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  1. Well done to all - it's a horrible time of year, so unsettling not knowing whether you're coming and going and having everything dependent on three or four little letters in a sealed envelope. For those who maybe haven't done as well as they had hoped - fret not - you are young, with your whole lives ahead of you, there is PLENTY of time to rethink, reflect and probably decide on something even better than plan A. Thinking of you all xxxx
  2. That's so funny!!!! My brother and his family are off down to Cornwall today and I've just texted them to say "are you nearly there yet" as I know it really gets on bro's nerves when the boys ask that question ten minutes into the journey!!! Thanks for the tips, I will have a look at my garden and see where looks like a likely spot - my prob is it's either going to be in full sun pretty much all day or full shade, not many half way houses in my garden!!!
  3. I had a review rejected by Argos once, they said it contained "Customer Service issues" that required investigation - it didn't - it related to a camera I had bought for my (then) 12 year old nephew - he chose it, but I was somewhat horrified when we got it home to find the back of the camera was pink - like most boys of that age, he wasn't too thrilled and I left a review to that effect as nowhere in the blurb did it mention any colour other than black or silver. Argos didn't publish the review and as far as I'm aware, they didn't investigate either ...
  4. I'm into this too ... very therapeutic way to spend FAR TOO MUCH TIME!!! If you subscribe to the Hobbycraft email newsletter, there have been a couple of free downloads from those - an owl and a butterfly so far - I think they are Basford ones too = so worth signing up! Like the sound of the postcard sized pics ... pootles off to look at Amazon ...
  5. Want want want Make sure she gets lots of puppy snuggles from her Omlet Aunties (and Uncles!!) Those are serious paws and knees to grow into and her little bump of knowledge is just adorable (as is the rest of her!!!) Enjoy her!!!
  6. I've had bug hotels previously and not had much luck with anyone moving in to them. I've just been given a new one which I'm dead excited about, but am wondering about siting it - do you think it's too late in the season to put one out? Where's the best place to put them (eg amongst leafy growth, or clear of all that stuff) and which direction do you all have them facing in? Finally, I've heard lots of people move their bug boxes into the garage/shed for winter to give occupants more protection - do any of you do that? If so, when do you take it in and when should it go out again? Sorry, loads of questions - I'm worse than the most annoying three year old, I know!!!!!
  7. My mum's a bit like that telling me "... you'll never meet Mr Right if you don't go out and look for him ..." doesn't occur to her that I'm quite happy on my own or that I'm very unlikely to meet someone I get on well with if I'm somewhere I feel so uncomfortable (which is most places!!) I think people assume introverts are rude/anti-social/weird etc - we're not, we're just not the same as extroverts we just like our own company and want to be left alone by others, nothing wrong with that far as I can see? I think lots of people also confuse being alone with being lonely - they are not the same thing at all, it's hard to be lonely if you are happy with your own company?
  8. OOOh, well done ANH, Hats off to you!!!! It's so easy to stick with the same old same old, but sometimes a new challenge is just what is needed. Good luck and keep us posted!
  9. I'm a total introvert - I really struggle in social situations and live quite an insular life - I work, so mix with people then, but apart from that I really struggle - don't even have a partner, quite happy on my ownsome
  10. How awful Jigsaw - poor little Butternut I must admit that I've wondered about how secure the poo trays on the cube are - they have metal clips underneath them that should clip into place and, hopefully, stop foxes pulling them out. However, both clips on my cube are pretty bent and unless I straighten them out by hand and check that they've clipped into place properly I'm pretty sure the tray would be fairly easy to move. Might be worth having a look at your clips under the poo trays.
  11. I think Grandmashazzie is right, Charities as employers are under exactly the same duties as any other commercial employer in terms of employees' rights - it does grate with me a little but I can see the problem for the charity. I toyed with the idea of working for a charity many years ago and the thing that stopped me was feeling uncomfortable that volunteers would be out fundraising to (in part) fund my salary. That said, most people NEED to work, most can't afford to volunteer instead of working at least part time and if charities didn't pay a salary they would, largely, have no staff. It is difficult and I do have issues with charities who employ people in some roles, but like you, as someone who volunteers (also for a greyhound charity) I would feel a bit embarrassed doing volunteer fundraising when others were being paid to be there.
