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  1. Hi All! Has anyone managed to divide the next box in their cube (and found that the chucks actually use the divisions?) I'm finding my three are squabbling over the nest box in the morning and being quite vocal about it (they all pile in to it happily at night to sleep together, but they will NOT share it when laying ) do others have this problem? Thanks everyone!
  2. Wow, that looks amazing - must make sure my lot don't see your photo!!!!
  3. Oooo, me too! Particularly the one about the 'phone, I feel sick every time it rings, and as for making calls - that's even worse. I don't drink, purely because I don't like the taste, but when I avoid it so totally, people seem to wonder if I'm a recovering alcoholic (particularly as my hands shake sometimes!) They are all very happy to have me as their "designated driver" though I live alone (with dog, chickens etc) and can't imagine life any other way - my mum thinks it's astounding that anyone would live alone out of choice!
  4. B&Q sell it in their bigger stores, but do check availability, just in case!!!
  5. Wow, this is very interesting. Willow is now 13 and has had a couple of minor stumbles lately - I immediately leap to the conclusion that something is wrong, but I tend to overlook the fact that she is 13, had a long racing career before her retirement and has four very long legs to keep co-ordinated. I've very much reduced exercise now, we just have a few short pootles each day, rather than the route marches we used to do. I can't offer any advice at all about the harness, but will be interested to hear how you get on with young Riley!!
  6. Funny you should say that QC - I had thought it would be nice to make a few for the Retired Greyhound Trust (where Willow came from) to sell as a fundraiser - the thing is, for the time it took me to make just one, I think I'd be better off just donating the money and forget about making the crochet greyhounds!!!!
  7. I'm pleased-ish with him, someone's already asked me to make them one having seen my prototype, so I guess he can't be all bad!
  8. I don't think I could live with anyone - but that's more because I'd be hell to live with rather than it being the other person's problem Worry not, I'm single and have no plans for that to change anytime soon - I wouldn't inflict myself on my worst enemy!
  9. Yes, actually, for a first attempt I'm quite pleased with him - there are things I would do differently if I make another one, but overall, he's come out quite well. I've made him into a "sofa loafer" which is rather appropriate for greyhounds!
  10. That's amazing QC - well done - really pretty!!! I've finished my greyhound (including the nightmare tail!!!) and am going to try and post a pic - don't have photobucket so will need to open an account = unless I can post from Dropbox - does anyone know?
  11. I think working in the round is much easier than working in rows!
  12. It is a tad addictive, isn't it - not helped by the fact that things that I'm making are relatively quick (apart from a greyhound's tail ) which I think helps to keep me interested ... will keep an eye out for a pooch for you!!!
  13. Yikes! I had my very first "outbreak" of red mite last year - fortunately spotted relatively soon and with the advice of my Omleteer chums I managed to get on top of the little 'orrors relatively quickly. One particularly excellent piece of advice that I hadn't given any thought to at the time was to be particularly careful in disposing of used bedding during an outbreak - hadn't occurred to me to do anything other than "normal" with it Ideally I would have burned it, but that's not possible so I double/treble bagged it and carted it off to the tip post haste!!!
  14. That's very exciting, I'm not jealous or envious, not in the slightest I'll be very interested to hear what you think of it!!
  15. That's brilliant QC, well done that woman!!!! Your cat even has a tail - that is proving to be by far the most complicated bit of my greyhound so far - no idea why it should be but I can't get it at all!!
  16. Not just you Olly, I feel like a total donut now!!
  17. Mmmmm, I'm glad it's not just me - I THINK the guy in the chair is PL's Middle Son (hence MS) - I've only figured it out when I looked at this the 2nd time to see if anyone else was struggling!!!!
  18. Agreed, just the layout of the place gets me going. I'm so glad it's not just me - I thought it was just that I'm old and not "down-with-the-kids" (at 44!!!) I go in there when I have to for stuff I can't easily get elsewhere but if the staff acknowledge me at all they look at me like an alien and if I have cause to speak to them I'm lucky to get a grunt at best! They could do with upping their "customer-service-skills-training" me thinks?
  19. Oooh, that's a very sweet pattern and its got a tail!!! I might be able to crib a tail for my grey from that!!!!
  20. I'm with you, magic circles are fine in theory, but I do struggle with the practice!! Greyhound now has a head, two ears (the bits that required the infamous four ring magic circle) and two legs, started work on the body, then just the other two legs to go (they're a bit of a pain). The hard part is stitching it all together in a way that it looks vaguely like the picture!! I've just thought - the pattern doesn't seem to have a tail - I'll have to make something up, you can't have a greyhound without a tail!!!
  21. Marmite on its own or with watercress or cucumber or cheese. Truly divine I'm very hungry now!!!
  22. Thank you Cat Tails - that's really helpful! I didn't have a problem getting the stitches in, the problem was making a "circle" out of four stitches - however, I was aiming to make a flat circle, it didn't occur to me to make it anything other than flat Can't wait to try again now!!!!
  23. No, actually, I'm not - my greyhound is going to blue as I'm still at the beginner stage, I don't want to waste nice new wool on a project that mightn't work. My Mum's a big knitter so has a pretty good stash of wool which I'm using for my first projects (she doesn't seem to mind ... too much!). I think if this guy works out, I'll be happy to buy some 4ply to make another one (or several!) Mum doesn't have any greyhound coloured 4 ply!!! I know what you mean about not wanting to do anything complicated - I'm the same - I worry if I start something complicated or big, then I'll get fed up of it and not finish. I crocheted a little panda for a friend (who collects pandas) as an Easter gift (again, having raided Mum's wool stash!) - I couldn't believe how thrilled she was with him - I was on the verge of not giving him to her as I didn't think he was good enough!
  24. Oh wow, that's AMAZING thanks - that makes a lot of sense if 4 is meant to make a cone - I was trying to make a flat circle! I will definitely try it again, although in this case, it's for an ear so I'll need to do the other ear the same, but hopefully, if this one works, I will make more, so will definitely try the cone trick next time THANKS!!!! This is what she will look like (I hope!!!) http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/lyra-the-loving-greyhound Thanks both!!!
  25. I spent HOURS Youtubing last night and all the tutorials say start with six stitches, some say five or six, but haven't found anywhere that says four!!! So, in the end as the pattern said that in row 2 I should increase to six, I started row 1 with 6 then just did a second row of 6 - it seems to have worked fine, but the four stitch ring still eludes me!? Maybe I just don't have enough experience yet, this is only my third month of crochet, so maybe I'm trying too hard!

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