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  1. I found the ex-batts I started with were much more down to earth than hybrids I've bought at POL - some are REAL drama queens!!
  2. Oooh, how exciting!!! I'm toying with the idea of getting three newbies to introduce to my existing three girls - one is only about a year old, the other a couple of years old and the other is "gettin' on a bit!!!" I'm thinking introducing three to three will be easier and like you I think it's MUCH easier to handle intros when the days are shorter - far less time for squabbling. I love bluebelles too - my two year old is a bluebelle and she's a really lovely colour. Trouble is, I'm trying to decide whether to have new ones at all (I worry that they can be quite noisy, neighbours have never complained, but ... ) Let us know what you choose!!!!
  3. Ooooh home made I do LOVE making crafty things, but there's no way I could ever make anything worth giving to anyone!!! It's not at all about the money side of things, it's very much a case of would that person like whatever it is - I don't know and end up getting very stressed! I love the idea of wish lists, if only everyone did that!
  4. This is a really interesting thread! I get ridiculously stressed about present buying (I blame it on a few unfortunate choices of present for my mum when I was much younger, about which she was rather "damming" even though I'd put a lot of thought into it). I REALLY struggle with present buying - I'm already stressing about this year's birthdays and even next Christmas, wondering what to get for people - I agonize about it all and then still end up buying the same old same old - not due to lack of thought, just because I'm not "brave enough" to buy something I think the person might (or might not) like - you have no idea the stress it causes
  5. I didn't see the first series but tuned in on Sunday for the start of the new series, but I have to say, I didn't get it at all - don't think I'll watch anymore of the second series unless I get to do a catch up on the first series. I found the same with Last Tango in Halifax - I think we are now on series 3 and having not seen the first two, I'm a bit puzzled about who everyone is and where they all fit in - I'm starting to think maybe I should subscribe to Amazon Prime!!!???
  6. Another fan of Allen & Page Smallholders here, too, just the "bog standard" in the yellow and white bag, haven't ever bought the organic one. My chucks seem very happy with it - I only ever struggled once to get that brand and had to buy an own brand countrystore version - that was a fair bit cheaper but there seemed to be some very bright red and blue flecks in it, so I reverted to A&P as soon as I could!

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