  12. Hello and welcome to the Forum!!! At bedtime, I use what seems to be their over riding emotion to get them into the run .... greed!!!! If you get them used to shaking the mealworm tub as a pre "warning" of treats, you'll quite soon find they'll come RUNNING to you when they see the tub!!! My lot just go running into the run when they see the mealworm tub as they know that's where the treats will be put!!! I think you are doing the right thing sitting with them - just try scattering the mealworms around your feet as you sit with them, it won't take them long to realise that you are the source of the goodies!!
  13. I have a purple cube and a purple classic - classic was new when I had it, the cube was a reconditioned one from Omlet - I don't think either has faded particularly badly - the insides still look much the same colour as the outside, as far as I can tell! The Omlet sunshades tend to fade terribly though!
  14. One view from a slightly different position - is it worth waiting to see whether you are actually told that the baby has arrived? I would imagine you'll hear on the grapevine so to speak, but if your niece or your brother don't tell you direct (or reasonably directly) I think that would influence my decision? I also think a thank you note is essential - is it possible that your brother might have intercepted it?
  15. Well done ANH!!! Fly tipping and litter really make me cross, yet some people seem to find it perfectly acceptable
  16. I think regardless of who you send the parcel with, packaging is crucial. I've posted a fair bit of china of one sort or another to a friend of my mum in Australia and so far it has always arrived safely and in one piece. I do go completely overboard on the packaging though, layers and layers and layers of bubble wrap, then stuff any gaps with newspaper or shredded paper so the box is packed tight, then tonnes of sellotape around the box, then wrap in brown paper with a load more "fragile" tape all round. The last thing I sent was a coalport figurine which was really very fragile - it took me over an hour to wrap it to my satisfaction, but it got there safely!!
  17. I've come or across one or two parents who've later regretted naming their children after "celebrities" - it seems like the parents were quite young when they had children and they've sort of grown up together but are stuck with the name ... I still find it amusing that Katie Hopkins rants about various names she considers inappropriate - she, apparently, doesn't like place names as names for children ... not sure why she called her daughter India, then?
  18. I have had two hens PTS in the recent past, on both occasions, the charge was £8 for PTS/consultation and £5.50 for the cremation (could have been the other way round, but either way, the bill on both occasions was £13.50). I have to say I was quite embarrassed by the size of the bill - both times the vet was with us for at least half an hour and I couldn't believe they charged so little. I did wonder if it was because my dog is also registered there, but I know colleagues who have taken small furries to the same practice (rats, mainly) and come out without a bill at all. I count myself incredibly lucky to have such amazing vets so close, I would gladly pay MUCH more for their service (be it for dogs or chickens)
  19. Is this for real (I've checked and it's not 1st April!)
  20. So sorry to hear your sad news, but I hope it was a quick and peaceful end for Scally, tucked up at home where she would feel safe and secure. Sleep tight Scally. xx
  21. I remember giving my first batch of ex-batts their first ever apple - they just shouted and screamed at it (I imagine along the lines of "Grenade .. Incoming" ) I had to take it out of the run and cut it up before they would go anywhere near it - it was eaten pretty quickly then!
  22. You've got very pretty chucks!!! I did a sort of pellet/mealworm/sweetcorn iceberg for my lot yesterday - seemed to disappear without too much trouble!!
  23. I appreciate that giving chucks frozen pellet lollies is probably not necessary, but it's a bit like giving them pellet porridge in winter - it makes me feel I've done something to help them and if nothing else it gives them something different to "play" with - daft, I know, but it's as much for my benefit as theirs
  24. I made a sort of iceberg thing for my lot - used an old coleslaw tub, filled it about half full with layers pellets, added some meal worms and a tiny bit of sweetcorn, topped up with water, stirred it up and left the pellets to soak up the water, then plonked the whole thing in the freezer over night. I put it on the floor of the run this morning and left them investigating - it won't stay frozen for long, but hopefully will help just for the short amount of time when their run is not completely in the shade. I've done this before and it seems to go down well, so hopefully it will help them a bit.
  25. I can't help, really, but just wanted to add that any kind of work will also look great on his CV - shows commitment and initiative - well done that man - I really hope he finds something soon!

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