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  1. None of mine have laid since August!! They all went into moult, then the nights started drawing in, and now, frankly, I think they've forgotten what to do They were all a year old in June, so just over 18 months old now, so I am very much hoping that their egg laying days aren't over already
  2. Sadly, whether you want to have to worry about it or not, children will make that decision for themselves, it's still an issue. If children as young as 13 are becoming sexually active, then it's pointless vaccinating everyone at 14, and so forth. I wish this had been available when I was still in school. I was maybe 18 when the vaccine programme was rolled out. I would pay for it privately if I had the money. As a teenage pregnancy midwife I have to agree. I'm sure that the parents of our youngest clients never in a million years thought their daughters were sexually active. Unless you can be 100% sure (and who truly can be) that your child will tell you before they plan to have sex, then at least this way, you can be sure they have that protection in place already.
  3. Thought Misha was fantastic...what an amazing voice. I'll be amazed if she doesn't make it to the finals. Also liked The Keys, thought their piece was excellent!
  4. I soak mine in a grow bag tray, which is basically a plastic tray, approx 5cm deep, which is (unsurprisingly!) slighly larger than a grow bag. Seems to do the job nicely. T
  5. No surprises given my username, but Terry Pratchett for me too!
  6. Anybody...? Please...?? Desperate to order the run, but need to finalise the design!
  7. Hi all, I am planning my WIR and would like to have a classic to join my cube as soon as funds allow - I would like the classic to sit on the outside of the run, with a pop hole, just as my cube will site outside the run. What I need to know is, does the front edge of the cube sit at a straight 90 degree angle to the floor, or does it have a slight backwards tilt? Just that on the photo's I've seen, looks like it has a bit of a backwards tilt, and am wondering if that is the case, how I would bridge the gap between the classic and the side of the WIR to stop Mr Foxy gaining access. Hope that makes sense, and thanks in advance! Tina
  8. Well I got through to the vet at 9.45 and they said they could see her straight away if I could get her there - my boss let me go and so I rushed home to collect her. When I got home she was laying right where I had left her. I lifted her into the box she had slept in the night before, and she didn't move at all, just tilted her head towards me. Ten minutes later we were at the vets, and when I looked in the box - Ebony had already passed away I burst into tears in the reception of the vets, and felt a bit silly but I just couldn't help it. The staff were lovely, checked with a stethoscope for heartrate, but it was obvious she had gone. I was surprised at just how upset I was, as I kind of knew she would die one way or another, but it was just so sudden. The vet staff were absolutely lovely, bearing in mind that I had never been to them before, they asked if I wanted to leave Ebony with them, and explained it would be a cremation with ashes scattered in the gardens, which I was happy with...to my eternal surprise, after checking with her manager, I was told there would be no charge Which I thought was so nice of them, as I was fully expecting a charge. Thank you to those of you who gave words of advice. The other five girls spent a couple of days looking quite disorientated, they definitely knew that something was amiss, but are a little more settled today. Tina
  9. Thank you both. Chucky Mama you are right, she is struggling more by the minute. I have put together an emergency nursing wing, and when I moved her into it, she stood unsteadily for about 10 seconds and then semi collapsed onto her side again. I managed to syringe a fair amount of water into her, but lots of it has just dribbled back out, despite her swallowing it at the time. Her crop was much softer after last night's massaging, and she did manage a runny poo this morning, but the crop is now hard and large again. She is also hot to the touch. I am under no illusions that I am equipped to nurse her through this, and will call the vet from work when they open at 0900, and am hoping that work will let me leave for a couple of hours to take her there. I feel awful, and have had a little cry this morning, mainly because I feel so helpless to help her. Not looking forward to the children's reactions Thanks again Tina
