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  1. This is the part of tortoise keeping that puts me off taking the plunge!! I'd love to have a tortoise (or two ... ) but I hear horror stories of hibernation and it has so far put me off. I hang on the words of the Omlet Tortoise experts though! What type of tortoise/s do you all have - any recommendations on which is most suitable for a total beginner (not now, obviously, next Summer at the earliest and even then, I may stick to my "never again" policy on pets!!!) I would normally go for a "rescue" tortoise (all the pets I've ever had have been rescued in one way or another) but I have found the Tortoise rescue bods to be totally terrifying and incredibly intimidating, so this is one occasion when I think rescue will not be an option - very odd ...
  2. Oh dear, I'm feeling VERY dim now. I watched the first series and struggled with it BIG TIME - only kept watching in the hope that it would all come together (for me, it didn't). Against my better judgement, I decided to watch episode 1 of the new series, but gave up after about half an hour - I really didn't want to get "sucked in" a second time ... well done to those of you who are keeping up with it, but totally beyond me!
  3. Willow too is TERRIFIED of fireworks - however one advantage of her advancing years (she's 14 now) is that I don't think she can hear them as well as she used to, so it's only the really loud ones that upset her now. There never seems to be a "safe" time of year now, fireworks seem to be used for all sorts of occasions, my Mum lives near Birmingham and they seem to go off at any time of year now (weddings, birthdays etc, I assume?) For those who are struggling with panicky pets - I can recommend Thundershirts http://www.thundershirt.co.uk/ - in Willow's case not a complete solution but she is DEFINITELY better wearing her Thundershirt than not in Fireworks rush hour. She's still very upset by them but will, at least lie on her bed and pant instead of pacing up and down panting ... definitely worth a go
  4. Sorry to hear about that DM, we dog owners do seem to get it in the neck sometimes, whatever we do. I'm fortunate with Willow, she has the patience of a saint and will put up with any amount of "fuss" from tinies - BUT I've noticed these days that most little ones either ask if they can stroke her, get their mums to ask for them or wait to be invited to stroke her - I ALWAYS thank them for this and tell them that not all dogs like to be fussed so it's always best to ask first. Mums generally seem to understand this and are pleased when I "praise" their child. One has to question whether the mum who yelled at you would have let her child come over to talk to you (I mean, without the dogs), I would hope not, but talking to "strange dogs" ought to have the same warnings attached as talking to strange adults (not that I'm suggesting you're strange DM, just unknown to this particular child)
  5. colleagues (all some ever seem to do is moan!!!)
  6. Oh, just adorable! Is he a wire haired vizsla? He is absolutely scrumptious but you are clearly working him far too hard, he looks VERY tired!!! Me want!!!!!
  7. I can only echo what Olly has said. I pay absolutely no attention to best before dates, particularly on frozen food - if you know it's been frozen solid throughout the time period, I don't think you have anything to worry about. It's when food partially (or fully) defrosts and is then refrozen that I would have concerns other than that I wouldn't worry at all. Enjoy!!!

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