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  1. Mmmmm, I might have accidentally bought one too - it arrived this morning
  2. Another ebay rant - a buyer placed the only bid on an item I was selling about half an hour before the auction ended on Friday night. I waited for payment, and waited ... and waited ... it's now Monday afternoon and I'm still waiting. I've looked back on the bidder's feedback, although it's 100% positive, actually reading some of the entries there are at least half a dozen entries over the last year saying the buyer didn't pay - how many times does someone not have to pay before they get kicked off Ebay? I've started to leave feedback for a bidder who doesn't pay now by saying "Negative Feedback - Buyer didn't pay - case opened via Ebay" - it helps other sellers if they care to look - it's not quite the same as leaving negative feedback as we can't leave negative feedback as such for a buyer, but I've found it helpful in this case that others have said the bidder didn't pay. Interestingly, I see we only have to wait two days (I'm sure it used to be four?) before opening a case for non-payment now - do you think it's too early? I have sent the bidder two invoices as asked him/her to get in touch if there is a problem.
  3. Sunny on and off here between snow showers (not settling, fortunately) but biting wind
  4. I would certainly speak to the Practice Manager - in this instance there is no real harm done (although I appreciate that's not the point), but it might be different another time and the PM needs to be aware of it and make sure it doesn't happen again. As others have said, the danger with emails is it's all too easy just to press "send" without thinking about the effects and I think they just need to tighten up their policies a bit.
  5. Absolutely agree, there's something lovely about wandering along at toddler pace, looking at "stuff" and helping miscellaneous creepy crawlies across the road , rescuing worms from the pavement etc (or was that just me)
  6. The new mark 2 extension is also listed on the website and says it's compatible with ALL Cubes - it looks as though it's the skirt part that's different? The old one at £50 is a bit of a bargain, I might have accidentally ordered one
  7. I had the same email. Looking at the website it looks as though the old style run extensions won't be compatible with the new runs issued as of today, but looking at the listing for the new Cube extensions, it looks as though the new ones might fit the old ones - I'm not sure and was a bit confused too.
  8. OK, I'm probably being an idiot - but I've looked at the amazing Attic24 site - LOVELY! BUT I don't seem to be able to find a tutorial on there that is idiot proof enough for me - I can make the initial slip not, but beyond that, I haven't got a clue, is there anything that is simply the first stitches on there or would I be better looking at a book or Youtube? I'm also confused and US/UK differences - I guess I need a UK tutorial video on YouTube or similar?
  9. I see you are from Sutton Coldfield - my home town!!!!! There used to be a picture framer in the market in Sutton (they were there in the old market building - sort of about where the Entertainer is now and I know they moved to the new market originally, but no idea if they are still there) I had dozens of needlework projects framed there so it might be worth a look, but like I say, they might not still be there - I don't live in Sutton anymore so not sure who else might be worth a look.
  10. Ooooh, can I join this thread, please?!?! I can't knit, I can't crochet but would love to have a go at crochet - I've got some bits of wool to practice on and am going to get a hook, I'll either love it or hate it, I guess!?!? Will waste lots of time watching videos, no doubt!
  11. Looking at it purely from the "future" point of view - I would be very concerned that a house with a history of a knotweed problem (even just nearby, not on the property itself) might be hard to shift in future - bear in mind that if you are having trouble getting a mortgage then so might others which is automatically going to make the house harder to sell ... if you can find a solution that will satisfy your lender then that might be fine - have you thought about asking a licensed contractor to come in and survey the site - to give an idea of how much of a problem there is and exactly what needs to be done to kill it and make sure it doesn't return?
  12. My mum turned 80 last year - I got all of the 80 "stuff" from ebay, as you say, the shops didn't seem to have much - not even cards really and couldn't get 80 wrapping paper anywhere (not even on ebay!) - had to make my own!
  13. I didn't get the pink thing either - that didn't seem to be an adaptation of the denim shirt - it was a completely different garment with a tiny bit of the denim shirt tacked on (in an attempt) to comply with the brief, very odd. I realise the shirt made by the lady who left wasn't perhaps in the same league as some of the other things, but it seemed to comply with the instructions much more than the pink skirt?

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