  10. I'm really worried now, as I've come across something in searching for info - Ebony's rear underside (if she were laying along my forearm, the part that would be resting on my fingers) is quite oedematous - it feels spongy/fluidy. From what I've read this could be a sign of peritonitis? This morning Ebony is still with us, but is just lying there completely lethargic. She is hot to the touch and hasn't touched the bowl of water next to her. Her beak isn't open and she's not panting today though. I stood her up in the box she's slept in, but after about 5 seconds she semi-collapsed back down and is just lying there. I'm going to syringe her some water in a minute, but just wanted to update on here quickly and make another plea for advice I really want Ebony to pull through, but my instinct tells me that's probably not likely to happen - but please somebody, tell me otherwise? At the moment I am thinking that if there is no improvement later today (which is very unlikely as "Ooops, word censored!"ody will be at home today to make sure she at least keeps well hydrated), the kindest thing may very well be to have her euthanised. Please, please, please can somebody tell me if this sounds like the kindest thing, or if it sounds like a gross overreaction and should I just wait it out and see what happens? I don't want Ebony to suffer more than she already seems to be Thanks for reading Tina
  11. I am also wondering - if anybody local to Crayford has a spare eglu they would be willing to rent me while Ebony is sick, so that I can isolate her from the rest - I worry that they'll peck her to death if I have to put her in the run with the others while she is like this, but as we both work I'm really stuck! Thanks again for reading Tina
  12. When my husband went to lock the chooks in for the night at about 8pm he called me to say Ebony, our barnevelder, looked ill. She was lying at the back of the cube run, beak open wide, panting. The others were pecking her a little, more out of curiosity than anything else - they were just nipping at her. I crawled in and carried her out, she didn't even try to move away, which is not like Ebony (she's not the cuddly type!). She felt REALLY heavy (although she is heavy anyway), and suspecting impacted crop I had a feel, and her crop was large and very hard, probably about the size of a cricket ball. I syringed her some water to start with as she was gasping, and then some warmed olive oil and massaged her crop for a good while. I tried to massage it up out of her mouth, but only got a few dribbles of brownish liquid (probably the olive oil). She hasn't pooped since we've been 'nursing' her, but has tried, and just passed a small amount of white fluid, probably only about 2ml. She seems exhausted and can barely stand. I've put her in a box with some bedding and water, in the dining room for the night. I wonder if any of you lovely chicken experts can offer some advice? I am fearing the worst, and want to do all I can to help our lovely Ebony, she's such a lovely girl, and has always been my secret favourite. Thanks for reading
  13. I've seen a few posts about Garvo and everybody seems to really rate it...so I was just wondering what makes it so good? I'm currently using The Organic Feed Co layers pellets and am wondering if Garvo would be better for them. Looking forward to reading your views.
  14. Angela Gorman...a truly inspiring woman who has helped to save the lives of literally thousands of women in recent years.
  15. The price is pretty good, although you'd have to sort out kick boards and roofing/guttering. But all in all, much more affordable than I had imagined!
  16. If you have fairly young children, 'Your Chickens' is good, it's got a kids club and the whole magazine is easy enough for children to read. For myself, I also find Practical Poultry much better, but at least this way, I get a chicken mag, and so do the kids
  17. Thank you, I will take a look! I am currently 4 rows into my first crocheting project of a tablemat! T
  18. Thank you for your replies, I've had a good look through those threads! I am now sitting here happily, after a trip to Hobbycraft, with a Beginner's Guide to Crochet, a hook, some pins and some wool....my new adventure is about to begin! T
  19. ED's name is frequently pronounced incorrectly, she is called Aliyah (Ah-LEE-yah), but people have often pronounced it Ah-LIE-yah. I mean, seriously, what parent would christen their child A-LIAR??! I'm Tina, and remember several conversations with teachers at Primary school trying to actually convince them that Tina was my name "so is it short for Christina?" "no Miss, it's just Tina". "short for Martina then?" "*sigh* no, miss, it's just Tina". I never could figure out why they had such a hard time believing me, Tina's not such an unusual name
  20. Hi everyone, I would really like to learn how to crochet, but really haven't a clue where to start! Can anybody recommend a book or magazine that will give a simple step-by-step guide to the basics? I'm also very impatient and determined to start this weekend, so if the book/magazine is available in most bookshops, I would be eternally grateful! Thanks for reading, Tina

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