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  1. Keys (the puzzle being - where have I left them this time ... !!)
  2. Oooh, I'm a lip balm addict I actually find it's helpful sometimes for weight loss (if I'm craving something sweet, some flavoured lip balm seems to help - obviously I don't eat it though!) I might just have ordered a Hurraw one (not heard of those before - the latest Omlet must have!!) by accident I must admit my usual fall back is the Body Shop - I think I have just about every flavour they make - current favourite being Honeymania ... might have to Google some of the others mentioned above!!
  3. I saw the heading of this post and read it as "Christmas baking - stolen" What a dope!!! Glad your stollen was a success though!!
  4. I always assume no feedback is good feedback. I figure if they're NOT happy (for whatever reason) they'll be quick to get in touch. I sold an item once (very carefully packed and labelled) that had various parts to it, the buyer got in touch within minutes of the item arriving (I would imagine) to say there were pieces missing. I replied quickly to say no, everything was there, the boxes in the main box are all clearly labelled, please look again. Fortunately the buyer got back to me straight away with apologies to say everything was there and they'd unpacked it in such a rush they hadn't spotted all the boxes. I know she received it and was happy because of this email string, but she didn't leave me feedback on ebay itself.
  5. Absolutely brilliant - the look on her face as the basket topples over is priceless

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