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  1. It's funny these weather predictions the papers make - the Daily Express is one I notice often has "arctic winter" forecasts at this time of year, splashed right across the front page - I guess, on the basis that if they do it every year, they'll get lucky occasionally I guess it works!! Can't help but wonder if it's something to print on a slow news day though?
  2. I'm about to get new neighbours - my immediate next door neighbour, who has only lived in his house for about 18 months put his house up for sale a few months ago (didn't tell me he was going to ) and I noticed it had a "sold" sign on it yesterday. I'm not bothered he's leaving, I really don't know him (and he made funny comments about the colour I had painted my front door ) but of course there's always the worry about who will be moving in instead
  3. Where my mum lives, she's had mostly the same neighbours since I was very little, so I know many of them very well. In my first house, I got on well with all the neighbours, two particular (elderly) couples really took me under their wing (I think because I was on my own) which was very nice and we all helped each other out. However, my immediate next door neighbour there was a bit odd ... he put in a MASSIVE planning application for his garden but didn't have the courtesy to tell me first ... he decided he didn't like branches from a tree in my garden overhanging his garden, so he cut them all off and dumped them on my drive for me to cut up and dispose of (realise he's entirely within his rights to do this, but he need only have said and I'd have sorted it out, which would have been a "friendlier" thing to do) ... then the really weird part was when I had the fence replaced (at his request) between my garden and his ... I heard no more about it for nearly three years, then he sent his new partner round one day to say they didn't like the way the fence had been done and could I get the company back to re-do it - yes, three years later ... very odd ... or maybe it's me. I've since moved to what was a brand new development, I'm the "longest serving" resident, and neighbours all seem nice - I do bunny sitting for my immediate neighbours which is nice, we all take in parcels etc and we're on general sort of "hello" terms, but nothing more than that. I kind of like it that way, I'm a bit of a loner and much prefer my own company so I wouldn't be good with neighbours that pop in all the time - they probably think I'm a bit weird as a result, and that's fine, as I've got older I try to worry less about what others think!
  4. Very pretty chickens and I love their names!!!!
  5. This is interesting!!! I too have a Graze subscription, but am sort of getting a bit bored with it (they never seem to send the things I really like, even if I tick "like" or "send soon"!!) Will await responses with interest!!!
  6. Well done CatieB well well well done, I'm so proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I had a hat I would definitely be taking it off to you!!! Huge step for you to take but well done for following your ambition. Please keep us posted on how you get on, I REALLY need to do something with my life - I'm finding myself spending a ridiculous amount of time stressing about work and am even reduced to tears at times so the time has come to take action - scary!!!
  7. As they say, "growing old is compulsory, growing up is entirely optional"!!!!!! If it helps, I am 44 and was told recently by a very straight laced 8 year old that I'm "very childish". In my job, many people have their sense of humour surgically removed at an early stage - I've refused to do that - and to some extent feel like a square peg in a round hole, but what's wrong with being in touch with your inner child, I say?!!? You carry on having fun with football cones and whatever else floats your boat!!!!
  8. Clever girl!!!! Think you're right though, she will break it when she's older!!!
  9. No, as a new employee of the RSPB I think that makes you the BIRD's knees, never mind bees!!!! Bosses are peculiar creatures - I'm convinced the big cheeses at our place have all had their sense of humour surgically removed, they also all have selective deafness which I'm sure was caused by said surgery!!! As long as the head has acknowledged you in an email, that's almost better than face to face, at least it's something you can use as a (sort of) reference in future, should you need it, like when you apply to be RSPB Chief Exec in a few months!!!
  10. Well Done ANH, very proud of you!!!!! You richly deserve this so I hope it all goes really well for you - I desperately need a change too, so you are my "poster girl" at the moment, no pressure!!!
  11. I too am a stationery addict Love "Back to School" time when the shops are full of treasures!! Does anyone have any favorite colouring pens (rather than pencils?) I'm using Stabilo and Staedtler Fineliner types at the moment, but am eyeing up Faber Castell Pitt Pens and Spectrum Noir - anyone got any tips!?
  12. I noticed that Tesco also have the big tubs of Roses/Quality St/etc too, but no cheesy footballs
  13. Oh she is just adorable!!!! It's funny, I was only thinking about this little one this morning and thinking it was time for another pupdate!!!
  14. Well Cinnamon, can you ask the warehouse people to STOP STOCKPILING cheesy footballs and get them on the shelves where we addicts can buy them, please!!!!!!
