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  1. Speaking of "collection only" I tend to list items as "freepost" (saves people leaving you bad feedback for expensive postage when all I've ever charged is the actual Royal Mail cost of postage ) Anyway, t'other day I had a message from someone who said, does "freepost" mean "collection only" - err, no, I replied, it means "freepost" (Royal Mail, second class as stated in the listing) - odd question?!
  2. This happened to me as a seller once, a listing ended with the item unsold, someone emailed me the next day to say she'd missed the end of the auction, but did I still want to sell - I said yes and (on the basis that there had been no other interest) said I was happy to accept the starting price - I relisted as a buy it now, she bought it, was happy and we all moved on. The point your seller needs to remember is that no one was interested first time around, had you been in time for the auction you would probably have got the item for the starting price, she might have been a bit disappointed with that, but presumably was prepared to let it go for that price? Ebay doesn't always bring out the best in people, does it?
  3. I would see if you can speak to other parents with children already at the schools you are looking at. If your daughter is confident and able, she could well flourish in the grammar system, however, if she lacks confidence I genuinely think the grammar system can be the wrong environment - there is much more pressure to succeed and anything less than perfect is unacceptable - I know, I went to an all girls grammar school (yes, rather a long time ago, but certain things haven't changed, I believe) I coped academically but always felt like the poor relation to the real high flyers. Another point that I remember from school is that an all girls school is an incredibly ""Ooops, word censored!"y" place to find yourself if you don't "fit in" with the right crowd. I didn't fit in with anyone and really struggled socially as a result - I guess it comes down to confidence again - if your daughter has confidence she will probably do well anywhere, if not, the social side of things might need a bit more consideration?
  4. Sorry to hear of the problems you are having getting mum to settle - it's so hard and I just hope she isn't aware enough to still be trying to manipulate you by having these outbursts, she's probably just, understandably, very confused and the home must know that and deal with it fairly regularly? Does she have a TV or radio in her room, I wondered if that might help her settle at night/distract her? On the house front - it's worth notifying the house insurers that the property is now unoccupied - they might just say they won't cover it after, say, 30 days, but it's better to find that out now so you can organise different cover, than wait 'til you need to make a claim to find they decline cover? The fact that you are visiting regularly will help - most insurance companies insist on regular visits to unoccupied properties. If your brother has a key, is it worth changing the locks? Good luck xx
  5. I'm really sorry to hear this ANH, been there, seen it, done it, with my own Dad, it's a dreadful decision to make, but it will be the right decision for all of you. There is bound to be a period of adjustment, but mum will settle and she will find life easier there, we found that in Dad's case, with his difficulties he was very much seen as "abnormal" in the outside world, but within the nursing home, he was completely normal, accepted and understood by everyone there. It actually became quite a haven for us all, visiting there, seeing dad, chatting with the staff. Very difficult to do at that start, but it will be for the best. Sending hugs your way xx
  6. Is the little one a wind egg? I think that's what chicken folk call em - when the chucks have sort of formed an egg but haven't (not sure of the techicalities!!!)
  7. Sleep tight little Flash, you can get up to all sorts of mischief in heaven!!!
  8. Well, I wouldn't be providing too much free storage at home for "stuff" if I were you!!! Speaking as a former student myself - they are inclined to take advantage!!!! I'm on a long term program to help my mum de-clutter her house - it was the turn of the wardrobe in "my" old room yesterday - yikes - the bottom part of it is FULL of old uni notes/books etc from my time at uni and that's a fairly significant number of years ago - back in the 90s! I'm appalled that I have just left it there really, I wasn't ready to chuck it all when I moved out, but really should have taken it with me - never mind, lots of stuff for recycling and I reckon the floor boards will be breathing a sigh of relief, too!!!
  9. Adorable!! I bet the last photo (where he's asleep) he doesn't happen very often!!! I LOVE the stepping stones on his back!!!
  10. Willow's collar is quite loose - it's the collar she wears all the time with her name tag on, I don't walk her on it so I don't like it to be too tight , if that makes sense?
  11. Well, I thought Willow was developing joint stiffness/arthritis etc three years ago - I bought a "Magno Mutt" collar, put it on and she's been wearing it ever since (it does get washed occasionally!!!!) She is now 13 and still walks very well, although she is obviously slowing down a bit. I can't say whether that's down to the collar or good luck or a combo of both - I was thinking of buying her a new "trendy" collar t'other day, then remembered the one she has is magnetic, so I've left well alone for now!
  12. Agree, I think the very least they should have to do is put everything back to the way it was before they trashed it (at their own expense in terms of time and money) - they might then understand a little of what they have destroyed and you never know, the positive side might be a gateway to a career in horticulture for them - might put them back on the straight and narrow?
  13. So sorry to read this, poor Norman. I hope that the saying "what goes around comes around" is true in this case and the nasty little beings that did this get what's coming to them - words just fail me sometimes. Sleep tight little Norman x
  14. Oh cute!!!! I've been put off approaching rescue centres - they sound SERIOUSLY scary - they give the impression they don't really want anyone to have a tortoise from them - understand they want to be cautious etc, but they seem really unfriendly
  15. Then someone else promised to eat their kilt ... should all make interesting viewing!!!
  16. Spent all night on the sofa watching tv - dozing fairly extensively at times, I think - but overall I found the coverage really engaging if slightly annoying with all the "what ifs ..." I've found the whole process really fascinating, more so than ever before - we are SO flippin' lucky to have the chance to vote (it being VE day today somehow seems to ram that home even more?) I was quite impressed how many people were around when I went to vote yesterday, it's usually deserted so that was heartening.
  17. I'm actually quite looking forward to it this time around - I've even decided to sleep on the sofa tonight so I can keep an eye on the TV
  18. I'm with PetPlan too, I've only made (she says touching wood and with fingers crossed) four small claims in the time I've had Willow (seven years) and they have always been paid instantly - in fact, they are so quick to pay that my vet is always happy for me to just pay my excess and the vet claims the balance direct from PetPlan - I know they won't do that with all insurers. I must say, I'm now finding Willow's cover increasingly expensive, she is 13 this year and the level of cover is dwindling - from memory the excess is now £125 plus 20% of the balance. I had a £300 bill a few months ago and got back £130 from Pet Plan (very quickly, I might add). Better than nothing, but I have so far paid out MASSIVELY more than I have claimed back (that has been so with Willow's predecessors, too). That said, I don't really have the cover to profit from it, it's there more for peace of mind so that cost doesn't have to be the deciding factor in a treatment plan (and I hope I would always have it fairly low down the list anyway). I think you can opt for a higher excess if you would prefer a lower premium, although not sure how much difference that makes to your monthly payment. Turning to more serious matters - why have we not yet seen pictures of the pupster!!!!!????? Also I found with that when I 'phoned up to query the dramatic rise in Willow's premium they immediately offered to reduce it for me - I was pleased, obviously, but slightly narked and felt a bit like they were trying it on.

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