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  1. Just passing through, hello all, it's been a while, glad to see this is still a thing.
  2. Brushing the dust off my account. Funny to be back. Last time I logged in here was September 2014. So great to see all the Avatars again Still have hens myself, 6 of them. A RIR, Light Sussex, Modern Game Bantam, Silkie X Welsummer Cross, Silkie X Poland Cross and a Black Rock. Good to see you all
  3. Thanks for all the advice everybody, and apologies for the slow reply. Opened the pop-hole of the hen house on Friday morning (the morning after the bad walking) and was rather surprised to see the hen has made a miraculous improvement with her walking. She hurried out the door normally just like all the other hens, and is still eating and drinking normally. She seems to be healthy now but I'm remaining vigilant. Only thing is that she does not seem too inclined to go inside at night now. Prefers to roost under a large clump of wild flowers. But I bring her inside and place her in a nestbox for the night (she seems to flinch if I place her on the roost) and sleeps soundly. I'm going to suggest she could have jumped down from the roost wrong and possibly "knocked a snap" out of her feet/shanks. I'll keep an eye on her for a few days though, in case my relief is premature
  4. Let out my hens this morning to find that one of my bantam-ish hens was just staying in the nestbox and wouldn't leave. She isn't broody, I'm definite of that. When I picked her up and brought her outside she just sat down and spread herself out. When I filled the water drinker, it became apparent that she was unable to stand or even walk a few steps without stumbling over. I have left her in a sheltered place now, with food and water. Her head, eyes, nose are all fine. Her feet and legs are no different to what they normally are. She is defecating normally and eating and drinking. She does not seem to be in pain, only when she tries to walk. Any idea as to what is wrong with her, how to help/treat it? She's a Silkie cross by the way. Thanks
  5. ^^^^^^^ Hello all Chicken flock a bit diminished recently due to old age and fox attacks but we're still ticking over
  6. Haven't been on the forum in ages. Anyway, hello everybody
  7. In fairness to her she is doing well to make it past 7 years old, tis very old for a hen. Well, actually her ovaries broke down at a young age and she didn't lay a massive number of eggs as far as I can remember, so she is one of these "gender swap chickens" but she still did well in my eyes. She's the only hen I have remaining from my first flock of hybirds I got in 2007 (she was born in December 2006). I'll try the massaging and hope for the best, who knows, she might come back to herself. Thanks for the advice
  8. Hi everybody, My oldest hen, Sadie, is 7 and a half years old and it looks like this is starting to take a toll on her. The past few days she has been sick enough. She seems to be lethargic. She is drinking and eating but doesn't seem to be able to keep down water and as a result I think she could be becoming dehydrated. This morning she headed over for a drink with the rest of the flock and drank water. I watched her for 10/15 minutes and noticed she was regurgitating the water and occasionally vomiting it out. I did a general health check, vent seems fine, as do the nose, eyes and everything else. I don't think it is sour crop because her breath isn't foul-smelling. When she vomits up the water it is as it was when she drank it, it isn't brown or red or pink or anything. Any idea what I should do? Maybe syringe water, garlic, ACV etc.? Thanks, Mr RIR
  9. Thanks for the help everybody. I thought there was something more to the brown ones that just silkie. It's like they have the crest, 5 toes and mulberry skin of a silkie, but they don't have the "fluffy" feathering or the feathered legs mentioned in the breed standard And the Poland cross seems a very possible identity, Chickabee Any idea how old they look? Are they a nice bird to keep? Would they have any chance getting along with the established flock?
  10. I went to a friend of mine this morning to deliver some cuts of meat that he had ordered. This guy is big into his poultry and waterfowl with anything from Transylvanian Naked necks to geese. Anyway, he showed me a flock of growers. He said they were unwanted surplus from the breeding season. He told me they were going to be culled in a few days time and asked would I take a few. I was a bit cornered at this point, and so accepted them reluctantly. He said that they were 6 months old and that they are due to start laying soon. But I honestly don't think these look 6 months old... (apologies for poor photos, they aren't too fond of cameras just yet) http://flickr.com/gp/119083245@N07/8028X8 http://flickr.com/gp/119083245@N07/V916iV http://flickr.com/gp/119083245@N07/0N048e He said that the white one is a cockerel and the other two are hens. Any idea as to what they are? The hens remind me of Marsh Daisies or maybe a Silkie. No idea as to what the cockerel is. I was reluctant to take them because I don't really have the space or housing to accommodate them at the moment. So I think I might sell them or give them away but It would be nice to know what they are first, and as to whether they would have any chance of someday running with my established flock of hybrids.
  11. You could say that again. Still not working for me...
  12. I was hoping it would give an overall trend in the number of members the forum has, taking into account the deletion of non-posters, but having checked the members section there it seem that some 7,000 of the current members are non-posters, meaning these results are now a bit flawed. Dare me to make a new one excluding the non-posters
  13. Hello Everybody, You have probably seen some of the statistics I did about the forum before regarding membership and posts etc. but here is something a bit more visual than what I have done before. I thought it would be interesting to see how fast/slow the forum accumulated all the 14,500 members it has today. So, using the Members search section of the forum I found the following. https://www.dropbox.com/s/scn84hr5jgopfsq/Capture.JPG *The yellow call bubble should say 2011, my mistake*
  14. It has happened me once too. Sitting down to the paper at 11PM to remember to lock in the hens. I was getting them out of trees and hedges for about an hour. Resourceful little creatures...

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