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  1. Hi Emma I don't use my microwave very often, but I like to cook fish with it. I love skate and salmon. Place the fish on a plate and squezze lemon juice over the top, sometimes I add a table spoon of water too. Cover with clingflim and stab it a few times with a fork to let out steam. It takes only mins to cook. Don't forget that scrambled eggs are brill...done in microwave. Hope this helps
  2. Thanks Liz for finding the thread. Lots of ideas there
  3. Hi all Ive started to harvest my broad beans, I've frozen some already but I'm stuck for ideas with recipes, I've only used them in risotto before. So can anyone help with ideas.......... can you use them raw? in salads, etc. I was thinking they might be nice with tomatos and courqettes in a sort of stir fry Many thanks
  4. Sounds like she may have a chest infection or simular, best to pop her to the vets and get her checked over. If she does have an infection then she will need anti-biotics. Hope she gets better soon. Let us know how she gets on.
  5. Thanks Christian Well I managed to have some liue time that was owing me. So I'm at home now for the afternoon, managed to get vets appointment for 5pm. She is sitting on the nest box straining away, there seems to be another attempt at a soft shell, bless her, I've had a quick look at botty and still red and bloody. Her frilly knickers are all stuck togther dispite my attempt of cleaning her up this morning. The others arn't taking any notice at the moment, but I'm keeping a close eye on them. Three hours is a long time when your in a state of panic. I hope the vet don't think I'm a bad chicken mama because her bum does look in quite a mess at the moment, it was lovely and clean and fluffy yesterday.
  6. Blood is coming from Millie's vent. Its not pouring out, but a little drip, drip. I've washed her botty this morning so I could have a good look at her vent. She has always been prone to laying soft shells, she gets extra calcium etc. Sometimes she will lay ok for about a week and then lays a softy for a couple of days. She has eaten her breakfast ok this morning, I've had to go to work this morning but will pop back at lunch time. I've left her with her two sisters in the run but I am aware that if the girls see blood they will peck her. I didn't have time to set up seperate housing this morning but can do it later if need be. Has anyone got any advice for me please...........I'm trying hard not to panic.......because panic is what I'm good at !!!!!!!
  7. I'm having a simular problem too at the moment, my two new girls ( I've had them for about eight weeks now ) don't like to sleep in the eglu, I've had put them to bed for weeks now, they like it up on their perch. The eglu is clean, there's no unwanted visitors in there. My eglu is on the floor in a walk in run, but I have a cunning plan !!! I'm going to build a table and put the eglu on that to see if they will go up to bed then. I've never had any problems with the other girls going to bed. I know that many of you out there have raised you eglus too. I'll let you know if it works.
  8. Should have read.... Yummmmmm not Ummmmmm
  9. Gosh that was quick Christian , Ummmmmmmmm Spinach. I grew mine last year in pots, perpetual spinch, lovely, its still growing, had some at the weekend. Will it do well in the ground ?
  10. I have a shady corner in my garden. It gets the sun first thing in the morning, in mid summer the sun is there to about 10am -11am. Then its in shade. Last year I grew a wig-wam of runner beans there, got beans, although only about half the crop as from the other wig-wams. Most veggies seem to need sunny position. Has anyone got any ideas what I could try there this year. Thank you
  11. Thanks egluntine, no more dirty stop outs for them Theys goes to beds like good girls.
  12. Hi all Well Emily and Millie are now living quite happly will Tuppence. Millie still gets the occasional donk on the head from Tuppence but all well. Except that the newbies don't like going into the eglu at night. They go and lay in there, and Tuppence lets them in without any hassle although she makes them wait for a couple of minutes before she lets them out in the morning. I've done two things, firstly I was picking them up and putting them in at bedtime (but they Frezze like they are scared) and the other has to let them roost up on thier fav. perch. They live in a walk-in run. I'd prefere them to go in eglu at night. The eglu is nice and clean and no nasties in there. Any advice please......
  13. MedusA They are lovely girls, such a great colour too. One is a couple of weeks older than the other but they are great friends. Its a shame the weather is so horrid. I did think of you when I them brought home. No names yet. It will take me a while. I hope they settle soon. I will keep you updated on progress, hope they go in shelter tonight, it might be a torch jobby. You are right, I will never forget Penny, but I'm glad that Tuppence and me will have another family to look after and love. Many thanks XXX
  14. Well we're home and have two newbies. It was like being a kid in a sweet shop, I picked out two lovely Suffolk Blacktails. They were in the run together over there and I couldn't seperate them could I I've put them in the old Eglu run next to walk in run. Tuppence has come back to life by Bok Boking at them and strutting her stuff. They are drinking and eating well already. I will take pictures and hopefully get them posted tomorrow, I'll have to work out how to do it. Couldn't wait to tell you all.

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