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  1. Ouch! Quote is waaaay more than we can afford. But I love the run I've designed. I may just have to take on a second job to finance it...or just do a bit of extra on the side...anybody want me to deliver their baby for a donation to the Run Fund? Tx
  2. Today was my first three egg day too...three have naan laying for a couple of weeks, but today is the first day they synchronised!
  3. When I first told hubby I wanted to get chooks he said No Way! So I left it but then was incredibly lucky to get a cube on Freecycle! I brought it home and he wasn't best pleased but I wore him down over a week or so and he agreed to two chooks...we got six! So. Didn't expect a good response when I suggested a WIR in his beloved garden...but he thought it was a good idea! So I measured and planned and yesterday emailed my plan to Lewis at aviaries4you and am awaiting a quote! So excited although it won't be until late summer, but still...the ball is rolling - just hope the quote isn't tooooo hefty!
  4. All of mine have little rests in the cube throughout the day...they seem to have a routine...up and out as soon as they can, potter about a bit, then have a rest around 10am for an hour or so, then back out. Then they have another rest at around 3pm for another hour or so, then back out until bedtime. Hermione and Esme pop in to lay, but Ebony seems too scared to lay inside, she's laid one behind the wheel of the cube, and another right in the middle of the garden!
  5. Hi everyone, wonder if you can share your wisdom... I picked up my six girls on September 1st last year, and the breeder (Wylye Valley) said that they were between 12 - 14 weeks old. The buff orp started laying on boxing day, and both the barnevelder and wyandotte started laying a month later on 26th Jan. I'm just wondering when I might start seeing eggs from the two pekins and the araucana, as I thought they'd be hot on the heels of Esme, Ebony and Hermione. Any thoughts anyone? Thank you!
  6. I subscribed on the same offer too, not much in it at tye moment but I'm hoping as the readership picks up and there is more input, that the content will increase/impove. And also easy enough reading for the children.
  7. Early this morning I found a hidden and slightly squashed egg in the nesting box which I think was laid by our Wyandotte, Hermione. As I was putting the egg port door back I noticed a dark brown egg behind the wheel of the cube which I had to crawl into the run to retrieve! I think our Barnevelder, Ebony, laid this...she's bottom of the pecking order so I'm guessing she wasn't allowed in the nest box .
  8. All the others are definitely Esme; she hops into the nestbox, sits there for half an hour and then riddles off out leaving us her present! I have been so surprised, not a single soft shell, all uniform shape and size; 49-56g. Whoever laid the mystery egg, I'm getting a lot more than I expected...an egg a day regular as clockwork since boxing day, except new years eve. Maybe Esme's a hybrid in disguise! Am beginning to think the mystery egg was Esme too, simply because none of the others even bother with the nesting box in the daytime (but all like to snuggle in together at night!). I might set up some CCTV! Tina
  9. I had this problem, hubby sprayed the chooks when they were sleeping, so my roosting bars were covered! A combination of Poultry Shield and Fairy liquid, gently worked in with a soft brush, left for 15 mins, add a drop of water to rub in again, then rinse off...came up as good as new! HTH Tina
  10. Hi Eggman's spreadsheet sounds fab, would anybody be able to send me a copy, pretty please? Thanks Tina
  11. Thanks for merging the threads No I can't rub it off, I wondered about pigmentation, but all the other eggs have been flawless...I did wonder if one of the others had laid an egg, but there haven't been any similar eggs since, so I ruled that out! Tina
  12. Our lovely Esme (Buff Orpington) gave us a slightly belated christmas present on Boxing Day of our first ever egg! Since then she has laid us an egg every day except for New Years Eve (maybe she was in the party mood?!). I'm surprised on two counts - firstly I expected the early eggs to be small and soft shelled, but they have all been a good size, perfectly formed and with strong shells...and secondly, according to everything I've read, the Orpington isn't a great layer, so I only expected 50-100 eggs a year from Esme, and yet she's given us 7 eggs in 8 days! Esme sitting on... ..our very first egg! our first three eggs, all from Esme None of the other five are laying yet, so we're all guessing who will give us our next egg! Ooh, a quick question for all you experts - six of the eggs have been plain shelled, but one was speckley in appearance, red dots - I wondered if it was red mite, but nothing before or since, and when I went out with my torch to see if I could see any mite in the night time, I couldn't see anything - any ideas what the red speckles on that one egg might be? The speckley egg! Tina p.s. posted this in the wrong forum initially, sorry for duplicate post!
  13. *drumroll...* Pictures of my six beautiful girls: Ginny, the buff Pekin: Hermione, the buff laced Wyandotte: Sprinkle, the other buff Pekin: *Name TBC*, the lavender Aruacana: *Name TBC*, the Barnevelder: *Name TBC*, the buff Orpington: Ginny and Hermione taking themselves to bed!: Araucana and Barnevelder having a chat!: All the girls together: Can't believe how many pictures I've taken already, this is probably less than 10% of them! Happy times! Tina
  14. Thanks for all your comments...after diving for a total of 250 miles - ooooooohhhhhh my, they are sooooooooo worth it! I am so pleased I decided to buy from Wylye, would definitely go there again and would recommend to anyone. Pictures to come later after I've sorted them out and uploaded some (think I've already taken over 50 pics!!) Tina (a very happy chicken owner )
  15. I can't believe after waiting for so long, the day is finally looming... Off to Wylye Valley Chickens tomorrow to collect 2 Pekins and one each Orpingtom, Araucanana, Wyandotte and Barnevelder/Plymouth Rock...can't wait, am soooooo excited!!! Tina
  16. How lovely to read this! I've spent the last month researching the best place to buy my chooks, and settled on Wylye Valley for the quality and variety they seem to offer. It's a long drive (I live in Bexley) so it's great to hear from an independent source that they're as good as I'd hoped! Thank you Tina
  17. Another Newbie! Hi everyone, I have been hankering after keeping chickens for a few years but could never afford the initial outlay...until I was unbelievably lucky a few weeks ago and got a lovely Eglu Cube on Freecycle ! So now I am researching into what breeds would suit us best. So far we have decided we will have 4 large fowl and 2 bantams. I haven't made a final decision as yet, but it's likely we'll have two Pekins, an Orpington, an Araucana, possibly a Wyandotte, and the last one TBA! They will be confined to the run whilst I'm at work, but anytime that either me or hubby are at home they will be able to have the run of the garden. Looking forward to getting to know people, and improving my chicken knowledge! Tina

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