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  1. We had Leia, the last of our hens put to sleep today and I have just buried her in the garden. An ex-battery hen, she came to stay at the end of July 2010 and apart from one infection that winter and her egg problems this last week, was so little trouble. Leia was bright and inquisitive and liked nothing more than her high perches, her dustbaths (Saturday morning, about 11am) and her freedom of the garden. She was tolerant of the robin and sparrows who flew in to her WIR daily to share her mealworms and totally intolerant of any starlings who did the same. Whilst waiting for our appointme
  2. I like watching the stars but I watched the International Space Station orbit/pass the other night. It appeared when they said it would and took about four minutes to cross the sky. Magical.
  3. Hi. This happened to me recently in that my OH could not receive any of the texts I sent him. Texts from all other contacts were fine for both of us and I had not blocked him. Phone company could not identify a reason and in the end, we had to get another SIM for my phone and then it was fine. Coincidentally, at work, I ordered new phones for new people recently and three out of the four have had to have new SIMs sent because the data bundles would not work. I'm not technical so I can't give you more information than that, though! Mrs Potts
  4. Hello, Hazel. I have clear tarps on two sides, to protect from the prevailing weather, and one on top. It helps if you measure your tarps properly so they fit snugly with no flappy ends when it is windy/they stretch neatly (my error on one side!). I bought from Tarps Uk about 18 months ago but probably best to shop around. You can roll them up quite neatly as you suggest but it helps to have one person each end if you really need to keep it very neat. I like hen keeping, OH likes a tidyish garden so I try to meet him half way. I use Omlet bungees when I am extending the tarps alon
  5. I have to say that Lottie died before Christmas, leaving Leia on her own. She is four now and has outlived the two ex-barn rescue hens we got in March. She's in very good condition and has laid ten eggs since Christmas, having stopped in October for a full moult. She seems very happy at the moment, very active and gets to free range with OH at lunchtimes for about half an hour, so we are going to leave her as she is and see how she goes. She did find the introductions very stressful last time, but then again she wasn't top bird so that probably didn't help her. She doesn't really k
  6. Hi. I am very sorry to hear she is so ill. Like you, I separate hens who seem this ill as I think peace and quiet and passing away at home are usually best. I had one put to sleep by the vet because I thought she was in huge discomfort and that was the best decision for her, in that situation. I think your vet sounds harsh and clearly doesn't get what potential we see in our ex-battery hens. How very disrespectful to you as a customer and hen as patient! Don't give up on the vet as a back up; is it possible for you to ring around to see if some have more experience than others?
  7. Hi. Leia came to live with us in July 2010 and she is an ex battery. She last laid an egg at end September this year, or thereabouts, and then had a complete moult until mid November. She looked worse than when she arrived. I hoped that she had stopped laying as we lost two hens in three months to egg complications (Alys in October and Lottie in mid December). We were hoping for a quiet retirement for her. She is still very mentally lively and doesn't seem to have noticed that Lottie has gone at all, free ranges every day and sits in the kitchen watching the washing machine. I
  8. Hi, Just to say that I have just assisted one of my hens through a moult with a little added tuna/meal worms at breakfast but I think it must be a taste thing, because some of my past hens won't eat it. Our moulter is quite old now, an ex battery lady approaching four years old who decided to moult for the first time in late October. She lost pretty much every feather in the space of about ten days, even from her head! There were feathers all over the garden, so what I had previously thought with others was a moult was nothing compared to this. To help her along, she had pelle
  9. I love Christmas and December. November seems to have c--r--a--w--l--e--d by since Guy Fawkes ... what a lovely frosty morning! I'm going to do some biscuit baking today and YD is off to a huge Christmas fair this evening with her friends. Happy 01st December, everyone. Mrs P.
