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  1. I've only seen pictures of coloured eggs, but they seem to have a green or blue hue as you said, rather than be a very bright colour.
  2. How lovely! I'm really happy for you, I remember you posting about the lack of eggs on other threads a few times and now they're finally laying. Well done girls!
  3. I got these for Christmas. http://www.funky-wellington-boots.co.uk/shorties-chicken-wellies.php Edited to add: Oops, cross posted...
  4. Funny you should say that, we were offered Black Rocks but my neighbour had some and he said they were really evil to each other, despite the fact they came as a foursome, apparently 3 killed the 4th one and even the 3 that are left mutilate each others eggs. Then today, the man who we got the Rhodies from said that he got rid of his Black Rocks because they were 'sharp'. He called them the 'German Shepherds of the poultry world'. Well done Kalico and hubby! The WIR looks amazing, your new hens look lovely and it sounds like the intros have started well. So far so good! I've heard nothing but good of Black Rocks and was going to get one next, but I don't like the sound of that!
  5. Keep checking that nest, it shouldn't be too long... Both of my chooks laid their first egg within a week after they first crouched.
  6. Animals are pretty amazing and I couldn't agree with you more about the lovely people on this forum.
  7. Mine haven't had a moult yet, but I gave them some tuna when the weather was really cold and it disappeared pretty sharpish! Hope your girls feather up soon!
  8. Happy New Year from me and the girls as well, and a big thank you to everyone on the forum, I've learned so much in a very short time. 'If in doubt, ask The Forum.'
  9. My Bluebelle has got a dirty bum as well and I managed to solve the mystery... It's because she started sleeping in the nest when the weather got colder, and unfortunately the poos that appear overnight make her bum a bit dirty. Maybe yours does the same?
  10. I've been quite amazed with my two youngsters. I'm getting two eggs most days no matter how cold it gets, but I think it's because they're hybrids and this is their first year of laying. I'm sure I won't be this lucky next year!
  11. They're very pretty. I've never seen a Bluebelle with so much ginger on her chest before, our Bluebelle's sisters had only a small patch and mine is completely grey. Very .
  12. Lovely girls! I'm not familiar with the breeds, so no idea I'm afraid. Looks like you'll have to continue the detective work. I would rule out the Amber Star, she looks like a baby chook (unless that's an old pic).
  13. I worry all the time, but have left the girls in the eglu even when it's been -15C at night. I cover the coop with a blanket, feed them extra corn in the afternoon and let the chooks get on with it. I was panicking about the cold weather at first, but relaxed a bit after reading that many people here keep the coop door open most of the winter.

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