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  1. I quite like them, but wouldn't have them myself (outside, anyway) because I'm aware others don't feel the same. I went to a funeral once where part of the eulogy contained a posthumous confession from the deceased to "sabotaging" his neighbours' windchimes with his secateurs!!!
  2. Love, love love it!!! Haven't tried it on sprouts though ... will have to give that a go ... My failsafe "recipe" for quick supper is marmite pasta (well, it's not really a recipe and credit has to go to Nigella, I'm afraid). Just mix some marmite (you need quite a bit, but probably best to just start with tiny bit to begin with) into cooked pasta and eat ... absolutely divine and now I'm very hungry!!!
  3. I get fed up trawling the shops for cards that cost a fortune and are not really suitable for the intended recipient - I found a company called Whistlefish http://www.whistlefish.com who do some lovely cards and you can easily get ten cards for £10 (often less when they have promotions on, but you do need to buy at least ten to get them at a good price). I stock up on these from time to time - they're not suitable for everyone but the choice is huge and I like to maintain a stock of cards for various occasions as it's not always that easy for me to get to the shops at short notice. Might be worth a look for other Omleteers!
  4. The ending was a bit lost on me too Am I the only one who lately finds that I get engrossed in really gripping dramas, only to be really disappointed in the ending?
  5. Wow, eggs! I remember those, used to find them in the nest box all the time, but it's been a while now ...
  6. Wow, this is one problem fox you have Olly. I have no useful suggestions to offer but do feel for you, I'd feel rather freaked out by what has happened too. Isn't, urm, men's wee supposed to deter foxes? I wonder if you know anyone who might be prepared to 'oblige' in your garden??
  7. Oh dear, I'm so sorry to read of the problems you are all having. I have to say, I avoid the Dr like the plague, but do take long term medication, so was "summoned" for an appointment to see the GP as I hadn't been in for two years My appointment was last Thursday and I'm still reeling from the whole experience. It felt more like a consultation with a rather incompetent life coach than a GP, she told me lots of things I "need to do career/job wise" and she made me an appointment whilst I was with her to go back in three weeks to make sure I'd done it all. One of her suggestions is that I take a six month break to do voluntary work in Africa ... urm, can we just stop to think about the practicalities of that for just a second? (I mentioned I have an ageing mother who isn't exactly dependent on me, but who does need lots of visiting - the Dr said "well is she likely to die within the next six months?" Then of course, there is my dog, my house, my mortgage, job etc etc etc) Needless to say, I left feeling somewhat non-plussed and ended up feeling incredibly upset which turned into anger and frustration as the day went on. I went home and immediately cancelled the appointment in three weeks, I hope I will be able to get away without visiting again for another two years.
  8. I must admit, I'm thinking along the same lines as Blackrock I only have two hens at the moment (I've had as many as six previously) and am seriously considering my hen keeping future - one hen is quite old, the other relatively young, so no idea what I'll do if/when I get down to just one ... I need to do lots of thinking ...
  9. I think the Toft animals look TERRIBLE when you first attach the head to the body, it's hard to see them looking like anything at all, but then when you add the arms, legs, ears, eyes etc it will come together and look much better, I promise. I have made quite a few of their animals - I am currently working on Chardonnay the Palomino Pony (except I am crocheting her in purple and white, and giving her a horn and wings so is actually going to be a flying unicorn!!). I love love love Toft patterns!!
  10. Well done, well done!!!!! The counting definitely gets easier with practice - I still go wrong (specially if crocheting whilst watching TV!) Keep going!!

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