  10. This is very difficult and you have my sympathy because you are trying to do your best. Hettie had roughly three vet trips in four months so it was frequency of trips and quality of life, rather than cost. Because of age/egg problems in the end, the decision made itself when she stopped feeding/walking. I felt another set of antibiotics/injection to help any eggs out/other treatment was unfair at that point though the vet was willing but I knew in a few weeks, we'd be back and I didn't want her to be in pain. It's more complicated with the other two we have left. Lottie has had
  11. Goodbye, Alys. Re-homed as an ex-barn hen in March, we managed to get you proper lovely set of peach coloured feathers by the end of September before you went suddenly today. Glad you were in a patch of sunshine and glad it was quick for you. Mrs Potts
  12. Hi. We have three recycled hens (ex battery/barn) in a 6m square run, nothing as wonderful as your space sounds. I do lock them in at night and let them out at about 7 am. They don't free range until the evening and sometimes not even then, so we've popped quite a few things in. There's three perches of two different heights, a log pile, currently a cat basket and a low, long table like thing that used to be the top shelf of a set of shelves in the distant past. They've also got two feeders, two drinkers and two hangers for grass/vegetables. They love anything hanging up! As Chu
  13. Couperwife - it does make more sense to start at your toes, so I will give that a try. Chuckmum, as this is about your mum and you, is there something creative you could start to do at home that reminds you or you can do in her memory, but that she would be proud/pleased/surprised to see you doing? That way, you might be able to keep busy and think of her at the same time? I'm on a 'don't be afraid of the sewing machine' course, which is great fun and next I am going to try doing some of Jamie's 30 minute meals, to prove that actually, somewhere deep inside, I can do it too. This would
  14. Hello. I think that counselling will help; grief takes time to absorb and process before you can attempt a kind of balance in your life, so this might be helpful for you? Sorry if the words sound scientific. I am not a counsellor, but I have used them twice and found them very helpful. I had a relaxation tape when I was a teen which did work well for me before CFS, which OH treats for me with a dose of Vit C before bed, which does wonders for me. My problem is opposite - I fall asleep at work, in restaurants, during out patient appointments, so I have having to work sleep into a nig
  15. It was after you had your lovely day out in Herefordshire! Mrs Potts
  16. Hello! I have great sympathy for you. It's been raining quite a lot here and going up tonight, there was a real damp autumnal feeling in the air. Lottie (ex barn) has put herself to bed in the run, which is not a good sign as she normally goes to sleep in the coop, first in. Alys (ex barn) still has white, thick down feathers and no proper feathers at all, even after four months of TLC. They do not lay. I had to give Gracie away in June, because she was so unhappy at being unable to free range - she used to walk up and down, up and down like a demented thing up and down the WIR until
  17. Hello, everyone. We've had a combination of relations visiting (a once in a blue moon occurrence) with prospect of a new garage door fitted, so we've had a bit of a clear out over the last month. From the garage, we've washed and rehoused to RSPCA three large plastic storage tubs with lids, three complete Rotastack hamster houses of varying styles plus box of spare parts; a three tier storage stacking system (like old fashioned deep vegetable trays?); matching set of glass jug, tumblers and dessert bowls and a tea/coffee set. We have given old four metre Classic run to my neighbours,
  18. I have an Omlet WIR with extension. The upper layer of mesh has larger holes than the bottom layer, so I have slotted tree stakes through top layer to make two perches, at my waist height. They cost £2.99 each from a local nursery. Fixed them with cable ties to make them stable and not slide about in the mesh slots. They are at an angle to the WIR sides and both at one end, so give the hens room to flap down across the run. They jump up onto the perches from a pile of circular log rings (old Christmas tree stands). Leia and Lottie are daring me to go higher but I won't. Alys doesn't
  19. I get these on my mobile and I haven't had an accident. Do you think someone is trying to prepare me? Mrs Potts
  20. Hello. I have four on Baytril at the moment, as well as being kept inside WIR for worming. I cook a sausage, let it cool absolutely thoroughly, cut it into about two centimetre lengths and inject the individual Baytril does into each one. It works with cooked cooled meatballs too (I make small ones myself). It saves them and me getting stressed, so might work for you too if you are having to inject a liquid? I was advised to use Ribena but that got messy. Mrs Potts PS I know they aren't supposed to have anything apart from worming pellets, but this is the only thing.
  21. Hello, Chickchick. I can't better Olly's advice, but just to say keep smiling, it should get better. Your hens are new to all this too and will hopefully settle and respond to the care you are giving them. It sounds as if you have a vet who knows one end of a hen from the other, which is good. Some vets aren't so knowledgeable and I changed practice because of this. I can't comment on your supplier but if you look through the forum, you'll find lots of personal recommendations for suppliers in the future if you decide to buy some more. These Omleteers really do know their business!
  22. I think they do grieve, some for longer than others, but I have always let them see their friend. Mrs Potts
  23. Hi, Sandy. The vet said that Lottie was just very, very run down. I said I thought the ex-barn hens were in a worse condition, more agitated than the ex-battery hens I had and she thought that was usually the case. No sign of worms or infection in Lott's throat, no mites at all but very thin and by her tail, where new feathers come through, might be beginning an infection. Even though Lott has no respiratory infection, vet agreed best to keep her separate until her feathers are bigger/she's put on some weight and can fight her corner some more. I also took Gracie, who has sneez
  24. Hello! Very kind of you to ask, Sandy. We now have an appointment for tomorrow late afternoon; not Monday. I had to cancel and do an unscheduled post GCSE exam pick up instead yesterday, and had two weeks off with throat infection at beginning of May. To ask for an 11.30 am appointment this morning just didn't feel appropriate on top of everything else. I have to say Lottie is eating and drinking like a horse in her little run, sleeping in a cat basket and has her own logs to keep her jumping/perching. I got a mix of grit that is part oyster, part soluble yesterday and mixed that i

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