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  1. It won't be long until you have Red Kites, DM, saw four on my route to work this morning - which isn't uncommon - I wasn't looking for them, they were just there! I know they are also on the outskirts of Oxford which can't be that far from you!
  2. Thanks CT, I just can't believe how long it's taking to do, I was getting into my stride a bit with it last night, but I've done less than a third of it Funny thing is, I'm using some s"Ooops, word censored!" yarn to make him, the bit I'm using for his mane was some I used for a practice project some time ago which I've undone - I feel a bit mean doing that, but it has given him the most wonderful curly mane!!!
  3. I'm so sorry, a dreadful shock for you, but hopefully a very quick and painless passing for Raisin. You will never forget him and in time I'm sure the pain of losing him will give way to the many happy memories you have left. Sleep tight Raisin xx
  4. Thanks all - the pattern uses single crochet, double crochet, half treble, half double, you name it, I tend to think the pattern has been codged together from one or more other patterns and just switched between terminology. The thing that's causing me grief now is his mane! Simple but SOOOO time consuming - I can see that part taking longer than the rest of him put together, all I have to do is make little loops of yarn, but it's taking AGES!!!
  5. Wow, he is AMAZING, I bet you're really pleased with him!!
  6. Thank you very much Plum!!! I'm glad it's not just me who is confused!!! I think they are using a mix of US and UK terminology, so I think I'll "go with my instinct" and use stitches you and Cat Tails suggest!!!!
  7. You are a star, thank you Cat tails! I sort of did what you suggested and "codged" the pattern a bit, I seem to have ended up with a crescent shape which I figured was what was needed, but the terminology was REALLY confusing me!! Thank you!!!
  8. You are a star, thank you Cat tails! I sort of did what you suggested and "codged" the pattern a bit, I seem to have ended up with a crescent shape which I figured was what was needed, but the terminology was REALLY confusing me!! Thank you!!!
  9. I'm trying to make a crochet donkey, for fundraising for the Donkey Sanctuary, so using the pattern they provide. I'm ok with it so far except for one line of the pattern which I just don't understand - it's the last round for the body which is intended to make a sloping 'neck' to join to the head, but I don't understand the difference between the stitches, this is what the pattern says: "...1 single crochet, 1 half double crochet, 1 double crochet, 2 treble crochet, 1 double crochet 1 half double crochet..." Can anyone help, please??? Thanks
  10. I'm, so far, having the best success with a shoe box in the main part of the Cube where the roosting bars are If I take out the front roosting bars (nearest the chuck's entrance to the Cube) and put a shoe box in there (against the front of cube, with the nest box wall to the left) they seem to use it if they have to. They don't seem to have figured out what the tubbrugs are for - if I just put one in the nest box, they squeeze around it and sit in the proper next box, I think they have tried the tubtrug, but I suspect they step on the side when going in and tip it over. If I put two trugs in the nest box they don't use either I really wouldn't be bothered if they didn't shout so much in the morning when they can't get the nest box position they want!
  11. I'd got all the others too, just ordered some thyme oil from ebay!
  12. The only thing that puzzles me, is it says mix it all in a LARGE spray bottle (with a bit of alcohol) - why LARGE - 5 or 10 drops of all of those isn't going to amount to very much - am I supposed to put water in as well - it would be a very strong solution if it was "neat"? I make a DIY fly spray with citronella and eucalyptus and mix that with water, so wonder if the same should happen here? (I did notice the creating rather than treating - but didn't want to nit pick as it's such a useful post!!! )
  13. That's really interesting, thank you for that Egluntyne - I had my first "outbreak" of red mite last year and was quite surprised how persistent the little wotsits were - so I think I shall go and make up this recipe and see what happens!!! Citronella is also great for keeping flies away from the Eglu and run so multi purpose!!!!
  14. The cake car was definitely Skoda (real cake too, apparently!!!!)
  15. He looks AMAZING! Is he going to be an only dino or are you working on your own Jurassic Park!?!? I started work on my invisible decrease last night - you are right, it looks so much better, really, really, pleased, thank you very much!!
  16. It's funny, the first time I looked at your pic I saw a bump with two heads - the second time I looked at the same pic I saw the shape of a stegosaurus - clear as day!!!! He looks AMAZING - will look forward photos of the little dude when he's finished!!!
  17. Fab, thanks Cat Tails - my mark 2 greyhound will definitely have an invisible decrease body ... will report back
  18. Oh wow, is it a stegasaurus (sorry, no idea how to spell that!)!?
  19. Not sure if I need to start a separate thread (or should that be yarn, in this case ) for this, but, I'm LOVING crochet and learning SO MUCH!!! I discovered yesterday that there's something called an invisible decrease stitch for working in the round (I had noticed that decrease stitches tend to look "bigger" that others and your stuffing shows through ) Invisible decrease is supposed to get around this - does anyone use it and if so, is it successful?
  20. Well, since it's got two heads (!) I think it must be a Push-Me-Pull-You like in Dr Dolittle!!!!
  21. Wow, it looks great, whatever it is - is it a turtle or a tortoise ...
  22. Spotted this today whilst looking at Pippa Greenwood's excellent site ... http://www.pippagreenwood.com/pippas-gardening-news/145/red-mite-attacking-your-chickensweve-the-answer-androlis Thought it looked interesting, has anyone tried it??
  23. Wow, Olly, that's AMAZING can you write one for me too, please, to excuse me from work on Monday, please!?!?!
  24. That did make me chuckle! I have my brothers 40th birthday surprise meal looming - I am totally dreading it as all of vile SIL's family will be there & I hate that they are forced upon us all the time They are all loud & overpowering which I find uncomfortable. Might have to pull a sickie I'm sure the Omlet Mods must have the authority to write you a sick note ... there must be a rule about that somewhere, surely???
  25. ANH, you are a star, thank you very much - I thought I'd read something too but hadn't been able to track anything down - off to the Tub Trug shop at lunchtime, by the look of it (or maybe the plastic place mat shop, or both even ... Thank you!!!

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