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  1. Hooray, well done, not long now! I picked my 3 up yesterday, my first ever chucks so there's a LOT of learning the four of us need to do together!
  2. Oh thats a good idea, thanks - perhaps they need a nightlight!!!
  3. Thank you! I tried the broom, I was very gentle but it just resulted in three rather stressed hens? This was about 9.30, one had taken herself off to bed already, but the other two wouldn't go, if it continues to be a problem, I think I'll cover the run with a tarpaulin. Thanks for the advice, I'm just an over anxious mum!
  4. Well, all went very well with day one yesterday, until bedtime. The chucks are in an eglu classic with run, but how do you get them to go in at night? I tried several times to shoo them in through the door, but without success and I felt I was just stressing them out so I left them in the run in the hope they'd go in by themselves. Was that the right thing to do? They've all made it through their first night, anyway and seem ok this morning (and we have another egg!)
  5. Guys, you'll never believe this, they've been "home" for less than three hours and there's an egg already!!! I was worried that they hadn't come out to eat, and more importantly drink, so I pushed them out through the door and after not very long at all, the found the grub and its contents and boy, were they hungry! They've all eaten and had a drink, two have even taken food from my hand. As for names, I'm not sure, but the smallest (and dare I say scraggiest) is going to be (chicken) Little, I think another will be nugget, was thinking about tikka for number 3, but that sounds a bit 'sick'? So much for me not getting attached!
  6. Thanks, I picked them up from (near) Coventry, but they'd been brought down from a farm in sheffield, so they've had a long drive? Should I worry if they don't eat or drink anything today?
  7. Hi! I've just collected my 3 new ex-batts (I'm a first time henkeeper) exciting but scary at the same time! The people at the rescue were adamant that I shouldn't give the eggs away, the going rate apparently is £1 for 6 ...
  8. Well, just got my ex bats home, they're pretty moth eaten, one much worse than the other two, but I expected that. I haven't had a good lookat them yet, I wanted to just leave them alone to settle in for a while. I put them into the eglu then after about 10 minutes I opened the door into the run. They haven't come out yet but it's only been half an hour or so so very early. Hope they'll be ok, will try to post some pics when they're a bit more settled! Exciting!
  9. Well,the day is here, I'm off to collect my ex bats very shortly. I've filled up the grub and glug, put shredded paper and sawdust in the nesting section and in the box to bring the chucks home in, put some grit out, got my directions so hopefully that's everything ready. Very nervous, but excited too, it's about 50 miles to the collection point so hope the hens don't get car sick!!!!
  10. 'til I collect my new hens, very excited but incredibly nervous too ... think I'm more anxious 'cos they're ex bats, hope they'll be ok. Anyway, their new home is ready for them, just got to fill up the grub and glug before I collect them. I'm going to cut the grass now, so I won't have to stress them out for a while with the mower before they've settled in, any other tips for a total newbie hen keeper? Fingers crossed! Have a great weekend everyone!
  11. Oh wow, thanks guys! You're completely right about the lifeguard, why didn't i think of that!!!!!!? Sorry I posted in the wrong section (suspect that won't be the only dim mistake I make in my henkeeping career!) I'll try not to worry, tho I'm already stressing about the box to bring my hens home in - a box for two chucks wouldn't be too difficult, but for 3 (apparently they all have to stay together) boxes are all too big or too small but better too big than having to fold the chucks up to squash them into a smaller one!! I've booked a day off work on Monday so I can stay at home with them just to keep an eye on them, sad or what!
  12. Thanks everyone, what a lovely welcome! I'm only getting three ex-bats, would probably only have started with two, but three is the minimum number (I think in case one doesn't make it). Views seem to differ on what my chances of keeping them are likely to be, BHWT say most will make it, but others seem to think I should expect to lose at least one (I am DETERMINED not to get attached to them, but I know that won't work!!!) I'm a first timer too so the girls and I will have a lot of learning to do together! I've got some of the ex-bat crumbs in readiness, and some grit, I'm going to put Life guard in a bottle for them to peck out (I mean the tonic stuff, NOT a real life guard!!) and think I'll probably hang up a piece of brocoli or a corn cob for them to peck at, they'll also have access to plenty of "normal" water. Just one really dim question - there's nowhere to put water for them at night in their eglu, is that right? I would have thought they'd need access to water at all times? Thanks guys! Bramble
  13. Hi everyone, have just registered for the forum, so thought I'd drop in and say hello to you all! I collected my new Eglu yesterday and put it all together (in the rain!) and am collecting three ex-batteries on Sunday. I'm REALLY excited but also very nervous, I so want everything to go well for them, but I'm worried I'll get it all wrong at the expense of my new friends. Oh well, I can only try, I guess - any tips anyone? Thanks and look forward to chatting to you all! Bramble

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