  15. I listed some plants a while ago on ebay, some sold straight away, but one lot didn't. I had an email from a bidder, before the auction closed to say if I didn't sell them in the auction would I sell them for less afterwards. I didn't reply and simply relisted and sold the second time round. I have started to list my items with a price that includes P&P to avoid stupid feedback about postage charges. I generally only charge the RM price for postage, but still get people leaving poor feedback about p&P costs, so doing "freepost" and simply including the cost in the listing avoids that!
  16. Woooooooooooohhooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! Way to go ANH, I'm very proud of you!!!
  17. That looks lovely! I am using the current colouring craze as a way to make my persistent doodling more "acceptable" - I've got a plain sketch book at home, some coloured fine liners and doodle away for hours at night!!!
  18. I'm sorry to read of your daughter's troubles - it brings back rather unpleasant memories of my own school days (all girls school where I was very much the fat ugly duckling and treated accordingly). It is very hard to offer words of comfort/support and I know (from personal experience) that from here another year of school feels like an eternity to your daughter. I hope she is able to talk to her Counsellor about all this stuff so that she can come to realise that she is a very important individual who has much to offer the world, if her current "friends" don't appreciate her, then that is their problem, not your daughters. I am pleased to hear that she is having help from a Counsellor (even if not specifically for this issue) it wasn't the "done thing" when I was her age, but, with hindsight,having someone independent to talk to then would have helped me hugely. Sending huge hugs to you and your daughter, I truly do feel for you both xx
  19. I completely agree, it's MUCH easier to do it yourself than with "help" (except for the tall bits that I can't reach properly - when extremely careful instruction and supervision is given to my (un)willing accomplice ) I have to say, whilst it was a TOTAL pain in the butt to put together, I'm VERY proud of my earlier greenhouse installation, it feels all sort of "homely" when I'm in there ... !!!!
  20. Thanks ANH and SJP!! I was thinking of electric for individual propagators rather than actually heating the greenhouse as a whole. I have a fair bit of experience with various mini greenhouses being smashed to smithereens (is that how you spell that?) in even relatively mild winds, I agree the gale force jobs we've had in the last couple of winters would see most things off if not VERY well anchored. Space is ALWAYS going to be an issue, the more space I have, the more I need/want - at the moment I can't see my patio for miscellaneous baby plants that have yet to find a home - keeping the chucks away from them is a huge issue!! I could put a greenhouse in a position where it would be in full sun for all but the early morning, but as you say, SJP, I think that would present other issues ... isn't it all complicated? I've been wanting a greenhouse for 15 years during which time I've even moved house and still haven't taken the plunge. I went to look at some yesterday at the garden centre, but there was no one around who was remotely interested in talking to me about them As for construction being a big issue ANH - I can agree entirely - I installed a greenhouse for my parents over twenty years ago and it was a NIGHTMARE - I think the instructions said it should take 2-4 hours to construct - 2-4 days was more like it!!! Said greenhouse is still standing, though!!!!
  21. That's brill, thanks ANH!! Is your greenhouse screwed/anchored to your patio? I have the same problem with my coldframe going walkabout (well, fly about, really!!!) in windy weather, hence why I'd been put off the various mini greenhouse type things, but I don't think I've seen one quite as sturdy as yours!!! Love the photo - your chucks obviously didn't want to miss out on anything!!!
  22. Not sure which category to post this in but after faffing about FOREVER I've more or less decided to take the plunge and get a greenhouse - problem is, what kind?? I wonder if the wonderful all-knowing Omlet Oracle has any words of wisdom for me ... ? I'm thinking it will be a 6x8 - could possibly go longer, but 6 foot is really the max width ... What material (frame and glazing would you all recommend)? Is there any advantage to having a lean-to type rather than a freestanding? Brick/paving base, or just laid on bare earth (obviously needs to be "anchored" in some way)? Proposed site will have full sun in the morning, but will be in full shade from about 3pm - will that defeat the object of having a greenhouse? I'm planning on using it for propagation, rather than growing toms/melons etc ... Any essential "extras" I should look at (I'm toying with the idea of having electric run to it, but not sure if it's worth it)? Sorry, lots of questions, but any and all help will be very gratefully received, thanks!!!!
  23. Re books - you might well find there is quite a thriving second hand market when you get to uni, last year's first years will be looking to raise cash to buy their books for this year so will target the newbies with their books for sale!!! (just don't pay over the odds for older editions!!)

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