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  1. HI HO HI HO .......Its off to work I go Wishing the hours away, off to Olympia Horse Show tonight. Yippppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Well I did it !!! I left it till late and only let them out for about 10mins, but it wasnt too bad. 2 of them didnt really venture very far, but the other 3 didnt really seem interested in the treats ! I just shooed them nearer the run and when the other 2 went in they followed. I wish I had someone nearby who kept chickens - but I didnt feel too alone, because of you guys. Thanks, jane
  3. I dont think their wings are clipped. Perhaps I should do this first, or at least check. I will have to do it when they have gone to bed tonight. My garden is enclosed but I am sure they could fly up onto the fences if they really wanted ! I have had my 3 Sussex ladies since they were very young so it was different when I first let them out. Good trick about waiting till later in day though. Thankyou. jane.
  4. Hello, I have 5 new ladies that have been couped up in their run now for 10 days. I was told to not let them out for a couple of weeks so that they get used to their surroundings. However, as they are in a cube with an extension (2m?) this really is not adequate roaming space. I feel really sorry for them and I am contemplating letting them out for a wander today. I am really nervous as I have no idea what they will do. They were used to free ranging with their previous owner, but I am worried they will just rush out and go in all directions never to be seen again. What do you think will happen??
  5. Sitting in the warm while the wind howls outside. Reading all the lovely things you guys have been up to.
  6. Congratulations. I sometimes enter competitions , but never win anything, its lovely to hear of a success story.
  7. Watching my Chooks. Taking my pooch out in the wind. Sewing up and finishing both my son's and daughters Christmas jumpers !! Hearing from my daughter as soon as she completed her first competition this year in the equestrian club at uni - she came first overall !!
  8. The one with the silver neck does have five toes so is a Dorking. Not sure how long I will be able to keep them couped up, they are used to fr and there were a few squabbles today when I gave them some corn as a treat. I also let my three sussex girls out to fr and they went straight over to the cube to have a look. The little White Star puffed up like a cockerel and had a right go at them.eeeeeeek scary. I still cant believe I am the lucky owner of a pink cube !!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Yes I got the Eggloo ! I had no idea what the chickens were going to be..... thought maybe old rescue hens, so it was a bit of a surprise to find these lovely ladies.
  10. That does sound exciting. Good luck with your op and wishing you a speedy recovery.
  11. We have just arrived home from collecting my new pink cube !!! Had a 5 and a half hour trip and of course it is getting dark now. The cube is in pieces in the garden and I have settled the hens in a dog crate in the shed for the night. I bought the cube on eBay for a very good price and it is only 3yrs old. When I spoke to the seller he explained they were moving and could I take the 5 hens as well ! He didnt know what breed they were, as they belonged to his wife, but assured me they were healthy and good layers. How exciting! I am not really sure myself what breed they are, there is a small white one and a small brown/red one and then the other three are quite big. Easily as big as my 3 Light Sussex. I shall of course take piccies tomorrow and you can all identify them for me I have asked the young lad who sometimes helps in the garden to come round early and help me clean and assemble it all. I suppose it makes sense not to let them roam free for a bit ? Just keep them in their run ? I dont have any plans to integrate them with my girls till next spring probably.... we shall see. I am a very happy bunny tonight.
  12. Have only just noticed, I have been listed as an "All Knowing Superchicken" !! derrrrr I dont think so. I am still a baby compared to most of you on here. I do hope it doesn't mean people will think I know what I am talking about.... that will be a first.

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