina
  4. I noticed a week or so ago that when Hermione's standing still, she's very hunched, head almost invisible she retracts it so far! I have also noticed that her vent feathers are a bit mucky, although she does have very fluffy knickers so not sure if that's a concern or not. When I saw she was hunched I went outside, but as soon as I opened the door she stood to attention, looked around and off she trotted. Ever since, anytime she's standing still she is hunched, but is alert and springs into action if we go outside, or if any treats are offered, even if a Magpie flies nearby she does a little lap of the garden! The only other thing Is that her comb and wattles are still palish, whereas the other girls are string redder again now the nights are drawing out. Other than the hunching she seems absolutely fine, walking well, movements appear normal etc... I'll try to post a piccie of her, but any thoughts in the meantime? Thanks all
  5. I think a serial number engraved on the metal bar of the door opener, not visible unless you know where to look, and serial number can be logged against buyer details by Omlet at time of purchse, second hand buyers could pay an admin fee for owner details to be updated on database, verified by seller to ensure no fraudulent claims of ownership.
  6. Hi all, WIR is planned and quoted for by A4U, thought I'd post the plans here!! The first pic is garden layout, second gives a closer look at the WIR. Hubby keen on chooks being in WIR most of the time as garden has been destroyed by chooks! So am wondering what's the max number of chooks a WIR of this size could accommodate, both as one unit, or in each separate area if internal doors closed. I have a cube and classic, both to sit outside the run, as indicated on plan, purple cube and badly illustrated green classic!! With the internal doors shut each Eglu would effectively have its own WIR. Looking forward to hearing your views, and opinions on numbers! Tina
  7. From Jamaica...a long list! Jerk paste, seasonings, Jamaica Joe's hot pepper jelly (oh yum, it really is amazing), hot pepper sauce, Pickapeppa Sauce, tinned cheese, coconut cream powder, festival mix, breadfruit, patties (you really can't get them anywhere near as good over here), and, of course, Wray & Nephew rum! To name but a few!!!
  8. Five in mine at present - Big Ol' Esme the Orpington, a Wyandotte, Araucana and 2 Pekins. Hopefully the brood will be added to this year, as I've already got a Classic ready for when my WIR is built...then I can put those broody Pekins to work with some fertile eggs! Plenty of room in the cube, in fact all five of them bundle into the nest box to sleep, so I could probably fit another 10 in there to actually use the roosting bars!
  9. Oh wow...can't wait to see piccies! I'm planning on hatching some eggs under one of my pekins after easter, assuming that they play ball and go broody for me!
  10. Still nothing from my five.......... ...........since AUGUST Helpful *ahem* friends and family are making frequent references to stocking the freezer with them
  11. Ooooooooh, please can I join?? I really can't promise the amazing standard I've just seen on the Christmas swap thread, but I'll make what I can as best as I can Tina
  12. Hi everyone, just wondered if any readers of the Telegraph, who bought yesterdays edition, would be willing to donate the code for free weekday Ideal Home tickets, if not using them? Can't believe I got the days muddled, thought it was in today's edition Thank you in hopeful desperation! Tina

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